Sneak Peak Ch 3 ~ ONE World Turtle Island from “One World/ One America the Tartarians and Moors”

One World Turtle Island

First Nations are the first peoples of the landmass called Turtle Island, the term many Indigenous people use to describe northern America. This term reflects the absence of borders and traditional stories about how Mother Earth was created on the back of a turtle. Little Turtle is one of the most famous Native American military leaders of all time.

According to the myth, there were Sky People who lived in on an island in the sky. No one ever died or was born on this island, so when a Sky Woman became pregnant with twins her husband pushed her off the island and she fell to the Earth. There was no land yet, only water, and the animals who lived there saved her from falling. They wanted to help her so a frog swam to the bottom of the ocean and grabbed some mud for her to live on. They had to find somewhere to put this mud, so the frog put it on the back of a Big Turtle, and this is how the land was created. The Big Turtle became the Turtle Island, which is known as North America. There are other Native American Tribes that have some variation of this myth, but all of them share the belief that a turtle carried the Sky Woman and it was only with the help of animals that the woman survived.

Turtle Island of One America was said to have been created from the deep abyss of the Ocean and the first to break the waters was the women’s nipple. The world’s “nipple” (peçón) was in the East, where he thought he was, along the equator. Because of its height, it was the part of the world closest to heaven upon part of which is the nipple, which is the highest and closest to the heavens.

Columbus speculated that the earth had a bulge, having the form of a pear (de la forma de una pera) or of a ball with a bulge like a woman’s nipple. Columbus believed that the Earthly Paradise (Paraíso Terrenal) was located at the top of the breast, which was a gradual incline rather than a steep mountain. Ancient Ones legend of the creation of Turtle Island refers to the continent of North America.

The name comes from various Indigenous oral histories that tell stories of a turtle that holds the world on its back. For some Indigenous peoples, the turtle is therefore considered an icon of life, and the story of Turtle Island consequently speaks to various spiritual and cultural beliefs. In various Indigenous origin stories, the turtle is said to support the world, and is an icon of life itself. Turtle Island therefore speaks to various spiritual beliefs about creation and for some, the turtle is a marker of identity, culture, autonomy and a deeply-held respect for the environment.

In some original tribes of One America, Ojibwe oral traditions relate the story of Turtle Island that begins with a flooded Earth. The Creator had cleansed the world of feuding peoples in order to begin life anew. Some animals survived the flood, such as the loon, the muskrat and the turtle. Nanabush (Nanabozo) or Weesakayjack in some Cree tales are supernatural beings who have the power to create life in others. Nanabush asked the animals to swim deep beneath the water and collect soil that would be used to recreate the world. One by one the animals tried, but one by one they failed.

The last animal that tried, the muskrat, was underwater for a long time, and when it resurfaced, the little animal had wet soil in its paws. The journey took the muskrat’s life, but the creature did not die in vain. Nanabush took the soil and put it on a willing turtle’s back. This became known as Turtle Island, the epi-center of this one creation. Many Haudenosaunee versions of the tale start in the Sky World — a land in the heavens where supernatural beings existed. One day, a pregnant Sky Woman fell through a hole under the roots of a tree and descended to Earth. Gently guided down by birds that saw her falling through the sky, she was placed safely onto a turtle’s back. Sky Woman was grateful to the animals for helping her. In some versions, her appreciation was so powerful that the earth began to grow around her, forming Turtle Island. In other versions, the animals brought forth mud from the bottom of the water, which grew on top of turtle’s back and formed a new land for Sky Woman and her descendants, Turtle Island.

Native Chicksaws Mythology and Legend

Long ago, perhaps in the days when our Chickasaw ancestors still resided in the land of the setting sun, the Great Spirit, Aba’Binni’li’, sent rain. Soon, water covered all the Earth. Some Chickasaws made rafts to save themselves. Then, creatures like large white beavers cut the thongs that bound the rafts. All drowned except one family and a pair of each of all the animals. When the rain stopped and the flood began receding, a raven appeared with part of an ear of corn. Aba’Binni’li’ told the Chickasaws to plant it. Aba’Binni’li’ also told them that, eventually, the Earth would be destroyed by fire, its ruin presaged by a rain of flood and oil. Chickasaws are not the only North American Indian Tribe who has a story of the flood. Almost every other ancient people, from the Chinese to the Mayans and Incas, had their own version that told of destruction of the world by water.

Our language betrays the even acknowledgement of the Feminine Devine in our everyday bastardized English Male only Language. This gets into the seed vs the womb. A woman is said to “bare” life, meaning she is the host shell for the new life, man is just the seed.

To switch it around for male domination on earth and debasing the bearer of life, the Catholic white males reasoned that “ a man’s sperm will be alive his entire lifetime, yet a woman stops life bearing gifts in middle age, so the man is the progenitor, and must control all”.

The moons laid out here are those of the Mississaugas. The moons correspond to the seasonal changes happening to the land; thus, Indigenous communities in different parts of the country will have different moons. Such Ancient Ones legends often involve the presence of supernatural beings, such as transformers or tricksters, and a Creator being.

13 large scales standing for 13 moons in each year. Many First One American people look at Turtle’s back as calendar, as above, so below, as within, is without. The Ancient Ones refer to our very Creation as just one of thousands more. Each of the 13 moons of the year is said to hold its own story.

Turtle holds the mystery of each moon on the shell of its back and that is what gives each moon its power! From the Potawatomis’ Baby Bear Moon to the Anishinabes’ Maple Sugar Moon to the Lakota Sioux’s Moon When Wolves Run Together, in Ancient One American legend, the Natural world is a place of great power to assist and help humans understand the mysteries of the earth. Before the Gregorian calendar was the Moon Calendar that all the Natives used. It was 13 months long in a year just like the # of patterns of a turtles shell and also directly corresponds to the female menstrual cycle of 28 days. The earth being the creation of the Feminine Divine and all. They did not need any “leap years” or quarter-year additions like to make the globe ball Sun calendar work. 64 The Incredible Story of the Founding of California by Genocide on Its Native People The reason for the switch in calendar to the Catholic Gregorian is to make it a Sun calendar, the male principle, not the Moon calendar, the female, Nurture/Nature Divine Inspiration of Love principle.

What is common to all communities is the idea that these moons orient us to the passage of time, the changing seasons, animal migrations, and plant life cycles, and that each moon cycle has associated spiritual and moral teachings.

1) Full Wolf Moon (Great Spirit Moon): In January (or the first full Moon after the winter solstice), it’s easy to picture packs of wolves howling at the Moon outside the villages in Europe and North America, as the winter’s rigors deprived the animals of food.

2) Full Snow Moon (Sucker Fish Moon): The second full Moon of the year. The winter is still alive and well and the snow covers everything. The Ojibwe named this Moon after the sucker fish, an important resource for their winter survival.

3) Full Worm Moon (Hard Crust on the Snow Moon): As the temperatures begin to rise, the snow melts and the earth softens and becomes mud. Worms begin to crawl in the ground, heralding the return of birds, which will feed on them. Also called the Sap Moon, because it’s the time to tap the maples for their sap.

4) Full Pink Moon (Maple Sap Boiling Moon): Attributed to the growth and blossom of the moss pink. Other names for this season make reference to flowers, eggs, fish, and the return of spring.

5) Full Flower Moon (Budding Moon): In May, spring is typically in full force, and various Moon names recognize the budding and blooming of flowers. Other names for this Moon make reference to the period when corn should be planted.

6) Full Strawberry Moon: Strawberries are ripe and ready to be picked. The Ojibwe and many other tribes use the same name for this Moon. This month promises a feast on easy food provided by Mother Nature.

7) Full Buck Moon (Mid-summer Moon): Buck’s antlers are growing at full force during this Moon. Also called Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are common during this time of the year.

8) Full Sturgeon Moon (Ricing Moon): The sturgeon fish catch will peak during this moon. For the Ojibwe, this Moon marked the season to harvest wild rice, an activity with cultural and ritual importance.

9) Full Corn Moon (Leaves Changing Color Moon): Also called Harvest of Fruit Moon, this is the Moon nearest to the autumnal equinox and can happen in October or September. At this time of the year, the fall crops are ready to be harvested.

10) Full Hunter’s Moon (Falling Leaves Moon): This is the best time of the year for hunting. The game is fat after a summer of eating and fattening for the winter. Many trees have lost their leaves and the fields are free of the crops that might have served as a hideout for prey. Also, it’s the right time to start storing food and furs for the winter.

11) Full Beaver Moon (Freezing Moon): This month’s Moon makes reference to the right moment to hunt beavers for their furs for the winter.

12) Full Cold Moon (Little Spirits Moon): In December, the cold returns and the closes the cycle. The long nights bring back the snow and it’s time to gather by the fire.

Though one would be hard pressed these days on Google Search to find the evidence, but turtles can and do live up to 400-500 years old making them the oldest sea creatures on Earth who also could come in on land like I was fortunate to have witnessed first hand while down in Costa Rico. 3 Giant Sea Turtles laid their eggs, then waddled their flippers and will back to the ocean. The government protects the delicacy eggs now. So turtles are sacred, and the oldest in the animal kingdom. Anima means “soul” as in animal. Oldest soul, the Turtle, get it?

Turtle Island Mythology and Legend

Waynaboozhoo and the Great Floodan Ojibwe Legend

Long ago the world was filled with evil. Men and women lost respect for each other. The Creator was unhappy about this and decided to cause a great flood to purify the earth. A man named Waynaboozhoo survived. He turned some floating sticks and a log into a raft for the animals and himself. They floated around for a full moon waiting for the water to go down. It didn’t, so Waynaboozhoo decided to do something about it.

“Maang!” he called to the loon. “You are an excellent swimmer. See if you can dive down to the Old World and bring back a lump of mud in your bill. With mud, I will create a New World.” Maang dove into the water and was gone a long time. When he finally did return, he said, “I could not reach the Old World. It was too far down.”

“Amik!” called Waynaboozhoo to the beaver. “You are an excellent swimmer. Will you try next?” Amik dove off and was gone even longer than Maang, but he too returned empty-handed. “Is there anyone else who’ll try?” asked Waynaboozhoo.

Just then a small coot, Aajigade, came swimming along and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Get away Aajigade,” called one of the birds. “We do not have time for your nonsense.”

Now the animals began arguing loudly. Everyone had a different plan about how to get the mud, but no one could agree on whose plan they would use. For hours and hours they argued. By and by, someone noticed that the sun was beginning to go down. They would have to put off the planning until the next day. Everyone began to find his or her sleeping spot on the raft to rest for the night. Maang asked, “Whatever happened to that silly little Aajigade?”

Suddenly, there was shouting on the other end of the raft. Someone had noticed a small body floating in the water. Water birds paddled hurriedly to investigate and found that it was Aajigade. They brought his body to the raft. Waynaboozhoo lifted him up, and looking in his small beak, he found a particle of mud. Little Aajigade had reached the Old World and got the mud! He had given his life to do this. The other animals were ashamed of themselves for having made fun of little Aajigade. They hung their heads. They felt very sad.

Waynaboozhoo took Aajigade’s little body and softly blew life back into him. Waynaboozhoo held him closely to warm him and announced that from that day forward, Aajigade would always retain a place of honor among the animals. Waynaboozhoo set Aajigade down on the water and he swam off as though nothing had happened. Then Waynaboozhoo took Aajigade’s mud in his hands and began to shape it. Next he commanded it to grow. As it grew, he needed a place to put it. Mikinaak (the snapping turtle) came forward and said, “I have a broad back. Place it here.”

Waynaboozhoo put it on Mikinaak’s back so that it could grow larger. “Miigwetch, Mikinaak,” said Waynaboozhoo. “From this day on, you shall have the ability to live in all the worlds, under the mud, in the water, and on land.”

The mud began to take the shape of land. Waynaboozhoo placed some tiny enigoonsags (ants) on it. This made it start to spin and grow more. It grew and grew, and more animals stepped onto it until finally it was large enough for moose to walk about. Now Waynaboozhoo sent benishiyag (the birds) to fly around to survey how large the land was. He said to them, “Return to me now and again to let me know how the land is doing. Send back your messages with songs. To this day, that is what the birds continue to do. That is also why they are called the singers. At last, Waynaboozhoo stepped onto the New World. It had become a home, a place for all the animals, insects and birds, a place for all living things to live in harmony.

Mohak Mythology

“In the beginning, all the families of the world lived together on the shell of a turtle (Turtle Island). However, as time went by, they began to argue and even fight with each other. Seeing this, the Creator pulled the shell’s 13 sections apart, separating them by impassable, undrinkable gulfs of salt water to prevent them from continuing to bicker with each other.”

Turtles are mega-talented and warriors of the rainbow, sun, moon, stars, wind, rain, thunder and hurricanes.

Oh, yes, the Mashpee Wampanoag have respected the turtle since the beginning of time. We have the bog turtle, snapper, spotted and others who roam freely all the time. Elders have many stories. I remember them in Grandpa’s barn, down the herring run in the bogs, in our yards and all around.

Mayan tribes make mention of their story. In the earliest days, when the Earth was covered with water, the animals tried, one by one, to create land, so they could stop swimming and rest. After all the other animals tried and failed, it was Turtle who—despite suffering some derision from the others, even though they themselves had failed—dove down many, many times to the bottom of the primeval sea, holding her breath far longer than any other creature can and, by bringing up a small mouthful of dirt each time, eventually created this continent.

Chief Little Turtle

Chief Little Turtle was the pride of Miami Indians. His contributions have also made him one of the most famous military leaders of the Native Americans. His greatest fight was against the U.S. Congress. His contribution to the Old Northwest. The way he has defeated the American troops several times has made him worthy of the title Little Turtle Miami Chief. Cheif Little Turtle was clear about his opposition to the domination of the white population. It was around this time that the United States finally acquired their independence as a nation. With this power also comes the whites’ interest of conquering neighboring lands. This is exactly what the tribe fo Chief Little Turtle, and the others, are strongly against of. Little Turtle Native American was highly vigilant in protecting the territories of his tribe. With this, they formed an alliance with the British army to fight against the United States, not knowing they were on the same team with different flags and uniforms.

The leadership of Chief Little Turtle has led to the emergence of the Little Turtle War during 1785. It was also called as the Northwest Indian War . Chief Little Turtle infiltrated the American army through sending a spy. At the same time, the chief was also able to gain the trust of other white people such as Simon Girty, Matthew Elliott, and Alexander McKee. These three Americans, in the end, were hailed traitors by the whites due to their provision of aid to the Native Americans. His connections have made him established the huge army of capable people. He was also able to make the other tribes obey his orders.

Seeing that the “lands of his fat hers” were being taken over by the “white man”, Little Turtle led yearly expeditions against pioneer settlements along the Ohio. This was the only method he knew to hang onto what he felt to be the property of his people.

“When Washington became president, one of his greatest problems was how to protect the frontier settlements against these Indians of the North West. In 1790, he sent Gen. Hamar with an army to capture Kekionga, but Little Turtle defeated two sections of this army and made the whole expedition a failure. In 1791 President Washington sent Gen. Arthur St. Clair with the largest army ever sent to fight the Indians. Again Little Turtle, at the head of the warriors of the North West, completely routed St. Clair and massacred most of the army at what is now Ft. Recovery, Ohio.

“After this series of defeats at the hands of Little Turtle, many Americans were willing that the Indians should retain the Northwest Territory.  President Washington was not willing for he saw that if the Indians kept it, Great Britain would soon have possession and annex it to Canada. Washington had great difficulty to get congress to vote men and supplies for another army. When he secured these he appointed Gen. Anthony Wayne as leader. The result was bound to be different from previous expeditions. Little Turtle himself advised the Indians to make peace for, he said, ‘The Americans now have a general who never sleeps.’”

Little Turtle went on to be a pioneer in several aspects of integrating the life of the Indians with those of the Americans. President Thomas Jefferson impressed upon Little Turtle the benefits of vaccinations. Little Turtle had himself vaccinated and brought serum back to the area for his tribe.

Because hunting as a means of making a living had ceased to be practical by this time, Little Turtle accepted money from Congress to introduce his people to farming. With help from the Quakers, he hired a teacher of agriculture and began experiments in farming on the Wabash and Eel Rivers.

Realizing the harm of liquor to his people, he became an early temperance worker, working to get state legislatures and Congress to prevent the sale of whiskey and other intoxicants to the tribes.

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  1. Craig Weisman December 10, 2022 at 11:15 pm Reply

    There is only one God, and one way to God. Heaven is real and hell is real. Those who are born again don’t “play with ” spirituality, they live it every day. I suggest that you search for God Almighty in all humility and sincerity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the way this utterly absurd world is going, you may not have much time left, so don’t delay. Those Born Again know the truth, everyone else is a pretender.

    In all seriousness. ________________________________


  2. cactuspete December 11, 2022 at 11:48 pm Reply

    OurLady of Guadalupe speaks to 7 year old in Petaluma , California at 4 am12/07/2022……….

    thee Spirit& Power of Christ that the world sought to Heist be in each True Heart asthee Christos Lite with Authority & Almighty Power to win AnyFight………“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud wasmore painful than the risk it took to blossom “~ Anais

    Petrina Christina Simone is her name , her Mother isMexican/ POMO and Portuguese…. Her father Guatamalan & German. Her Mother’sfamily lives in Petaluma whom they were visiting before quickly leaving tosafety, for Petrina’s life had been threatened by an overweight corruptCatholic Priest ( and who should trust a fat priest who cannot stop shovingfood into his face w the same hand he shoves the peoples’ money into his pocket? And been associated w known corrupt Cops ) her father called an illegalImmigrant and a very hard working Welder made sure his Daughter’s birth wasnever registered or known to this corrupt & dangerous government, for heknew both the danger and how the Angels Gabriel and Raphael looked over hisSpirit filled Petrina Christina in keeping her safe…

    How this happened at 4 am on the Full Moon on December 7thwhen Petrina woke up Loudly Laughing w Tears of Joy was shared by her Mother& two Aunties who were at her bedside having rushed in w Great alarm &Concern for Petrina…………. So yes, Three Wise Women were present as One was aMaster Weaver, One a Master Gardener and her Mother who knew Indigenousmedicines & history never taught in government schools.

    ( Wisdom tells us : “Weare more AWAKE when we are sleeping………. And more asleep when we THINK we areAWAKE” )

    Herethen be the True Story as given Me of Petrina Christina Simone and Our Lady ofGuadalupe this    December 7, 2022 at 4am in Petaluma, California

    “To meit was no Dream, I was more Awake than ever before as right before Me, Glowingwith Radiance and holding a purple pinecone with blue & gold colors I see,Lady Guadalupe, smiling at Me, with tears falling from Her eyes. How did Sheknow I color pinecones purple with blue and gold highlights?

    Shesaid “Petrina, tell only those whose Hearts belong to God with Love that Pinetrees & Redwoods are very special like the Oaks…

    Tellthem that the People are the Real Church and a Mother Church should be run byWise Women…

    Tellthem to grow many large gardens and each garden to be surrounded by Cactus….

    Tellthem to be Kind to All the Animals as friends because God loves them and theAnimals like You, love every day to play with their friends in the Sunshine….

    Tellthem to love each other, the Mother Earth and all the animals…. And veryimportant so listen Petrina Christina all around the world, women and childrenare being abused and killed by Demons pretending to be men… often men thatothers think are important…. To free us all is now something we can and mustall do together… by fulfilling the Prophecy of the 40 Day Freedom Strike…whereeverything stops…EVERYTHING… for this be the Magical Path to the Promise ofPeace… 40 Days 40 Nights and God sets us free from the Demons and Greed andCorruptions of this world….

    Tellthem this makes Real the Truth… and the TRUTH being that the Light and Power ofChrist is in each True Believer and Servant’s Heart and it takes these 40 daysof the Freedom Strike to free our world…

    Tellthem with All Your Heart Petrina Christina how very Beautiful and Powerful andLoving this Promise be…. And if any religious liar says otherwise to simplyremind all what men of religions have done….


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