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The Darkest Side of Geoengineering

The Darkest Side of Geoengineering

This is a must see to learn how diabolical the aerosol spraying combined with nanotechnolgy is synthesizing all life for checkmate control. Share with others, spread the word.

Proof the Moon is Not 238900 miles away

Black Goo, Smart Dust, Nanoparticulate Matter ,Morgellon’s Disease and Geoengineering

Technology is decades and centuries ahead of what we are shown and sold. (see Tesla).

Great to see others reporting on the Transhumanist agenda. We are all synthetic humans now due to the submicronic nanoparticulate matter being aerosol sprayed from geoengineering, ingested, inhaled and all covered with this crap.  This technology have been in commercial use for over ten years. The military has had this technology for decades. Another huge reason that Geoengineering must be halted now!

This invasive nearly invisible technology is taking over all human life forms and is programmable. Research “Nueron Synapse Replacing Nanobog technology”, “Smart Dust” and “Nanoparticle read/write technology on the spinal column”.

The Agenda and You ~ Part III; Transhumanism and You in the Age of Transitions

Transhumanist terms website:

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Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Duncan… Category Science & Technology License Standard YouTube License

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