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This site asks many more questions than it answers. Common sense and our own eyes tell our brains that the Sun and Moon move across our horizons each and every day and that the Earth is a plane, as seen from standing on any beach in the world and looking out over the ocean as well as from an airplane.

Common Sense and reason tell us the Earth is stationary and not rotating on her axis at and incredible 1,000 mph as well as orbiting around the Sun at some 1,000 mp/second traveling some 533 million miles each and every year while our Solar System is then traveling around the Milky Way at over 500,000 mph, as science claims it is.

Why would “they” perpetuate such a massive lie for so long?

Literally to keep our individual powers in check in that we are the center of the universe and all have the Kingdom of God within.

As Above, So Below.

200 Proofs Earth NOT a Globe


The Flammarion (1888). The image depicts a man crawling under the edge of the sky, depicted as if it were a solid hemisphere and plane earth, to look at the mysterious Empyrean beyond. The caption translates to “A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet…”

Since the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Scientific Revolution, around the mid-1500’s, the world has been told, and believed, the Earth to be a globe.

The spheroid called Earth, spinning in a complete circle every 24 hours on it’s tilted access traveling at some 1,000 mph while yearly circumnavigating the Sun in one year traveling an additional 68,000 mph, or 1,000 mile per/second.

We are told by astronomy phycisists that our Sun Solar System travels around our Milky Way Galaxy at over 500,000 mph, while we are glued to Earth through gravity in a atmospheric cocoon that keeps all motion in sync with a rapidly spinning ball that we all live upon.

Yet the 500 year old story of a heliocentric solar system vs. the 3500 year story of a flat plane geocentric Earth began when the Vatican held all knowledge and book publishing just began so the masses could educate themselves in the 15th and 16th centuries.

From Copernicus to Galileo to Newton to Kepler, all validated “proven” science came from the Royal Society of London.

Starting with the Industrial Devolution , at the beginning of the 20th century, all school text books and teacher accreditation’s were founded and funded by Robber Baron’s, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Ford et. al (Source)

After WWII, with the critical assistance of the Vatican “ratline” passports, the United States brought Nazi Rocketeer “Wunderkind”, Werhner Von Braun, into the country through Operation Paperclip.

Von Braun ran NASA’s Saturn rocket program for 25 years.  All feeds that came from the Moon on the alleged first Man on the Moon transmission came from one feed at NASA where all TV broadcasters had to copy from.

Since the 1960’s, when we entered the “space race” against our alleged arch enemy, Russia, during the cold war, NASA has provided us the narrative of our physical Earth, with every single picture and every single story, about what we have learned from the Cosmos through telescopes and space exploration.

“Maintain a lie or secret for one generation and the next generartion becomes easy pickings, particularly if the lie is echoed in school textbooks, TV cartoons, The History and Discovery Channels. Confuse one generation and the next will happily ingest the media gruel prepared for them.”     ~ Elana Freeland

Since the 1800’s, very few have challenged the Heliocentric theory because it is “settled science”.

Until now.

Our most basic cultural identities, of a global earth traveling around a central star, traveling around a galaxy amongst billions and billions of other galaxies, too far away to fathom, with their own planets and solar systems in the universe, is accepted common knowledge to all.

Yet, If one simply observes for themselves, without prejudice or belief, he/she would see a Sun and Moon traveling across the sky each day along a prescribed path from East to West.

We see the size of the Sun and Moon being relatively the same.

We feel no motion of an Earth traveling at 1,000 mph each and every day around a Sun traveling at 1,000 miles/second and over 500,000 mph around the Milky Way galaxy.

And no matter how high in a plane we are, we never see the curvature of the Earth, only a flat, level plane.

Only from NASA and Google Earth do we see any curvature, yet simple physics tells us we should.

The ancients called it a “Sunrise” and “Sunset” and we use that same language today, though we are told that these terms are incorrect in basic astronomical physics. No English teacher of proper usage of grammar, or any physicist, ever corrects this erroneous description of our “settled” knowledge as to the physics of a heliocentric Earth.

For over 3500 years many cultures including the ancient Summerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Vedic Indians, Chinese and original Native Americans believed the earth to the center of all things in the Universe.

Additionally, the Bible is filled with references of a flat earth and firmament above in a closed system.

Once a generation is indoctrinated to a way of thinking, it is very easy for following generations to admit as fact what was once considered nonsensical.

If long term powers that be wanted to control world knowledge, to make the every man, women and child think and feel insignificant, and not hold the thought of a “Kingdom of God Within”, you would tell him he is only a very, very, very small part of a much bigger whole that he cannot possible comprehend or understand.

As Above, So Below

Alice goes down the rabbit hole.

This blog is an attempt to bring to those open-minded enough material to consider the possibility that we have been brainwashed completely and successfully for some 500 years!

The site is explore, question, inform and solve hidden truths about whether we are a plane or a planet, whether the Moon and Sun move across our skies as it appears, or that what we see is not really what is happening “out there” but we hold our own Sun, Moon and stars within each of us.

So let’s go chase some rabbits down the hole with open minds and insatiable curiosity for truth and higher consciousness …..

106 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. HappyBirthday November 27, 2016 at 9:30 pm Reply

    What do you think about this site with live coverage of the earth from very high up?


    • BurntToast December 24, 2016 at 6:49 pm Reply

      HB – that is a wonderful site; thanks for sharing this link. I’m going to have to check back from time-to-time for different portions of earth as the orbit shifts.


  2. watsun Atkinsun December 12, 2016 at 4:17 pm Reply

    Jamie Lee,
    Forgive me, for I could not find an email link to send you a formal letter, so I’m going to include it here. I’ve been following your work since the spring of 2015 and consider your FE videos and your amazing website some of the best material out there by far. I have been deeply entrenched in the FE conversation since first discovering this paradigm shattering narrative, and have been involved in the truth movement for about 8 intense years now. I just listened to your two interviews on the Jesuits and the FE awakening via the astounding show Sage of Quay (Mike Williams rules!) and they are both by far some of the best documents of the season that I’ve been sharing with everyone. I was thrilled to hear that you are writing a book that will be published very soon, and I urgently wanted to offer you my artistic contributions. I am a life time artist and have done a number of FE inspired art work that I would like to offer to be included in your book. If you recall from last summer via the IFERS forum, I was the elusive artist that designed and gifted to Eric and IFERS the United Nations inspired New FE Map logo that Eric has available as Tshirts, etc. Also I would like to offer any art work ideas that you may need illustrations for to include in this book and future projects – diagrams, maps, memes, text, etc. I would be honored to work with you and offer my artistic talents pro-bono for this crushingly important and pressing book that you are getting ready to launch. Please look at my website in the Art Gallery and Video Gallery links and you will be able to see the art work that I have done already. I have also uploaded a video that can be viewed on the site or can be seen on my youtube channel under “Watsun Atkinsun – Flat Earth Art’. to illustrate my conviction as a kindred spirit, i have been interviewed this year on FreemanTV, Good Vibrations, and the Secrets of Saturn podcast shows. If you are interested please contact via email ASAP and I can send you large files of at least a half dozen art files of interest, and can get busy on any and all drawing ideas you need for the book before it is finalized. Again, I am offering this all for free, for the love of truth, of wisdom, and freedom, and for the spiritual, political, and philosophical resistance that we are fearlessly apart of. I hope I’m not to late to to contribute to this exciting project.

    Sincerely, Watsun
    Portland, Maine
    Primal Plane

    P.S. Any other Truth seekers who resonate with this letter and the FE Revolution at large, send me an email and we can connect and converse.


    • madmanwbluebox December 12, 2016 at 7:16 pm Reply

      in order to have a flat earth “idea” it must 1) be able to stand on its own merits 2) be a viable model in accordance with the laws of physics, math, thermodynamics, astronomy, fluid mechanics etc to name a few 2a) alternatively you must present contrary viable laws of physics etc, none of these 3 things have ever been put forward by any flat earther since it’s inception. this is why people laugh at you all. the movement of the FE sun defies laws of motion and conservation of energy, 2 laws that have never been wrong and 2 laws that everything we know functions in accordance with


      • BurntToast December 13, 2016 at 5:23 am

        There is also a need for the ability to support predictions that follow from the idea.

        From what I see and read of an FE model, it is possible that the sun’s movement in the sky is from chariots carrying the sun in its described path (which I guess is better than no mechanism at all).


  3. Francesca December 17, 2016 at 3:21 am Reply

    I’m trying to find and conventions of gatherings in my area, but having trouble finding any. I live near Boston. Would love to get involved. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


    • madmanwbluebox December 17, 2016 at 4:59 pm Reply

      there’s an asylum for the insane I’m sure in the Boston area I would look for flat earth believers there first


  4. ansel61 December 23, 2016 at 5:34 pm Reply

    I have to agree with those who think the FE hypothesis is flawed. It’s an interesting idea and a great exercise in critical thinking proving it wrong but it’s not difficult to do so. Many reading the FE arguments will have enough knowledge to see the many FE problems and for those points that leave you scratching your head just google the issue and you’ll find there is always an explanation. Of course, this won’t have any impact on true flat earthers who will just say you’ve been brainwashed by science and scientists but this accusation is now wearing thin to say the least.

    The publisher of this website, from what I can see, is a Christian. I have the greatest respect for Christianity but it’s faith-based rather than evidence-based (unless you accept the bible as “proof”). It’s my opinion that the publisher is approaching the flat earth hypothesis in the same faith-based manner. I hope this doesn’t come across as anti-Christian as that’s definitely not the point. If I could manage the leap of faith then I’d be a Christian too. Sometimes I wish I could but it’s just not for me. Best wishes and a Merry Christmas to everyone.


    • HappyBirthday December 24, 2016 at 7:06 pm Reply

      Ansel61, I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. I too have found holes in the flat earth arguments. But I am baffled by the growing number of FE videos and articles by seemingly educated people.
      How do you explain this?
      Merry Christmas to you too!


      • madmanwbluebox December 24, 2016 at 7:27 pm

        I have yet to see a single YouTube, IG, tweeter about believing in Flat earth by anyone with an education. while it’s claimed that professional pilots or military pilots claim it’s flat I’ve never seen one that wasn’t “anonymous”. they fly “nautical miles” btw (research nautical miles). e.g. so called FE scientist Brian Mullen? he couldn’t even do a simple F=MxA calculation correctly. ditto for youtuber “Doctor Zak”. they make basic fundamental mistakes. it’s literally the belief of scientific illiterate people who have little common sense and are incapable of logical thinking


  5. ansel61 December 25, 2016 at 9:44 am Reply

    That might well be true but I think we have to concentrate on the argument and not who’s making it. You don’t neccessarily need a scientific education to be an original thinker. Give everyone a fair hearing but don’t let them away with anything.


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