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My Free .pdf Books on Cal Fires; Flat Earth and Geoengineering

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free .pdf The California Fire Chronicles First Edition

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Free .pdf Geoengineering aka Chemtrails book from Me


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Neil deGrasse Tyson blames US schools for Flat-Earthers — and teachers aren’t amused

TEACHERS DON”T EVEN KNOW ABOUT FLAT EARTH…J.A.P…Just Another Psyop~Note it is the WashPo reporting this..

Neil deGrasse Tyson, perhaps the most famous astrophysicist in the world and a seemingly affable guy, upset teachers and started something of a Twitter frenzy with a tweet blaming U.S. schools for people who believe the world is flat:

With this tweet, which had more than 72,000 retweets and more than 188,000 “likes” late Friday afternoon, Tyson was expressing alarm at “flat-Earthers,” people who believe the Earth is flat and who have been able to grab some headlines in recent months as videos insisting the Earth is not a sphere have become popular on social media.

The Daily Mail recently ran a story titled, “Inside the World of flat Earthers,” and the famous former basketball Shaquille O’Neal was in the news a few months ago when he said the Earth was flat — and then later said, “I’m joking, you idiots.” And the Courier just published a story noting that flat-Earthers had posted signs along a highway in Scotland urging people to research the flat Earth.

Flat-Earthers believe NASA is part of a broad conspiracy to fake the evidence of a spherical Earth, and there are societies of people, such as this Flat Earth Society, that produce materials “proving” the conspiracy. For example, this is the description of one of the podcasts available on this group’s website:

In this series we will be dispelling a number of globularist claims. This week we take a look at lunar eclipses in the ball model and using the Parallaxian mind-set put forth by Samuel Rowbotham showing the globe earth theory to be incoherent with observed phenomena.

Tyson’s tweet blames America’s schools — most of which are traditional public schools — for such ignorance, but is that really fair? It is true that science education is not a priority in too many schools, and young people don’t learn anywhere near enough about the world. But a refusal to believe basic science like this suggests something other than minimal or lousy teaching, such as willful ignorance, a rejection of science and/or religious beliefs.


Quote of the Day

 I am a new convert to FE. I am a retired teacher, 33 years teaching Physical sciences and maths. . I have a string of qualifications which are useless to me now, 2 masters degrees and a Post Grad dip in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (University of Wales). I live in the UK on a remote island 192 miles from Bergen in Norway. I cannot believe I have taught so many students that we live on a globe. I am shocked, delighted and angry all at the same time to learn about FE. I love to do research. I do not agree with all the You Tubes I have seen and I think there is much work to do especially in FE astronomy (Zetetic astron – brilliant). I do not belong to any religion but I am deeply spiritual; I learned to meditate accidently and do so regularly as a form of prayer. I love history and archaeology, history and the Bible. I believe that unconditional love is the most powerful force in the Universe. My friends think I have gone crazy and conversations about FE and impossible. Well that’s about it I suppose.
Posted by Darrell 3 days ago:

Great to have you on board! I, too, was a general science and a biology teacher and, likewise, feel ashamed and angry at myself for teaching so many students pure fantasy. I even encouraged them to question and investigate, but was so indoctrinated myself about the spinning globe, I never even considered questioning THAT. The only way I can see to undo the unintended damage I did is to educate as many people now as I can about how deeply we’ve been lied to about SO MANY THINGS. We should all sue our colleges and universities for fraud and get our wasted tuition money back!


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Posted by plato 3 days ago:

Yea, the system presses teachers into a mould and they become automatons; Looking back I see myself as drone serving the establishment. filling students with information from text books; what I did not do is TEACH THEM TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES. I am truly starting from scratch and forgetting everything I ever learned to re-educate myself. I have performed Cavendish’s experiment many times in my career and I have never got it to work, ever!! Because there no gravity in space; the Universal gravitational constant (UGC) is a lie.
and so no UGC, no ISS, no satellites, no solar system and even no space, that is what convinced me of the FE more than anything else. Thanks Darrel

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Who Founded and Owns Wash D.C.? #2 Our Legal Enslavement

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