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Flat Earth Agartha….Hollow Earth Theory Revisited

Everything is Possible. Nothing is True. The Modern Skeptic investigates while humanities programming be-LIE-ves.
…just a short while ago, you thought you lived on a round spinning sphere hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour and never felt a thing!
Does an underground world inside the Earth filled with supernatural beings exist?Named either Aghartha, Agartha, or Agarthi….The legend of the mythical world of Aghartha seems to be a very old one. The more you learn about it, the stranger it becomes. It seems to have almost no basis in reality – but all legends must have some basis in fact…somewhere.There are those that believe in the Earth being hollow.
Agartha allegedly resides within the hollow earth.
According to Alexandre Saint-Yves of the 1800s in the book “Le Roi du Monde”, “Agartha and all it’s wisdom and wealth will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the Commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus.” Saint-Yves describes the city as if it really exists, but that the knowledge was given to him through non-verbal paranormal means.Allegedly, Agartha is inhabited by peaceful and gentle people that try to help and alleviate the stressors of today’s world.Plato even spoke of the mythical world – very long and narrow tunnels connect the four corners of the earth. Where they connect, Agartha stands and a magical ruler holds the throne.A roman author named Pliny the Elder whom lived around the time of the year 50 AD states that the Atlanteans fled to the Himalays when their city sank and dug into the Earth where they currently reside. Apparently waiting for their day to rule again.Do you believe in a hollow earth? I mean we’ve never actually seen the center of Earth – we’ve only seen indirect evidence that it has a molten core. Could the Atlanteans be hiding somewhere in the Himalayas deep below the Earth’s crust?
Agartha: A World Inside Earth? – YouTube Jul 01, 2014Does an underground world inside the Earth filled with supernatural beings exist? Named either Aghartha, Agartha, or Agarthi . The legend of the …Hollow Earth: Agartha – Complete! | Humans Are Free I. Agartha – Inside the Hollow Earth; II. USA Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Diary; III. Agartha – the Hollow Earth – @ Agartha – the Hollow Earth . Perhaps some of the most bizarre scientific theories ever considered were those concerning the possibility that the Earth was hollow.Hollow Earth Hypothesis – Subterranean Civilizations Conventional Hollow Earth Theories. Early History.
In ancient times, the idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and became intertwined with the concept of Agartha in the Hollow Earth – Brother Veritus’ Website Agartha in the Hollow Earth By Dr. Joshua David Stone. Taken from: Agartha – The Inner Earth – Angelfire Agartha – The Inner Earth. Links


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A user’s guide to flat-earth conspiracy Instagram accounts

A user’s guide to flat-earth conspiracy Instagram accounts

Kyrie Irving is one of the most entertaining basketball players on the planet, and he has always seemed to be an eloquent, intelligent human being, but all of that was shattered last week when he joined the ranks of Tila Tequila and B.o.B. as a prominent proponent of the flat-earth theory. In the grand field of conspiracy theories, few are as beautifully straightforward as that of flat earthers. It is not part of a grand cosmology of conspiracies involving JFK and the Illuminati and extraterrestrials and steel beams; it is based upon the notion that the earth feels flat, and so it must be. It buttresses no other claims. As evidence, flat-earthers do not cite uncovered government documents, linking up names with spurious figures and documenting everything with careful red ink; they cite pictures of the horizon, which appears to be flat. It is gloriously pure in its conception: That fact doesn’t feel right, so it isn’t.

All of the other absurdities of the flat-earth conspiracy theory flow from this one assertion, but they are wonderful in their invention. Antarctica, they say, is an enormous wall of ice around the edge of our flat earth; NASA covers up the existence of the ice wall in an effort to keep people from climbing over it and off of the disc; eclipses are caused by some sort of invisible “anti-moon.” (Check this article out for a more detailed investigation.) As we’ve seen over the past few months and years, all social platforms are good for disseminating misinformation and conspiracy theories, each in different ways. Accordingly, the best possible place to get your flat-earth conspiracy theories reinforced is on Instagram.