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Flat Earth-Historical Newspaper Articles gathered by Dean Hawk

Flat Earth-Historical Newspaper Articles (#1) gathered by Dean Hawk


This is the fourth in a series of old newspaper articles unearthed by Dean Hawk youtube channel. Dean discovered these gems after first hearing about flat earth. He went to his local library to research and found over a hundred articles and passed them on to be read aloud and shared. Fascinating to see how the globe theory was challenged and ridiculed and disbelieved by many people right up until very recently. This one shows Samuel Shentons’ (IFERS) frustration at the lack of interest in this reappraisal of science for peoples fear of ridicule. It mentions both political leaders of England enthusiastically mocking the idea… reminds me of President Obamas’ recent four attempts to ridicule the idea written into his speeches. History repeat

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MSM FE Mockery; The Earth is Flat! | HuffPost

Look at the goof ball they use as the poster boy for this hit piece. Unreal, how MSM refuses to deal with truth.

The Earth is Flat!

Copyright 2017 Clem Puckett Entrpryzes
Clem thinks the world is flat

So the Earth is flat… At least that is what our buddy Clem above believes… Why is it that we are seeing a resurgence in those who believe the Earth is flat? I mean its not a matter of the FACTS as the facts overwhelmingly, decidedly, and categorically show that it is not so. The question becomes: Do they cling fervently to beliefs that the world is a flat plane because they like controversy and are doing it because they like a “fight” with people? Do they blather on expressing faith in a flat world because they do not understand science and are ‘science-free’ as I always say? Or do they prattle on about this dead topic because peddling pseudoscience makes them money…

Well charged as my beliefs are that the world is actually spherical (no really!?) I have to say that some of these believers likely never matured past childhood. I say that because I cannot fathom how believers in a flat planet could look at scientific principles, principles the entire science world agrees upon, and claim its otherwise. They have interesting architectures for how a flat Earth should work. When I say ‘interesting’ I mean silly and blatantly impossible.

But that is neither here nor there because this article is not about how THEY see the world but how I see the world in a way that could not POSSIBLY allow for a flat earth in any way shape or form in spite of Flat Earthers seizing on Shaq’s joke that the Earth is flat. He later said “I’m joking you idiots”… Funny I didnt see THAT response percolate through the FE (flat earth) community. Oh and for the record, I capitalized “Flat Earthers” in that last sentence only out of the dimmest of respect for them and for the term. Especially those who KNOW that the world is not a flat plane but profess it anyway for the attention.

Also I would never call all FE believers “idiots”. That is an unkind and derogatory term. I would say “ignorant of science” to those who simply don’t understand science and to those that do but persist with the ‘belief’ for other reasons, I would use a term slightly more derogatory than “idiots”. Hey I didnt say this article was going to be kind to FE worshipers and it wont be. Clem can tell you I wasn’t kind to him… Its OK… He can sue me if he can spell “lawyer”.

So lets begin shall we? I am told that FE’ers have answers for all these blatant negations of the FE theory so lets see them. I am only going to go through a few because typing an article on this topic is a ridiculous effort at best but its a nice day before I do another SkyTour LiveStream so why not?

I have seen a number of architectures for the FE that show that the Sun is like a spotlight circulating around in a specific pattern to create a specific day and night cycle. Calling the Sun a spotlight is how they get away with the fact that a very bright fusing ball of plasma doesnt light up the entire Earth “plane” at one time as if of course would.

How a ball of plasma temperature gas can be directed in only one direction is never told to us. We must believe it. Of course its probably due to the imposso-physics that dictates that a large thousands of mile square plane can exist at all in the Universe and not be ripped asunder or warped by the gravity of the Sun or Moon. But I digress… Lets leave that aside for now and consider the Sun. If the Sun is going to cause our day and night then as it approaches the upcoming daytime part of the Earth “plane” the Sun will gradually grow larger and larger as seen by the occupants on Flatworld. It would grow in size until it reaches a maximum angular size in the sky, circulate over that area of the world and continue on after it recedes into the distance on Flatworld.



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