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1945 British Military Flat Earth Map

Includes Flat Earth Air routes and mileage added in.  Proof positive of Flat EArth. You can order this map on EBAY and is of high quality. It was made by for British Airways


Greatest Flat Earth Memes Collection


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Everyday is Happy Flat Earth Day

We return thanks to our mother,
the earth, which sustains us.
We return thanks to the rivers and streams,
which supply us with water.
We return thanks to all herbs,
which furnish medicines
for the cure of our diseases.
We return thanks to the corn,
and to her sisters, the beans and squash,
which give us life.
We return thanks to the bushes and trees,
which provide us with fruit.
We return thanks to the wind,
which, moving the air,
has banished diseases.
We return thanks to the moon and the stars,
which have given us their light
when the sun was gone.
We return thanks to our grandfather He-no,
who has given to us his rain.
We return thanks to the sun,
that he has looked upon the earth
with a beneficent eye.
Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit.
in whom is embodied all goodness.
and who directs all things,
for the good of his children.

~Iroquois Prayer~

Flat Earth-Impossible Radio Transmissions

FE Book Sneak Peak; Rulers Who Rule; Secret Societies, Freemasons and Knights of Malta

Since i’m getting comments on how great secret society Freemasons are…this is for you lower levels to wtfu!

Appendix II


It is simply incredible how the so few, and very, very powerful, have kept secret their affiliations to so many secret societies from public knowledge and discourse for not only decades, but centuries. This is only a partial list of the true powers behind the power we see on social media today. And these secret societies answer in one way or another to the blacked robed Jesuits and their Knights of Malta military henchmen who report to the 13 Satanic family bloodlines of Europe.

  • * The Council of 13
    * The Council of 33
    * Secret Chiefs / Great White Lodge / Great White Brotherhood
    * Order of the Quest
    * Mothers of Darkness
    * Moriah Conquering Wind
    * Supreme World Council
    * The Committee of 300 / The Olympians
    * Old (Venetian) Black Nobility
    * S∴S∴ / Third Order of the Silver Star / the Abyss
    * The Bilderberg Group / Committee of 500
    * A.A. / the Arcana Arcanorum
    * The R∴C∴ / Order of the Rosy Cross
    * Order of Palladium / New and Reformed Palladian Rite
    * Skull & Bones Society / The Order / Brotherhood of Death / Chapter 322
    * A∴A∴ / Arcanum Arcanorum / ‘Argenteum Astrum’ / Astron Argon
    * A.P.R.M.M. / Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraïm
    * The Round Table / Rhodes-Milner Round Table / The Group
    * Palladian Order of Skull and Bones / Chapter 592
    * The G∴D∴ / Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
    * Fraternitas Saturni / Brotherhood of Saturn
    * Order of the Trapezoid
    * Grand Orient de France
    * The Red Brotherhood
    * Hell Fire Club(s)
  • * Frankfurt School
  • * The Pilgrims Society
    * Le Cercle / The Circle
    * Supreme Council / Mother Council of the World
    * O.T.O. / Ordo Templi Orientis / Order of Oriental Templars
    * S.M.O.M. / Order of St. John / Sovereign Military Order of Malta
    * The Shrine / Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
    * S.R.I.A. / Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia
  • *Ordo Byzantinus Sancti Sepulchri (OBSS).
    * Scottish Rite Freemasons
  • * York Rite Freemasons
    * Order of the Garter
    * The Temple of Set
    * The Bohemian Club
    * Order of The Hammer
    * Order of Nine Angles
    * The Black Brotherhood
    * Scroll and Key Society
    * Illuminates of Thanateros
    * B’nai B’rith / B’nai Ha’Nephilim
    * Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
    * Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica / Gnostic Catholic Church
    * Royal Institute of International Affairs
    * Council on Foreign Relations
    * Trilateral Commission
    * U.S. Mafia Council
    * The 1001 Club
    * Club of Rome
    * JASON Group
    * Quill & Dagger
    * RAND Corporation
    * Lucis Trust / Lucifer Trust
    * The MITRE Corporation
    * British Royal Society
    * Knights of Columbus
  • * Share International
    * Societas Rosicruciana
    * The Bridge to Freedom
    * Phi Beta Kappa Society
    * Tavistock Institute For Human Relations
  • * Muslim Brotherhood
  • * The Fraternity of The Rose Cross
  • * The Vrill
  • * Thule Society
  • * The Babylonian Brotherhood
  • * The Black Order
  • * The Brotherhood of Life and Death
  • * The Council of 10
  • * Order of The Green Dragon
  • * Ordo Lapsit Exillis
  • * Black Hand
  • * Shriners
  • * Opus Dei
  • * Order of the Garter
  • * Order of the Golden Dawn
  • * The Most Ancient and Most Noble
  • * Order of the Thistle Knight
  • * The Most Honourable Order of the Bath Knight/Dame Grand Cross
  • * The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint Order St-Michael St-George
  • * The Distinguished Service Order Companion
  • * The Royal Victorian Order
  • * The Order of Merit Member
  • * The Imperial Service Order
  • * The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Knight/Dame Grand Cross
  • * The Order of the Companions of Honour
  • * Order of Hospitallers
  • * Order of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • * Alfalfa Club
  • * Highlands Forum
  • * Prior of Scion
  • * Teutonic Knights
  • * Order of the Golden Fleece
  • * Fabian Society
  • * Theosophical Society


Here is a short partial compiled list of secret societies members. Listed are 33° Scottish Rite Freemasons, Freemasons, Knights of Malta and Skull and Bones members only.

US Presidents (since 1900)

 Theodore Roosevelt – 33° Freemason

William Howard Taft – Freemason – Skull and Bones

Warren G. Harding – Freemason

Franklin D. Roosevelt – 33° Freemason

Harry S. Truman – 33° Freemason

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Knight of Malta

Lyndon B. Johnson -33° Freemason

Gerald Ford – 33° Freemason – member of JFK Warren Commission

Jimmy Carter – 33° Freemason

Ronald Reagan – 33° Freemason – Knight of Malta

George H. W. Bush – Freemason – Knight of Malta – Skull and Bones

Bill Clinton – 33° Freemason – Knight of Malta

George W. Bush – Skull and Bones – Knight of Malta


World Leaders (since 1900)


Tony Blair – 33° Freemason – Knight of Malta – Prime Minister of England

Sir Winston Churchill – 33° Freemason – Prime Minister of England

Josef Stalin – 33° Freemason – Leader of the Soviet Union

Juan Perón – 33° Freemason – President of Argentina

Giscard d’Estaing – Knight of Malta – President of France

Nelson Mandela – Knight of Malta – President South Africa

Juan Carlos – Knight of Malta – King of Spain

Augusto Pinochet – Knight of Malta – President of Chile

Saddam Hussein – 33° Freemason – President of Iraq

John G. Diefenbaker – Freemason – Prime Minister of Canada 1957-1963

Otto von Hapsburg – Knight of Malta – Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary

Bob Hawke – Freemason – Prime Minister of Australia

King Hussein– 33° Freemason – King of Jordan


Intelligence and Military (since 1900)

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Thought for the Day

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory saw sunspot AR 1520 before the solar flare erupted from it on July 12, 2012.

Credit: NASA/SDO (via Twitter @NASA_SDO)

Ok I just typed in to Google. ” How much Hydrogen dose the sun burn?” – It gave me this.

The Sun consumes about 600 million tons of hydrogen per second. (That’s 6 x 108 tons.) For comparison, the mass of the Earth is about 1.35 x 1021 tons. This would mean the Sun consumes the mass of the Earth in about 70,000 years.

Then I searched “is oxygen Needed to to burn Hydrogen?” – It gave me this.

A fire cannot burn without oxygen.

Do you see the problem ?
We are being lied to People.
Wake up.

Here is scientism explaining how hydrogen can burn w/o oxygen, only in space and science fiction realms.

The predominant element in the Sun is hydrogen, and then helium: by mass, it is 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 1.5% carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and 0.5% all other elements.  ~

So, the Sun can “burn” hydrogen to helium without the need for oxygen. It should be noted that in the presence of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, stars heavier than the Sun may burn hydrogen to helium by using the C, N and O as catalysts. Even in these stars, however, an absence of oxygen does not prevent nuclear burning.




Freemason John Glenn Dead at 95

John Glenn, First American to Orbit the Earth, Dies at 95

Freemasons in Space | Plane Not A Planet