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Flat Earth Ancient TheoCosmology; the Big Dipper and the Swastika



The Swastika in the Sky; The Big Dipper

Once we reconnect to our common ancient ancestry we can easily find Flat Earth teachings and knowledge. There is no better example than the Swastika and the Big Dipper.

The Swastika was a marker for the 4 Seasons of the Year as the ancients knew intimately. The luminaries were their guides and teachers as well as provided much consciousness form mankind before humans developed free will. Part of the Great 500 Year Lie is that the swastika became the ultimate symbol of evil to the Western World. The psyops turned around both literally, and physically, to take away Spiritual energy and disempower the masses, that be us.

The Tibetan Swastika vs the Nazi Hakenkreuz. One to bring about a victory of Peace, the other causes instant hate from anyone in the Western world when the image is conjured up…all by design, all by psyops, to take our power away and remove symbols of goodness and power from humanity.

These motions of energy also manifest in our mind, body, Spirits as well. By creating hate towards this symbol, they disconnect us from powerful symbolism that assists us in knowing ourselves. This is just like how the Roman Catholics made the Pagan Day of the New Year, April 1, when seeds could be planted for food, to be a Fool’s Day. Another example is when the pagan Sun of God rose from the Southern Cross on December 25th. The Romans claimed it as “Christ’s Day” instead.

The word ‘swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svasktika’) meaning ‘It is’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Good Existence, and ‘Good Luck’. However, it is also known by different names in different countries – like ‘Wan’ in China, ‘Manji’ in Japan, ‘Fylfot’ in England, ‘Hakenkreuz’ in Germany and ‘Tetraskelion’ or ‘Tetragammadion’ in Greece.

For the Hindus and Buddhists in India and other Asian countries, the swastika was an important symbol for many thousands of years and, to this day, the symbol can still be seen in abundance – on temples, buses, taxis, and on the cover of books. It was also used in Ancient Greece and can be found in the remains of the ancient city of Troy, which existed 4,000 years ago. The ancient Druids and the Celts also used the symbol, reflected in many artifacts that have been discovered. It was used by Nordic tribes and even early Christians used the Swastika as one of their symbols, including the Teutonic Knights, a German medieval military order, which became a purely religious Catholic Order. But why is this symbol so important and why did Adolf Hitler decide to use it?

By design, humans have been steered off the farms and into the suburbs and cities where light pollution and lack of celestial knowledge has caused Man to lose his classroom. The word “Man” is Old German for *men- or “to think”. HU means hue, or color. So Human is color of man. Our ancestors meant energy vibration when speaking of human whereas today ours is visual interpretation.

A Sanskrit scholar P. R. Sarkar in 1979 said that the deeper meaning of the word Swastika is 

‘Permanent Victory’. He also said that as any symbol it can have positive and negative meaning depending on how it is drawn. In Hinduism, the right-hand swastika is a symbol of the God Vishnu and the Sun, while the left-hand swastika is a symbol of Kali and Magic. The double meaning of symbols is common in ancient traditions, like for example the symbol of the pentagram (five pointed star), which is viewed as negative when pointing downwards, and positive when pointing upwards.

Flat Earth takes us back to our ancients and their wisdom. The skies may be the physical limit but a deeper understanding to the ancient’s connection to the stars above provide a much richer tapestry to humanities connection to our heavens. As above, so below, the seasons chronicled beautifully by the Big Dipper movement of stars throughout the year. A much deeper meaning to who we are, why we are here , …and to wondering once again how twinkle, twinkle, the little star’s doing up there in the vaulted ceiling under an ocean of wisdom.

The syllable “Om” is described with various meanings in the Upanishads. Descriptions include “the sacred sound, the Yes!, the Vedas, the Udgitha (song of the universe), the infinite, the all-encompassing, the whole world, the truth, the ultimate reality, the finest essence, the cause of the Universe, the essence of life, the Brahman, the Atman, the vehicle of deepest knowledge, and Self-knowledge”

WisDom-e or Wise Dome.  Dome is Home. “Dali Lama” means Ocean of Wisdom,  Kingdom,  Om

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Flat Earth’s Polar Vortex: The Axis Mundi

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What If? Why the Flat Earth Story is So Vital to All

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ESPN Starts A Flat Earth List; The FE Psyops Continues


now Robbie Davidson of Celebrate Truth ministry and media company, and Co-host of the “First EVer” Flat Earth International Conference, joins Mark Sargent and Russian Vids in pumping out several vid/docs a day just as the Mainstream media is playing up the FE meme. hmmmm! and don’t forget Jeranism….the former military sniper turned FE slick video truther who lives near Russian Vids in N. CA…all psyops…hmmmm.

Earth Central

Heliocentric = Hell  lie centered

How can anyone beLIEve that we are not centered under the stars in heaven?  oh yea, TV Programming and social indoctrination and cognitive dissonance…and apathy, lethargy and general willful ignorance…