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Rick Potvin’s Virtual Circumnavigation of Antarctica to Decide if Earth is Global or Flat

Rick Potvin’s Virtual Circumnavigation of Antarctica to Decide if Earth is Global or Flat

As I think about my route, above, around the flat earth– testing distances, the sniggly problem of exactly HOW “they” pretend there is a “south pole” is bothering me more and more. I’ll deal with that in another post…. upcoming.
ANTARCTICA FLIGHT SYSTEM was planned as early as 1970!
I only discovered the following map this morning! It’s from a proposal to build a NETWORK of airports in the Antarctic. Check it out– it’s very similar to the diagram I drew at the top of this post… but I still have to “flip” it inside out to represent a FLAT EARTH ICE WALL Antarctica– where I can examine what “They” say the distances are, in depth. 
Next, I’ll add up the accumulated miles using the above map.  It turns out that it’s only (officially) 8099 nautical miles around Antarctica– quite a bit off from today’s reported circumference of around 14,000 miles. These numbers are just estimates but they’re within a reasonable order of magnitude for my present purpose. This low number is quite shocking because it makes me wonder how “they” came up with 14,000 lately. This original study was done in 1970. Has Antarctica grown since then? Recall that part of my fakeology method is to watch for anomalies, contradictions and inconsistencies. This is definitely one of those. 

Now I’ll add in the distances to the South Pole from the stations they measured. The South Pole might become an integral part of the perimeter distance situation since, on a Flat Earth, that “pole” becomes a “perimeter” itself, like the “equator” only further “south”.  Approximate distances from a station they chose to the pole are marked in red with red dotted lines. 

Finally let’s transfer the numbers above to the Flat Earth map to see what it might look like. Where I don’t have exact stations mapped, I’ve chosen a fairly “close” station. Everything here is approximate and conceptual for the purpose of getting the general idea with orders of magnitude roughly correct but without pushing for pinpoint accuracy at this time.

Notice where the approximate location of the South MAGNETIC pole is and where the various oceans are– just to get your bearings on Flat Earth. Note as well that there are MULTIPLE “south poles” (Green squares). The dotted green line is the “south pole perimeter”. Interesting, the measurements taken by the map-makers above place the “south pole” 1500 miles inland, more or less, in all cases except one– where it’s 700 miles inland in the case of Scott/McMurdo.  
The question of how to think about the south pole as a perimeter on flat earth is mind boggling. Keep in mind that they say there is a “ceremonial” south pole and that the south pole “keeps shifting”. Here’s a blogger who has a few points relevent to this along with nice photos. (There are ALWAYS nice photos, just like with the moon landing and 9/11). 
The poinant question becomes– if the world is flat– HOW is the “Trick” of making multiple stations appear to be ONE station– for the now numerous visitors to the South Pole? More on this as I think it through. Recall that I’m just as likely to prove the world is global as it is flat– depending on which way the evidence takes me. If I prove the world is flat, fine– we have a new situation. If I prove the world is global, then the entire flat earth literature is a hoax. 

Intro to Flat Earth, History, Research and Conspiracy

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The Antarctic Circle Ice Wall in Pictures

What holds the Oceans in?

The Antarctic Circle Ice Wall

ice wall 19 ice wall 20 ice wall 21 ice wall 22

antarctic ice wall antarctic ice wall1 ice wall2 ice wall6 ice wall 7 ice wall 9 ice wall10 ice wall11 ice wall12 ice wall 14 ice wall 15 ice wall 18

antarctica byrd



Earth Pond & the Antarctic Circle Map

Great Work to show possibly our true Map as seen from above.

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The Faux Antarctic Cup Race

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33 Degree Freemason Admiral Richard E. Byrd


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Note the Bashphomet/Lucieferian Inverted Pentagram!

Admiral Byrd (6)


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