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What If? Why the Flat Earth Story is So Vital to All

12 Questions for the Globehead Intellegencia

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Heads Up! 40 Days of Occult Blood Ritual Spring Sacrifice thru False Flags

Alex Jones/Info Wars Goes FE Now?!?; Who the Heck is Russian Vids?

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Below is the latest FE revelation timeline. ED Dubay is being resurrected in a well concerted effort to pump up the Flat Earth topic to the masses now. Why now?

The “first ever” Flat Earth Conference is announced 8 months in advance and includes the major FE shills and disinfo agents but not the #1 FE website and You Tube poster, nor Paul Michael Bales or Allegedly Dave..????

Russian Vid claims Alex Jones “deleted” this video yet offers no proof of this deletion, or why would Alex JOnes even allow the show to be broadcast initially. This is not passing the smell test, right off the bat.

Russian Vids is mocked last week by Josh.O on national TV and brings up Flat Earth. Russian Vids immediately responds with his video.

This guy Russian Vids is pumping up 2-3 FE videos a day.  He is breaking news on Shaq, Info Wars, etc….faster than anyone else in FE vid/docs.  Why Russian Vids? Is the name related to anything to do with Trump/Russia meme being played out at the same time Russian Vids is putting out the most vid/Docs on Flat Earth like a possessed videographer on serious Red Bull!

3.21.17 FBI Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties, Comey Confirms

Now, Alex Jones show allows FE conversation on his show reaching tens of millions, promoting Eric Dubay, who has been relegated to the dust bin of irrelevance in the FE movement now (check # of comments on his Atlantean Conspiracy). It’s as if ED was led out to get all the facts about FE out and then went away after getting paid off with $100,000 from the US NVIC for Gulles-Barre syndrome injury!?! Yea right?

No other FE’ers are even mentioned by Mr. Eddie “Bravo” good friends of Anti-FE, Joe Rogan, who dissed any and all FE discussions as bunk. Hmmm. “Bravo” another code for us to ponder, like “Snowed In, Snowded” and Osama Barrack Hussein Biden Bin Laden Obama….all psyops…all of it…to confuse, to conquer by division, just like #LBGT, #Blacklivesmatter, etc. etc..

On the same day as the Alex Jones Show alleged “Delete” according to Russian Vids, we see Mr. “Bravo” with Eric Dubay on a nearly 4 HOUR podcast released yesterday on Dubay’s website.

Where is the information that Jones deleted the interview? I can’t find it on Russian Vids or on Mark Sargents call out.HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

So who the heck is Russian Vids pumping out several videos everyday now….breaking FE news extraordinaire…who can put out this many videos, with great details, so fast by oneself????

fe russian vids logo patch

Wolf in Sheepdog’s Clothing: “RUSSIAN VIDS”

Interestingly, “Russianvids” is an anagram of, “via dis urns,” which may show that the purpose of the channel is to mock sincere truth-seekers.

“via” — by way of

“diss” — Latin for “apart” or “asunder”, colloquial English for “disrespect”

“urns” — a container for the remains of the dead

(please not the Jewish diatrabe….not Jesuit…Psyop on Pysop…who knows?)

A channel he put up on YT over a year ago still uses his original avatar………….This is the logo for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation. In particular GRU ‘Spetznaz’ or the elite special forces of russian military intelligence. In 2010, GRU Spetznaz was disbanded with a few of them rebanded in 2013 and assigned to special operations. Prior to 2014, you could find vids on Liashenko’s Russianvids channel of GRU agents in military fatigue singing russian folk songs!. What is the agenda of GRU Spetnaz?……

“……The primary function of Spetsnaz troops in wartime was infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines (either in uniform or civilian clothing), usually well before hostilities are scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage (such as the destruction of vital NATO communications logistics centers) and the assassination of key government leaders and military officers……”

RussianVids, aka Benjamin P. Liashenko is a RUSSIAN JEW living in San Mateo California, a fifth column ‘special ops agent’ of  russian military intelligence, INVOLVED IN PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AGAINST THE PUBLIC and in particular american citizens. The last name LIASHENKO is…….JEWISH………and thats why you will hear every conspiracy under the sun and everything and anything so-called ‘exposed’ by RussianVids except…….ISRAEL/ZIONISM/JEWISH COMPLICITY AND CORRUPTION!

Check out Bravo’s Shirt ..look familiar? Sargent comes out with Bravo story 3/18, then Bravo is with Dubay on show for 4 hours after touting him exclusively on Info Wars…and incorporates Russian Vids logo on his other you tube video channel…..hmmmmm

Russian Vids other Website with same logo as Eddie “Bravo” hmmm what a coincidence!

Also, logo of Interpol???? founded by the Rothschild/Rockefeller clan

and a Star Trek logo of an alternative universe named “Terran”

FE Shill Mark Sargent pumps the Mr. “Bravo”….good job Mark… pump it up, dude!

Do you think for one moment, Alex Jones would take off air something that was recorded on his show, released and copied, now, acussed without proof, that he took down the FE “Bravo” broadcast???

note round ball Earth logo…

All the sudden social media is covering the FE story…hmmmm

FE Timeline 2017 Psyops

Feb 11th

“First Ever” Flat Earth Int’l Conference website is launched for event in November 2017…all FE’er’s of note are invited except the #1 FE website and You Tube….with super slick promo of the not ready for prime time FE “Play-ah’s”……..from the fringe to the mainstream….just as the FE meme is going mainstream viral…..hmmm.

Feb. 28th

After NBA All-Star game, NBA basketball star, Kylie Irving announces he’s gone “Flat Earth”

March 7th

Real time with Bill Mahers discusses Flat Earth about Kylie Irving

March 10th

Eddie “Bravo” talks fake dinosaurs and nuke hoax w/ Jones..hmmmm

March 16th

Tosh.O calls out Russian Vids on National TV

March 17th

Freemason Shaq O’Neal talks Flat Earth. ESPN, NBC, Washington Times, etc. all pick up the story and repost on their websites.

Mar. 17th

Eddie “Bravo” on Alex Jones Info Wars


Wild card:

President Trump goes “Flat” and fires NASA, sending science into complete disarray, dividing the country even further

Flat Earth Ultimate Memes; Dome is all Our Home



UN Convention Center…Does it get any clearer the message???

Oh, the irony!




Google Knows Flat Earth










ED’s Version of Flat Earth History

ED chronicles the History of Flat Earth and in this recap actually twice mentions “possible Jesuits” twice!  That’s up from two in all his other work!  Hey ED, Why don’t you look at my work or maybe the wikipedia link to all the Jesuit astronomers throughout modern history…and why the Jesuits/Vatican are owners of the longest and largest telescopes throughout history….hmmm. This goes for Jeranism, Sargent, Skiba and the rest self promoting FE’ers. 
Why can’t they report on who is behind the Great 500 Yr. Heliocentric Lie??? This is typical Jesuit Psyops, lead out the historical narrative with 85% truth and 15% misdirection and blame the Freemasons and the Jews, never the Roman Catholic Church
The History of Flat Earth
From the beginning of recorded history, and for thousands upon thousands of years, cultures across the entire world all believed the Earth was flat.  Their various cosmologies and cosmogonies differed in slight ways but their overall geographies and astronomies were incredibly consistent and in fact virtually identical.  The Earth was a stationary plane void of any motion or curvature, flat across its entire expanse except of course for hills, mountains and valleys.  The North Pole was the magnetic  mono-pole center-point of the flat Earth with Polaris, the North Pole star situated directly above.  Polaris was the only motionless star in the heavens with all the other constellations revolving perfect circles over the Earth every night.  The stars were divided into two categories known as the fixed stars and the wandering stars.  The fixed stars were so-called because they were observed then as we can observe today to stay fixed in their constellation patterns night after night, year after year, century after century, never changing their relative positions.  The wandering stars, what are today referred to as “planets,” were so-called because they were observed then as we can observe today to wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph-like patterns making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the Earth during their cycles.
The Sun and Moon were both of equal size and they too revolved over and around the motionless Earth as immortalized in the Chinese Yin Yang symbol.  The Sun and Moon were much closer to Earth than supposed nowadays and each shined with their own unique opposite lights, the Sun’s being warm, golden, drying, preservative and antiseptic, and the Moon’s light being cold, silver, damp, putrefying and septic.  The Sun and Moon as though connected to a magnetic maypole made alternating spiral journeys over and around the Earth every year.  The Sun began its journey at the Tropic of Capricorn at the Winter Solstice where it made its fastest and largest circle over the Earth.  For the next three months every day the Sun slightly narrowed its path and slowed its speed until by the Spring Equinox the Sun had spiraled its way from the Tropic of Capricorn to the equator.  Then for the next three months again every day the Sun continued to slightly narrow its path and slow its speed until the Summer Solstice when the Sun made its smallest, slowest circle around the Tropic of Cancer.  Once the Sun reached this innermost circle, like the ribbons and dancers around the maypole, the Sun would then begin its opposing, widening, quickening journey back to the Tropic of Capricorn.  For the next three months every day the Sun slightly widened its path and hastened its speed until the Autumnal Equinox the Sun had spiraled its way from the Tropic of Cancer back to the equator.  Then for the next three months again every day the Sun continued to slightly widen its path and hasten its speed until the Winter Solstice when the Sun made its largest, fastest circle around the Tropic of Capricorn and the annual journey began again.
The Moon had a similar yearly path revolving over and around the Earth but unlike the Sun, which constantly changed its speed to keep a consistent 24 hour day, the Moon’s speed never changed so depending on its latitude the Moon was observed then as we can observe today to take approximately 24.7 – 25 hours per cycle.  This is why at different times and places during each month we can see the Moon in the morning, afternoon or night.  This is also the origin of old fairy tales such as the the Hare and the Hedgehog or the Tortoise and the Hare.  The Hare, like the Sun, begins the annual race full of energy, excitement and ego, declaring himself the definite winner and gets off to an immediate head-start.  Meanwhile, equally confident in his seemingly lesser abilities, the humble, slow and steady Tortoise Moon begins as well allowing the Hare to lead.  As the race carries on, the cocky hare tires and slows down or takes a nap at which point the Tortoise overtakes him.  This is analogous to the Moon reaching the Tropic of Cancer before the Sun each year and beginning its return journey.  When the Hare reaches this half-way point of the race he realizes his lackluster attitude has resulted in being overtaken by the slower Tortoise and begins to speed up again.  Then for the remainder of the race, the Sun picks up speed day by day gaining on the Moon, but ultimately losing as the slow and steady Tortoise reaches the finish-line before the Hare and wins.
So for ancient man, Earth and Polaris were the two immovable center-points of the Universe around which the Sun, Moon and other stars all revolved in a dome-like shape.  Some cultures believed in a literal, physical solid dome or firmament to which the fixed stars were bound.  Other cultures mythologized the axis mundi as the World Tree with Polaris at the center and all the other constellations forming the branches.  In these flat Earth depictions the North Pole occupied the centerpoint, and “South” was all straight lines extending outwards from there.  East and West were not straight-lines as is assumed nowadays, but were in fact circles just like all lines of latitude and the paths of the celestial bodies.  The southern circumference of Earth was surrounded by a gigantic wall of ice 150-200 feet above sea-level holding the interconnected oceans in like a world cup.  Beyond the ice wall, some cultures claimed a firm barrier existed through which no human could penetrate.  Other cultures believed there were entire worlds and other civilizations existing beyond the Antarctic ice.
Currently, and for the past half century there has existed an International Antarctic Treaty preventing all independent exploration of Antarctica.  Pre-approved guided tours exist which take visitors to a few coastal regions of Antarctica, but no independent exploration of the continent is allowed.  Sailors like Jarle Andehoy have been caught attempting to explore Antarctica and threatened, turned around at gunpoint, fined, and jailed for violating this militarily enforced international treaty.  As a result the public currently has no way to confirm or deny the seemingly fantastical claims of ancient man concerning what may or may not exist at the southern-most extremities of the Earth.

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