They Just Make this Stuff Up; 200 Billion Galaxies?!?…using only a Be-Lie-F

“Some of this radiation shows up as background light, a faint diffuse glow of light that appears to have no source. The rest, however, disappears before it ever reaches us.

The James Webb Telescope, set to launch in 2018, may be able to pick out some of these elusive stars. Until then, we’ll just have to believe.”

(look at the lead title!  A Statement of fact!, it reads… no!,  it is a “belief” to date, sold as fact to those who cannot think critically and only read headlines.)

The Universe is 10 times more vast than we thought

There are at least 10 times more galaxies than once thought.
A composite of images from the Hubble Ultra Deep Field study.

The universe seems a little less lonely today.

Astronomers from the University of Nottingham conducted a new survey of the universe’s galaxy population and concluded that previous estimates lowballed the census by a factor of about 20. Using data from Hubble and telescopes around the world, as well as a new mathematical model, they estimate that there are ten times more galaxies in the observable universe than we thought; previous estimates put the number of galaxies in the universe at around 200 billion.

Some of this radiation shows up as background light, a faint diffuse glow of light that appears to have no source. The rest, however, disappears before it ever reaches us.The James Webb Telescope, set to launch in 2018, may be able to pick out some of these elusive stars. Until then, we’ll just have to believe.

Why Gyroscopes Proves the Flat Earth

The Flat Earthers – Taking Social Media by Storm

The Flat Earthers – Taking Social Media by Storm

By RaDonna Fox – October 19, 2016

Few things can start an online argument faster than someone saying they believe the earth is flat; yet, there is a growing movement of people, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, who believe that the earth is flat. Yep, that the earth is the center of universe and that everything does indeed revolve around us. Many flat-earthers believe the “establishment” has pulled a fast one and that ultimately we have been lied to and are living on a flat earth. Before writing this article I was certain this whole flat earth “notion” was nothing more than an incredible a load of B.S. However, I have changed my mind, at least some, and ended up with far more questions than answers. So, let’s try wrapping our heads around a few of the scientific concepts they embrace, and take a look at a few of the ways flat-earthers are drawing their conclusions.

First of all, let’s take a look at the differences between the geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system. Simply put, the geocentric model suggests that the earth is the center of the universe and that everything else revolves around it. The heliocentric model, the model that is currently accepted by the majority, is that the earth is moving around the sun with the sun being stationary; all the while the earth spins on its own axis. It is important to note that both of these models are in fact theories. According to Cosmologist Fred Hoyle, “We know that the difference between a heliocentric theory and a geocentric theory is one of relative motion only, and that such a difference has no physical significance.”

The proposed flat earth map is one where the North Pole is at the very center, like the bulls-eye on a dart board. The Flat Earth Society suggests that it is Antarctica that is actually at the end of the earth and it is that which creates a huge barrier around the entire edge of the earth and believe that is why planes and people are not allowed there. Flat-earthers also believe that the sun rotates above the earth disc and moves to and from the North and South Poles, thus creating the seasons.

With the above in mind, flat-earthers contend that water is always level, that when it is not, or there is a compromise in what is level, the water will drain or move to the lowest point. If the earth were indeed a globe they ask why the water doesn’t move to the lowest point or move to the equatorial latitudes as that would be where the spin of the earth would produce the greatest force, yet this does not happen.

Furthermore, they question why with the dual motion of the earth spinning, the rotation of the earth around the sun, why no one ever seen or felt any movement. They use the pendulum and the Litmus test to prove their point. If you are not familiar with the Litmus test it utilizes a pendulum to prove the rotation of the earth. As the pendulum is set in motion, markings or pins on the ground show the movement of the earth beneath the pendulum as it swings knocking over pins as it goes. With the pendulum completing 360 degrees in a 24 hour period, flat-earthers question how the same isn’t true of a helicopter or balloon that goes up and hovers just above the earth, yet the earth never moves beneath it. It has been suggested that Newton’s law of motion explains how with his first law “an object in motion tends to stay in motion,” explains the lack of movement the hover effect. What that law doesn’t explain though is how airplanes and helicopters traveling don’t have to account for more time when going with the spin, and less when going against the spin, when they are in motion. These things are never accounted for.

Then there is the question of a flat horizon and the missing visible curvature of the earth. The horizon appears flat, yet objects are commonly seen at distances much farther away than allowed for by calculating the curvature of the earth, far enough away they should be hidden by the horizon due to the curve. When estimating how far one can see into the distance, the math is simple because the earth curves at approximately 7.98 inches for every mile, to simplify let’s say 8” per mile, 16.6 feet at 5 miles, and 266 feet at a distance of 20 miles. Then one needs to involve Pathagorus and his theorem to account for your own height and the height of the object being observed, which if you are anything like me find an online calculator, and a good one can be found here. Yet, in photo after photo images show that we can see much further and that either the formula or the curvature are in error.

Then there is the North Pole always pointing to Polaris in time elapsed photography, Polaris never moves, not even an inch. The stars do indeed appear to rotate around Polaris. The flat-earthers question is, if we were in fact hurling around the sun at some 67,000 miles per hour, completing a full orbit every 365 days, why is that we don’t we see any deviation from Polaris in the night sky, ever; unless Polaris is moving with us around the sun.

One of the biggest concerns flat-earthers have is that there are no genuine photographs of our earth, absolutely none. Apollo 11 footage has been repeatedly questioned for authenticity, and justifiably so. The footage from Apollo 11 has been the textbook standard image of the “earth” that has been used up until 2002, and then a new composite image was produced using Photoshop by NASA’s very own Robert Simmons. He is affectionately known as “Mr. Blue Marble,” because he created our most recent “earth” using complied composite images and using Photoshop he created the image we know today as “earth.” All of the photographs of earth are, in fact, composite art work that has been Photoshopped, there are no photos of earth that have not been significantly doctored in some way. Many images of the curvature of the earth have been taken through an image distorting lens called a “fisheye” lens. This concerns many who believe in the flat earth theory as they not only question the validity of the Photoshopped photos, they wonder…..what all we don’t really know or are not being told.

Jesuits & History; “We Just Made It Up”

Smoking Gun – Apollo 11 ‘Live’ Broadcast Faked

Smoking Gun – Apollo 11 ‘Live’ Broadcast Faked

We now have concrete evidence which proves that live pictures broadcast to the world by Apollo 11 which showed the astronaut jumping off the ladder down to the surface of the moon did NOT originate on the moon. Forget about rock shadows and shadow angles. Finally, the smoking gun. We will use NASA’s images, unenhanced to prove this. The proof for the fake broadcast has been hidden in plain site all along ­ it is the ladder on the Lunar Lander. In researching this, it appears other imags were also faked or staged. First, let’s look at several images of the Lunar Lander as it appears on the moon. These images were supposedly taken with a high quality Hasselblad color film camera by the astronauts:

 Fig. 1 ­ Aldrin shown here unpacking experiments. Shock absorbers shown here (RED arrows) are not covered in foil but are wrapped in a black material. Photo by a NASA astronaut. Image source: 5927 NASA.jpg

 Fig. 2 – Another photo from the moon, not showing the ladder side of the lander. This image looks like a toy model. Why would so much gold foil be missing? The pieces on the lunar surface clearly do not add up to the amount of gold foil missing from the Lander. Compare the gold foil covering the legs of the lander (WHITE arrow) with the previous image in Figure 1. It does not match. RED arrow – Note shock absorber pairs on each Lander strut do not have foil but some other type of covering, probably for insulation. Source:

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The Aliens are Coming; The Aliens are Coming….

The Circus Maximus mind control games continue on…..

Podesta urged to involve Obama in extraterrestrial disclosure meeting, emails reveal



In the email, Mitchell claimed that the US government made a conscious decision 50 years ago to “remove knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence from the citizens of our country.” This decision is no longer relevant, according to Mitchell, who said it is detrimental to “science, religion, and responsible citizenry.”

(from 2011 by the Jesuits)

FE Quote of the Day

However perfect [the Copernican model] may appear in our own estimation, and however simply and satisfactorily the Newtonian hypotheses may seem to us to account for all the celestial phenomena; yet we are here compelled to admit the astounding truth, if our premises be disputed and our facts challenged, the whole range of astronomy does not contain one proof of it’s own accuracy.” ~Robert Woodhouse, Professor of Astronomy at Cambridge.