Sneak Peak Ch #2 When One America Was Amoor-ica

America was Amoorica

The name “America” is derived from “the God Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Gucumatz in Quiché; and in Peru he was called Amaru. From the latter name comes our word America. Amaruca is, literally translated, ‘Land of the Plumèd Serpent.’ The priests of this God of Peace, from their chief centre in the Cordilleras, once ruled both Americas.”

Manly P. Hall, author, lecturer 33rd Degrees Freemason, & Rosicrucian



“Evidence for black-skinned natives in the Ame ricas long before the arrival of Columbus is abundant. From the distinctly Negroid features of colossal Olmec sculpted heads and a pre-Aztec obsidian bowl being upheld by a figure with unmistakably black characteristics, to the bones of Negroid persons excavated from a 2,000 year-old mound in northern Wisconsin, a wealth of material exists to establish the certainty of non-White, non-Indian population living in pre-Columbian America along with these other groups.” Though so many mounds have been deliberately destroyed, over 200,000 ancient pyramids (Miru) and huge mounds (Tekhenu) of Earth in the shape of cones, animals and geometric designs can still be found from the southern coast of America to Canada. These structures were built by a so-called “obscure” people largely known as ‘the Mound Builders’ (De Dugdahmoundyah).”

Prophet Noble Drew Ali traveled to see President Woodrow Wilson and here he sat and they challenged him. Drew Ali raised his right hand and light filled the room. Noble Drew Ali asked the President to teach his people, and they asked him, “Are you talking about the ‘Negroes’?” He replied, “There are no Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People, or Ethiopians! They are descendants of the Ancient Moabites, who inhabited the Northwest and Southwest Shores of Africa! I came for the flag of Our Ancient Forefathers.” The President stated, “It is not yet your time!” Ali answered, “I have been appointed in due time by Allah (Ur Ra, Heru Ur, Amen Ra) the Great God of the Universe.”

Assisted by England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Finland and Sweden the United States of America (Al Moroccan) ended their war with the Moors (Al Moroccan Empire, Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’urs) and signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship with the Emperor Mohammed Bey III (Moorish-Mason).The aforementioned treaty is the longest unbroken treaty in the history of the United States.

Moors Declared by UN to be “The Oldest Inigenous Civilization on Earth”

The United Nations fully recognizes in its declaration 215/93 that the Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah (Washingtaw Dug Da Mound Ya?) were/are the “First Indigenous People on Earth”,

So why have so few have even heard of them or the native Moors who lived and ruled since the creation of One Earth ???!!! The simple answe r is because they were white-washed when Europe invaded One America while purging the native Moors out of Spain at the same time. As white man recorded their version of his-story, they simply covered up their languages and names and let their buildings and pyramids forest over or burn down or flood with mudslides or use earthquakes and fires to burn down the evidence of this once great native culture of One America.

“The Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’urs are listed at the United Nations under the Indigenous People Organization Number 215 / 93, meaning the seat number for the Washitaw at the United Nations is 215 and this became effective in the year of 1993. According to International Law, the Washitaw has established itself as a Sovereign Independent Nation (United Nations, NIS-21/593) apart from corporate union of 1781 and the corporate United States of 1787.

The land claim of the Washitaw has been affirmed by Spain and France, as well as, Britain, pursuant to Spanish Land Grants of 1762 and 1795. The Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’urs (Moors) may be classified as Non – Citizen U.S. Nationals but NOT United States citizens (Corporation), as well as, Non-Residential Aliens [1040 NR] and / or passport Non-Citizen U.S. National (see DRED SCOTT vs. SANFORD 1856-57)”.

Moorish Names

Washita[w], XI, Shi, Olmec [Dogon, Mandinka {Mandingo, known as the Egyptian-Nubians [Ethiopians] = Lenni Lenabe / Le’Nape = Al Nube} and the East African {Af-Ra-Kan} Dinka People that largely dwell in Egypt, and Sudan (Nubia / Kush) region…

They were the Ancient Egyptians / Kemetian / Ta Merrian {TaMerikan} People], Amaru (Amen Rau [followers of Amen Ra], Amuuru [SagaMuurs = “Original People”], Mu’urs [Land of the West, Westerners], Moors [Land])

Tribal – Nation, The Indigenous / Aboriginal / Autochthon Peoples of the Americas and the WORLD, pursuant to United Nations Indigenous People’s Organizational Number (I.P.O.) #2421 and member of the national society of (U.M.A.A.R. Unified [United] Mu’urish AmErikan (Amarukan) Ab-Original Republic(k) U.N. NGO (United Nations Non-Governmental Organization)#37801.

Morocco also means the land of God (Holy Land or Promised Land), so having seven Moroccan place names in the Americas highly suggests that the Americas is the Holy land of the Bible and the Old-world. The seven different Moroccan place names in the Americas suggest that the grand or the superior Morocco, aka, the Kingdom of Morocco, or the Empire of Morocco (Almorocco), was in the Americas and the fabulous Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture suggests the same. Even a pale Arab admits that the Kingdom of Morocco was in the Americas.

“Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’ur (Moor) are ascendants of the Kushite (Cushite) Empire, the Songhai-Malian Empire (IX / Olmec), and the Ottoman Empire (Moroccan). The Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’urs (Moors) are also called the Choctaw (or Shabtau [Sbt], which is the Tribe of Shabazz, the Tribe of Hebrews or Israelites and etc…) lay claim to the following land by and through bloodline. Her Majesty Her Highness!

The late Dr. Empress Verdiacee “Tiara” Washitaw-Turner Goston EL-Bey is the Great Great Granddaughter of Marie Antoinette, (6) six times removed and the rightful heir to the Throne of France, Spain, & (England) by the Royal bloodline (Puck-cuchque). She laid claim to the following land by and through bloodline (Puck-cuchque): de bourbon Estate, also known as The Emperial / Imperial International Estate of the Bourbon Hapsburg Empire which includes Western Europe: de bourbon Estate, also known as The Emperial International Estate of the Bourbon Hapsburg Empire which includes Western Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switerland, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Naples, Sardina, Spain, and Portugal. As well as, most of North America and Caribbean in addition to Central and South America; and all of North Americawest of the Emperial Demarcation Line (1713) or British Royal Proclamation Line (1763).

The Royal Imperial / Emperial bloodlineshave never be broken; therefore, ownership of most of North America and other lands belongs to Verdiacee ‘Tiari’ Washitaw (Washington) Tunica (Turner) Goston El-Bey and on June 7th 1999, she made Prince Ramisis Abel Bey, the “Crown Prince of the Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Mu’urs” and brought him into the Washitaw-Tunica Emperial Bloodline (the edict was signed June 6th, 2003) and thus, began the formation of the United Washitaw De DugdahChapter 2moundyah Mu’urs (Moors)”,

“Prince Bey” in turn brought the Chiefs of United Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah Mu’ur Nation into Washitaw-Tunica Emperial Royal Bloodline.

One World; If the Shoe Fits!

Few have ever seen this map before, why?

From this map of Pangea, one can see how the Canada, USA, Central and South America were all connected at the navel at Bolivia and Peru. One America/One Africa aka Amoorica broke away from one another due to the Great Floods, Earthquakes, Comets and Volcanoes I cover in Chapter 11.

Note also how Columbia is the central center of One America while India and Tibet were still attached to Africa and Antartic flung outward to form the Antartic Circle breaking away from Australia.

We can see Saudi Arabia being push outward to form the Mediterranean Sea while Europe is hardly a blip on the overall One World map.

According to Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey, “The United States Of America Corporation is the Administering Authority of our Moorish Territories which are in the category of Trust Territories under mandate of the United Nations. The United Nations will terminate the United States of America’s Mandate over our Moorish Territories and Great Seal Federal Republic Government once we regain a full measure of self-government (sovereign capacity). The United Nations International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (1995 – 2004) is the window period that the United Nations have set to terminate all Mandates of territories currently administered as Trust Territories, thereby, eliminating Colonialism and enslavement of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

By international and national law, the United States of America corporation is obligated to honor and respect the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1787 A.D. – Article VI of the Constitution of the United States of America makes the Treaty of Peace and Friendship the Supreme Law of the Land that govern all matters of Interchange, Commerce and Law between the Moors and the Foreign European Christians”.

Washitaws Became Washington

The word ‘Washitaw’ is derived from the Ancient Tama-Reanu word ‘Uatchit-a. “From immemorial, the symbol of the ‘Winged Sun Disk’ (Ur-Uatchit) has been used to signify freedom and expansion (mind, soul, Ra Aton). In the Asarian Mythology, Heru defeated Set by becoming ‘Ur-Uatchit’ or ‘The Wing ed Sun Disk,’ the All-Encompassing Divinity.

The Washitaw Proper and Washitaw Terra (so-called Louisiana Purchase) consists of what states? Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Utah, [Texas, New Mexico], Florida and portions of even the so-called [13] Thirteen Colonies, or the original 13 states on up into Canada.

The Louisiana Purchase (purportedly all the land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains purchased by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803 from France…President Lincoln’s “Egypt of the West” or Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s “Vast Trust Estate”) has been proven by research of original Treaty and land Grant documents, to be nothing more than the Bourbon Street and a few military barracks, but does not include any land North of the Red River.” Therefore, Napoleon actually sold only the streets (as in Bourbon Street etc… of New Orleans and a military barracks.” And Thomas Jefferson actually purchased the arsenal at New Orleans and a small amount of land outside the city limits, but within the providence where the city lies. The price agreed on was $15 Million, of which $11,250,000 was to be paid outright by the US to France. The balance of 3,750,000 was to be paid by the U.S. to its Citizens to satisfy their claims against France.

New Orleans, Louisiana is called the Crescent City. Maybe, because we have an Algiers there and Bagdad is there, plus the Mississippi (the Nile) River flows through New Orleans. New Orleans even had its own World’s Fair called the World Cotton Centennial (also known as the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition) was a World’s Fair held in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States in 1884. Moorish buildings everywhere with red flags and with red roofs. New Orleans had a great fire that destroyed over 200 blocks. These great fires where a common theme after these World’s Fairs were staged all over the world and over with, only to destroy the fabulous Moorish/Tartarian buildings and tech that did not fit in with the false narrative of the Americas being a new and uncivilized world.

So what Napoleon ceded to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson was the Port of New Orleans!, not the whole of Louisiana as claimed by the U.S. in the so-called Louisiana Purchase Treaty of 1803. Napoleon of France stipulated in the sale to the United States, known as the Louisiana said Purchase Treaty, that he could not sell the land that belonged to the Ancient Ones of Washitaw, because Spain had not ceded that land back to France, but had deeded it by a Spanish Land Grant to the Ancient Ones of Washitaw.

King Phillip II of Spain changed the Washitaw Mu’urs name to Spaniards, because the Washitaw Mu’urs [Moors] were also the ascendants of the Moors that ruled Spain [Europe] for over 800 years, until their final expulsion from Spain in 1492 and not so coincidently the same year Christopher Columbus was said to have discovered America!

Along with the Olmecs [Xi People from Mali]), further evidence of the actual details of the Louisiana Purchase came from Case Western Reserve, a document storage facility in Cleveland, Ohio who certified that documents found there originally, came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1817 A.D. The United States took land without giving the Washitaw due process and equal protection of the law, which should have come in the form of a hearing and compensation for their land.

According to Article VI, of the United States Constitution, “Treaties are the Supreme law of the land.” Thus, the United Stated is in direct violation of Constitutional and International law by occupying Florida and 15 current U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, better know as the Louisiana Purchase.

Islamic America

Islam was in America and had a big influence on America, because you have a total of 565 names, 484 in America and 81 in Canada, of villages, towns, cities, mountains, lakes, rivers and etcetera, are etymologically Arabic; which were designated by locals long before the arrival of Columbus. Many of these names are in fact the same as names of Islamic places; Mecca in Indiana, Medina in Idaho, Medina in New York, Medina and Hazen in North Dakota, Medina in Ohio, Medina in Tennessee, Medina in Texas, Medina and Arva in Ontario, Mahomet in Illinois and Mona in Utah, are just a few noticeable names at the outset. A closer analysis of the names of native tribes will immediately reveal their Arabic etymological ancestry; Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin, Cherokee, Cree, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Makkah, Mohician, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni are only a few.Yes, Islam was everywhere in the Americas. One just has to look for it, because you can see the evidence from Queen Califia (California), to Allah-Bumya (Alabama), to Tallah-Hasse (Tallahassee), to Medina Ohio, to Moorestown New Jersey, to Islamorada Florida, and to Al-hambra California; so yes, Moslems have left a big impact on America.

History shows us over and over how the white man broke their treaties with the natives without consequences, so what good is a “Supreme Law of the Land” if it is not enforceable?

Mount Ararat, a snow-capped inactive volcano in Eastern Turkey, was mentioned in the KJV Bible as the legendry mountain were the Biblical Noah landed his Ark: “And on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat”.Mount Ararat is known as part of the Pilot Mountains in North Carolina, as a throw-off, because the Mount Ararat in North Carolina fits the Biblical description of the resting place of Noah’s Ark way better than its counterpart in Eastern Turkey, since the Bible mentions the Mountains of Ararat and you have several mountains in that area, according to the 1751 map from the Library of Congress. Plus, when we factor in the Ararat River, Ararat, Virginia, and Ararat, North Carolina. All of the said Ararat place names suggest that the Biblical Mount Ararat was in North Carolina, which means that the real ancient Turkey was in the Carolina’s (North and South Carolina).

The root-word of Carolina is Kara (Caro=Kara), which means Black in Turkish. In Arabic “Lina” refers to a small, young palm tree. It is a direct Quranic name. Figuratively, Lina means “tender” or “tenderness” and “delicate.” Yes, Carolina or Karalina is of Turkish (Islamic) origin, which is no surprise to me since we have over 500 American cities and towns that are Arabic in origin.

There is also a Mt. Ararat next to Paradise, California. What are the odds?

Why do all ancient cultures, but Rome, have an Atlantis Cosmography? According to Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, a renowned biologist and geologist from Harvard, America is the Old World, and he states as follows:

“First born among continents, America has been falsely denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the Waters, hers was the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth besides; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America (Atlantis) already stretched in an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the far West.”

Morrish One America’s

Moors were brown skin people of all faiths and customs, and not just Islam. There is also two sets of Moors. The Moor spelled with the double O are the Moors from Europe and Africa. The Moor spelled with the Mu’ur are the Moors from Mu/Atlantis, aka, Lemuria (the Americas).

Keep in mind that you have the Title Moor/Mu/Mer/Maur/Meru/Meri in the Word America. For Example, Amaur-ka, (T)a-mer-Inca (America), Amen-Ra-Ka, Al Morocco (Al-mer-Ra-Ka), Al-Mauri-khan (American) Ameru-Ka, Amexem (Mexico), and etc. Etymology is very powerful true science. The Washitaw Moors are the oldest indigenous people on the planet. The word Washington DC is derived from the word Washitaw.

The so-called Blacks in America for the most part are Berber Moors and the American land mass was once known as Al-morocco and this is a recorded fact.

The Washitaw were known as the Mound builders and the ancient ones, which gives credence to the Holy City of the Wichita’s being Old Jerusalem since this Holy City must be older than the counterpart Jerusalem in the Middle East with a name like Wichita’s. Plus, the ruins of the Holy City of the Wichita’s look much older than any ruins in the counterpart Jerusalem .

The Washitaw Moors were direct descendants of the Olmec Moors, whom were from the Americas, since they were survivors of the Atlantis disaster. There have been no Olmec heads found in Africa, so the Olmecs were native to the Americas. The name “Washitaw” comes from the Washita River whichflows along Northwest Texas and Oklahoma to the Red River, where the Cheyenne Native Americans lived with the Chawasha, meaning “Racoon People” (Coon people). The Washo were a tribe of Moors who lived above the New Orleans Bayou (Bey) and were of Tunican (Turner) linguistic stock. The name “Washitaw” is a derivative of the term “Ouachita” or what is now “Wichita”. The term is a Choctaw term which means “Big Arbor” which represented the Grass thatched arbor homes that the people lived in.

The Arabic word Amir, which means “Prince or Governor of a Province (ruler).” Amir is the Root of Amer since the vowels are interchangeable with Semitic languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Amer/Amir is the root word of America.

To drive this point, “AMURRU,” (the Westerner/ the Serpent/ the dragon) home, all of the names of the Native-American tribes trace back to the title serpent/dragon (Naga/Nigga), which makes sense because the worship of the serpent/Dragon (Kundalini ascension/Chakra alignment) was the chief symbol in the Americas. The flag of Mexico is the Eagle (the phoenix) killing the serpent (the dragon). Mexico (Amexem/Olmec/Old Mexican) was part of the Washitaw/Wa-Shu-Taw(X) Mu’ur Empire and Mexico use to cover South, Central, and North America. Mexico used to extend all the way up into Canada.

The Moors or Turks were also Sumerians (Akkadians/Acadians). What makes “Amurru”, so key is that words like Amaru, Ameri, Amor, Amaruca, etc, all have their origin in Amurru. Amurru was the Sumerian/Akkadian god of the Amorites (Amerites), aka, the mound Builders, the Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Muurs/Mu/ Maur/Moor/Meroe. Now, we have a very strong connection here, because the Sumerian god Amurru correlates to the oldest indigenous people in the world, because you can see the god Amurru in the tribal name of the Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Mu’urs.

Moor means, “Land, ” according to the Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition. Ethiopia Superior (Tameri), aka, Abyssinia (the Americas) was called Moorenland, according to definition, which makes perfect sense because Tamer means the land of the Maurs. The Moors were running the American Government as the Continental Congress up until when the real George Washington, a copper skinned man, was murdered and replaced by Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati.

The Spanish conquistador Hernon Cortez arrived in Mexico in 1519 and referred to the Aztecs he encountered as Moors, and one priest in Cortez part said that the indigenous peoples of northern Mexico reminded him of al Arabes or Arabs, Spaniards called Aztec and Inca temples mosques and drew parallels between some Indian and Islamic rituals that involved animal sacrifice.

Civilization started in ancient India in the Far East (the Americas) and not in the Middle East. It was the Mayan Indians and not the Indian from Hindustan (Middle East) that actually civilized the world. The knowledge of pyramid building and great architecture was exported from the West to the East, not the other way around as we have been told/sold by white man’s his-story.

This makes sense because one of the meanings of Atlantis is , “The People of Lord Shiva,” which was a deity associated with a three-pronged pitchfork. Additionally, Atlanteans are associated with underworld people that carried a three-pronged pitchfork, which symbolizes the trinity. Shiva is of course an Ancient Hindu (Indian) god that has a three-pronged pitchfork. Shiva Temples are found all over the World. There is even an ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the Grand Canyon in Phoenix, Arizona as you can see in Chapter 9.

Islam in Africa

Most Euro Americans were taught that the Islamic faith was corrupt and perverted where young boys would strap bombs on them and blow themselves up so they could be in heaven with 72 “vestal virgins” in Paradise yet Rome had its won “vestal virgins”.

In ancient Rome, the Vestal Virgins or Vestals were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. The college of the Vestals was regarded as fundamental to the continuance and security of Rome. These individuals cultivated the sacred fire that was not allowed to go out. Vestals were freed of the usual social obligations to marry and bear children and took a 30-year vow of chastity in order to devote themselves to the study and correct observance of state rituals that were forbidden to the colleges of male priests

If Islamic religion is so bad, why do practioners get up 5X everyday and pray to their God? Do you see Christians practicing such faith every day like this? NO!

“Islam penetrated several parts of Africa at different times, and its presence in the continent predates Christianity. For instance, the initial spread of Islam in West Africa dates back to 800 CE when the Almoravid warriors (Berber Muslims) pushed the religion southward into the Ghana empire from Morocco.”

“The mingling of Arab culture with local African cultures, languages, and dialects eventually gave rise to what is now known as the Kiswahili culture. Thus, one can surmise that the acceptance of Islam in black Africa, especially wester Africa, can be traced to the internaction with Arabs in countries such as Tunisia, Lobya, Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria. In Central Africa, Islam was spread by the Shirazi merchants and Arabs traders, may of whom had also traveled far from their native land. But unlike East and West Africa, it took a while before the new arrivals began to settle down and internmingle with the Africans. However, with political turmoil back in thier homeland, especially in Arabia and Iran, many of these merchants found it convenient to settle in towns along the East Africa coast and eventually Central Africa. The Berbers seemed to have been chosen by history to carry the banner of Islam into West Africa because of their geographical location and their historical role as middlemen between Arabs and black Africans.”

Backstory on George Washington, 1st President of the United States

George Washington (1732-99) was commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83) and served two terms as the first U.S. president, from 1789 to 1797. The son of a prosperous planter, Washington was raised in colonial Virginia. As a young man, he worked as a surveyor then fought in the French and Indian War (1754-63).

In December 1752, Washington, who had no previous military experience, was made a commander of the Virginia militia. He saw action in the French and Indian War and was eventually put in charge of all of Virginia’s militia forces. By 1759, Washington had resigned his commission, returned to Mount Vernon and was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses, where he served until 1774.

During the American Revolution, he led the colonial forces to victory over the British and became a national hero. In 1787, he was elected president of the convention that wrote the U.S. Constitution. Two years later, Washington became America’s first president.

Realizing that the way he handled the job would impact how future presidents approached the position, he handed down a legacy of strength, integrity and national purpose. Less than three years after leaving office, he died at his Virginia plantation, Mount Vernon, at age 67. In January 1759, he married Martha Dandridge Custis (1731-1802), a wealthy widow with two children. Washington became a devoted stepfather to her children; he and Martha Washington never had any offspring of their own.

Freemason and Founding Father George Whitewash….ington

Oh Really!!!! FOUNDER OF USA and 1st and most honored of all heroes we learn in fish school

The Cherokee Indians (India) established Rome, Georgia and built all of the Greco-Roman/Tartarian or Moorish Architecture throughout the Americas. The Cherokee (the Cherry Tree/Old Glory/ the Red Flag/ the red shield) were the real Romans according to this article:…/did-cherokee-indians…/.

Rome also means pomegranate and people of the Promised land, so it was also part of Granada. Who were the Cherokee Indians? Well, they were Berber Indians, aka Mu’urs from Indian Superior, so please avoid the hijack when reading the article link, I gave. Yes, the Cherokee were Washitaw Muurs and so was the five civilized Tribes. Oklahoma used to be apart of the Washitaw Muur empire. The name Oklahoma is a Choctaw word, which means red people. “The state’s name is from the Choctaw words “okla” and “humma,” meaning “red people.” The Choctaw Nation website says following the trail of tears, it was a Choctaw Chief who suggested the Oklahoma name during treaty negotiations – and he was referring to the people’s skin color”. The Choctaw were an off branch of the Cherokee Tribe, which is evident because the Choctaw were on the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

The Cherokee Tribe was a Tribe that was so big that they had to break it up into small tribes like Creek (Greek), Lumbee, Choctaw, and etc. Did the Cherokee own Slaves (slavs)? Yes, the Cherokee owned wight slavs that were shipped from Europe to the Americas to work on southern plantations owned by Berber Indians (Cherokees), that were also called Muurs. Who were the Red men/Red people that lived on the Red Land (the Americas) and had the Red flag/ the red shield (X)? The Answer is it was the Saracens (Berbers/Hebrews/Indians/Egyptians), aka, the RED ONES or the Race of Saint Andrews, who is the lost tribe of Israel.

Red is very significant in history, because Red is also a salute to the RED SHIELD, which is the House of Saint Andrews, aka, the Saint Andrews Cross, which is the Phoenician Taw (X). Adam also means Red, hence, the title the RED MAN, the RED ONES, and the RED Land. Prester John (Khan) had Red added as a suffix onto his name, because he was ruler of the RED LAND and the World.

Quetzalcoatl was also the ruler of the RED LAND and the world. Now, with Adam, Prester John, and Quetzalcoatl all being Moors (black), this RED MAN title is referring to the Ruddy (Reddish brown/copper-colored) people. Indian Red and Ruddy are both brown. Red also comes from brown. I have noticed that every Nation’s flag has some red on its flag and all of the powerful superhero’s wear either a red cape or either got red in their customs somewhere. Red is also associated with power and Royalty, hence, the RED CARPET for the brightest stars, aka, the Sirius beings, that receive the Oscar/Arthur/Osiris/Ptah Award. Other Examples of power include: the red Fez, the red Turbin, the Red Belt, the Red Headband, and the Red Dragon. Red is also associated with the color of life (not just green), because our blood is red outside of our bodies.

The Normans (Moormen) established Norway and they were descendants of Vikings, who were Berber Moslems at first before they converted to Christianity after the Treaty of Wedmore. The Vikings called themselves Danes, because they descend from the Tribe of Dan (Israel). Denmark, which is right by Norway, was named after the Danes and their Mark (X: Taw/the Red shield).

J esuit Owned USA Inc.

The United States is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3 002 section 15. The Virginia Company was turned into the United States during the Revolutionary War by the Freemasonic Founding Fathers who were serving the Grand Lodge of England. The Virginia Company was issued by the British royal family from the City of London Corporation for North American settlements.

I n 1213 King John surrendered the Kingdom of England to the Holy See under the Golden Bull. In 1215 under direct papal authority King John issued the Magna Carta (Latin for Great Charter) and that established the one mile square block called the City of London Corporation as a sovereign entity from England and London.

The Holy See uses Latin for official documents and the Vatican uses Latin as its official language. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is on the United States Great Seal and United States one dollar bill. Washington DC is located in both Virginia and Maryland. That is Virgin Mary Land.

DC was originally called Rome in 1669 which is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. DC is Roman architecture and Capitol Hill is named after Capitoline Hill in Rome.

The ancient Roman fasces symbol is all over federal buildings and federal seals. The federal government is based on the Roman Republic which was a fascist empire and still owned by the Vatican and their overlords.

UN Indigenous People Declaration

Full document here:

Believing that this Declaration is a further important step forward for the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of indigenous peoples and in the development of relevant activities of the United Nations system in this field, Recognizing and reaffirming that indigenous individuals are entitled without discrimination to all human rights recognized in inter- national law, and that indigenous peoples possess collective rights which are indispensable for their existence, well-being and integral development as peoples, Recognizing that the situation of indigenous peoples varies from region to region and from country to country and that the significance of national and regional particularities and various historical and cultural backgrounds should be taken into consideration, Solemnly proclaims the following United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a standard of achievement to be pursued in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect.

Article 13

1. Indigenous peoples have the right to revitalize, use, develop and transmit to future generations their histories, languages, oral tradi- tions, philosophies, writing systems and literatures, and to designate and retain their own names for communities, places and persons.

2. States shall take effective measures to ensure that this right is protected and also to ensure that indigenous peoples can understand and be understood in political, legal and administrative proceedings, where necessary through the provision of interpretation or by other appropriate means.

Article 14

1. Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.

Article 19

States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopt- ing and implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them.

Article 20

1. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and develop their political, economic and social systems or institutions, to be secure in the enjoyment of their own means of subsistence and develop- ment, and to engage freely in all their traditional and other eco- nomic activities.

2. Indigenous peoples deprived of their means of subsistence and development are entitled to just and fair redress.


The Original native nationality is Amurru Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah. A Tribal Moor and their original tribe is Amurru Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah. The white man then papered over the name “Washitaw” into “Washington”.

  1. According to the Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, deluxe, the word Moor is specifically designated in the definition of Land.
  2. According to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary, the word ‘American’ is defined as “an Aboriginal or one of the various copper color natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was Amurru [the West].” ~ 1936 Webster Universal Dictionary.
  3. The book, “Africans and Native Americans,” by Dr. Jack Forbes, states, “The slave trade started in America and the slaves were taken mostly to Spain and Europe. When the Spanish came to America they found the Indios (Indians), the black people who are with God.”
  4. Empress Verdiacee Tiacee Tiari Washitaw (Washington) – Turner (Tunica) Goston El Bey (the current heiress, by and through blood, and Supreme Sovereign of the de Bourbon Estate, also known as The Emperial International Estate of the Bourbon Habsburg Empire, later as a whole called The Empire of Amurru Washitaw de Dedugdahmoundyah), wrote in her book, “The Return of the Ancient Ones,” “That 85% of the blacks in America were already here before the slave trade. Only 15% of blacks come from Africa.” We all come from Africa but there is a suppressed history of Moors (Blacks) being a global people. Pangaea proves that all of the continents were connected, so migration to and from Africa and to other places was simple and easy.

7 thoughts on “Sneak Peak Ch #2 When One America Was Amoor-ica

  1. Vicki Guy December 13, 2022 at 7:56 pm Reply

    Thank you for the update. I was concerned about you. 💕

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hanogi Stone December 13, 2022 at 9:44 pm Reply

    What a great picture of one america- shows the unity of the land and the people.


  3. Repeal LowInfo December 13, 2022 at 11:00 pm Reply

    Wow Jamie, I am very much interested in the truths that are kept from us. I would like to reserve one of these books when they are available.

    I pray that you are well. I was thinking about you just last week, but drifted into something else, before making time to reach out to you. Once again I am amazed at your accomplishments.

    Take care Jamie Louis


  4. Lilly December 14, 2022 at 4:16 pm Reply

    Beautifully illustrated and love the true history, truth always prevails. Love it!


  5. Mike Coffey December 14, 2022 at 9:27 pm Reply

    Hi Jamie
    Always a thrill learning more than what’s taught. All the best and I’ll be ordering your new discoveries in print.


  6. Darrious Kit December 15, 2022 at 12:45 pm Reply

    @ Lilly

    Re “truth always prevails”

    No. That’s mostly a fantasy, wishful non-thinking, or pure propaganda —but not reality. Because most often the truth does NOT prevail in real life.

    WHY does the truth typically not prevail? — Meet and get acquainted with “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …

    Are you one of those pink elephant individuals?

    Isn’t it about time for anyone to wake up to the ultimate depth of the human rabbit hole — rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a fantasy land and play victim like a little child?

    “Separate what you know from what you THINK you know.” — Unknown


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