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Aplanetruth’s Social Media Links and Free Books

Weather Wars; Man Made Irma Broken Down

“Drain the Swamp” Updates from Manmade Hurricane Harvey

Here is the go fund me i’ve set up to help NO and HH victims.
every single dime will be used for assistance.

i am not taking one penny, fyi. If you donate and are not satisfied with how your money is used, i will personally refund you.




Weather Heat (UVB) Intensity off the Charts. Heads Up All!

Critical News Today 8.23. 17; New Orleans To Get Nailed Again and More

The Rahu Eclipse!; Proof Positive with a P900 Camera

Bacteria Being Released Overhead During Solar Eclipse

Johnny Cash Flat Earth Redux

Official NASA Liar

Someone needs to break down all the lies this guys spews as an expert for NASA

Look at the LEM module in the background…duct tape and aluminum foil!

Greatest Flat Earth Memes Collection


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