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Sneak Peak ~ One World Tartarians ~ Ch. 14 From Russia With Love

TB Ch 14 From Russia with Love

Modern day revisionist history: Communism was a curse invented by the Jesuits via their “Reduction” settlements in South America. They chose as their puppet German Jew Karl Marx while under their care in Trier. They used it to wage war against their hated enemies, the Romanovs, who had evicted the Jesuits in 1820. A Jesuit priest by the name of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was chosen from Georgia to turn Russia into a totalitarian nightmare. He would later change his name to Joseph Stalin.

They have carefully played both Russians and Americans against each other ever since, cashing in (literally) on the resulting bloodshed. They used their infiltrators and subversives in America to counter the Nazi-given technological advances with self-destructive leadership and policy decisions (e.g. Kennedy threatened resolution to Vietnam and was eliminated).

The Soviet Union collapsed, but rather than allow a new climate of peace and co-operation to ensue, tremendous discord has been instilled. Organs like the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have been used to increase the “Strategy of Containment” dreamed up by Papal agents like Zbigniew Brzezinski—thought by Russian Intelligence to have been behind the election of Polish Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła to the Papacy to become “Pope John Paul II”.

A literal Crusade continues to target Orthodox Russia on her very doorstep utilizing a CIA/Nazi/Catholic influence in Slavic Ukraine, the birthplace of both nations. The Orthodox Church is heavily infiltrated with Jesuits and it is the Left Leg of the terrible statue the Prophet Daniel saw in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, with Rome being the Right Leg. It is almost as hampered by humanistic and pagan religious traditions as Rome is. But through it, a mighty thing has happened; the good Russian people are living their Christian values and this does not sit well with the Luciferian Elite that runs and rules the West (through the Vatican).

Robert K. Massie, in his award-winning book Nicholas and Alexandra, described the St. Petersburg of the turn of the century: “It was the center of all that was advanced, all that was smart and much that was cynical in Russian life. Its great opera and ballet companies, its symphonies and chamber orchestras played the music of Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Mussorgsky, and Tschaikovsky; its citizens read Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, and Tolstoy. But society spoke French, not Russian, and the best clothing and furniture were ordered from Paris…The ‘season’ in St. Petersburg began on New Year’s Day and lasted until the beginning of Lent.”

The White Cities of Russia

And the story goes..

The Seven Sisters aka  ‘The Stalin’s High-Rises’) are a group of seven skyscrapers in Moscow designed in the Stalinist style. They were built from 1947 to 1953! in an elaborate combination of Russian Baroque and Gothic styles. These towers are inspired by the Municipal Building in Manhattan. At the time of construction they were the tallest buildings in Europe, and the main building of Moscow State University remained the tallest building in Europe until 1997.

Worldwide Tartarians ~ Ch. 4 The Tartarian Culture ~ Black Moors and All

TB Ch. 4 Tartarian Culture

~ Black Moors and All

Another Huge NWO Lie ~ The Transatlantic Slave Trade Out of Africa

So, the story goes…

Some 12.5 million Africans were taken from their homes and forced aboard slave ships that were destined for the New World. About 10.7 million people survived the horrors of the Middle Passage between 1526 and 1866, only to end up in bondage on sugar, rice, cotton, and tobacco plantations throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. The transatlantic slave trade is the largest forced migration in history.

Black people are indigenous to the Americas. Black Native Americans are not a result of the so called “red Indian” mixing with slaves. The so called “red Indian” comes from mixing with the European colonist and the Asians that were in America before Columbus. The first Native Americans were Mongolian Tartarians. Melville Herskovits, a European anthropologist, was one of the originators of the “Out of Africa Theory.” Herskovits never had any historical, archaeological, or anthropological proof that Black People of the Americas ever derived from West and North Africa.

Consequently, Herskovits crafted the theory that Blacks arrived in America from the transatlantic slave trade, which allegedly brought in more than 10 million African Slaves. According to the National Archives of Spain and Smithsonian Records, there was no evidence to prove 70 thousand ships with Black Africans ever sailed to the Americas. Melville carried out the teachings of his mentor Franz Boaz, to make the Original Copper Color Races of The Americas inferior, and the European presence superior. Before this time, Blacks coming from Africa through the Transatlantic Slave Trade story never existed.

As a result, Melville’s work has been fragmented and used as propaganda by writers like Harold Courlander and Alex Haley, which further perpetuated the myth of the Transatlantic Slave Trade through the hit movie  “Roots.”

 Americas were black people and they were not brought here on ships.

Instead, they were enslaved right here on their own lands. If they were brought on ships, the numbers are extremely exaggerated. It was published that 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 slaves arrived in the Americas between 1540 and 1850 over—a 310-year period (according to US History books). The Stewart Synopsis points out a few questions that should be examined:

  1. Over a period of 300 years, is it fair to say that 60,000 slaves were transported annually to the Americas or has the transportation of slaves to the Americas been one big myth?
  2. The largest seagoing vessel carried 400 slaves but not all of the ships were that large.
  1. Time of passage was 3 – 4 months. That means 200 vessels/ships per year would have to travel carrying 300 people. One ship could make 3 passages per year. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database says there were 1100 – 1400 voyages made over that 300 year period. If that is the case and each ship carried 400 people, the total number would be 560,000 Africans were transported. It still does not add up.
  2. We already know that over 83% of all Americans with African ancestry have Native American blood.
  3. Did Native American tribes help slaves escape or were Americans with African ancestry already part of the Native American Nations?

After 20 years the Royal Adventurer–with its 15 ships had transported between 90,000 and 100,000 slaves. That is a long way from 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 slaves who were supposedly brought to the Americas. Doesn’t that leave a little over 14,000,000 to 19,000,000 people not accounted for—What’s up with that? Or is/was the Black/Brown birthrate that more accelerated than the White birthrate? The calculated median of 15 and 20 million would be 17.5 million. Divide it by 400 people—the largest slave vessels. That comes out to 43,750 trips. Can you show me a record where this many trips occurred, or the number of trips calculated by the so-called experts? (Figures exist of 27,000 – 35,000 voyages). The same thing happened with the holocaust in Germany during World War II. Six million people were supposedly killed, but there are not that many names referenced who died totaling six million. In fact, the official story has reduced the number to under 1 million people!

Stewart Synopsis lists these black Native tribes:

The Washitaw of the Louisiana/Midwest
The Yamasee of the South East
The Iroquois
The Cherokee Indians
The Blackfoot Indians
The Pequot and Mohegans of Connecticut
The Black Californians (Calafians) (CAL in CALifornia literally means BLAK, after the name of the Great Mamma KALi / Queen KALifa)
The Olmecs of Mexico
The Darienite of Panama

4.25 million African Slaves Shipped to Brazil & Mexico ?

The story goes… Over the course of 300 years, from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the Brazil imported around four million slaves (some 40 percent of the total transatlantic slave trade). The overwhelming majority came from the former Portuguese colony of Angola, located on the Atlantic coast of southern Africa.

On July 9, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) named Valongo Wharf a World Heritage site, along with northwest England’s Lake District, the walled city of Ahmedabad in India and the sacred Japanese island of Okinoshima, which doesn’t allow women on its shores.

Of the new sites on the list, none has a darker past than Valongo Wharf. Built in 1811, the wharf functioned as South America’s leading slave port. It was here that as many as 900,000 enslaved African men, women and children were held before being sold on the Brazilian slave market. Those who didn’t survive the ordeal—who died during the transatlantic journey or sometime after arriving at the wharf—were buried in mass graves nearby.

Mexico claims African Slaves as well: A total of 186,766 Africans were imported into Mexico during the 300 years of the Spanish Slave Trade. Looking at the appearance of modern Mexicans, it becomes clear that the NOW just made up the numbers without any proof or evidence of the veracity of these claims. There is no way 186,766 thousand Black Skinned Mongols could be responsible for the “pigmented” side of well over a 100 million “Light and Dark Skinned” Mestizos.


Sneak Peak ~ One World Tartarians ~ Ch. 21 Destruction of Tartary

TB Ch. 20 Destruction of Tartary

The Great American Holocaust and the Jesuit “Reduction” Movement

By the end of the 16th century the Jesuits had already started a worldwide missionary enterprise which spanned India, Japan, China, the Congo, Mozambique and Angola to Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and central Mexico.  The presence of the Jesuits in Latin America dates back to 1549, when the first missionaries arrived in Brazil along with the governor Tomé de Souza. Through the centuries Jesuits reached not only South and Central America but also Africa, Asia, North America and Canada, building churches, schools and hospitals, running farms and estates, but also, most importantly, proselytizing among native populations. Education and spiritual guidance have always been central to the Jesuit approach to evangelism.

David Edward Stannard (born 1941) is an American historian and Professor of American Studies at the University of Hawaii. He wrote “American Holocaust; The Conquest of the New World” in 1992. He chronicles that the genocide against the Native Black Moor population was the largest genocide in history. The extermination of the Black Moors went roaring across two continents non-stop for four centuries and consuming the lives of countless tens of millions of people. While acknowledging that the majority of the indigenous peoples fell victim to the ravages of European disease, he estimates that almost 100 million died in what he calls the American Holocaust.

After initial contact with the Jesuits, the story goes that small pox and other diseases brought over from Europe caused the deaths of 90 to 95% of the native population of the in the following 150 years.

Introduced at Veracruz by Cortez’s Spanish Army in 1520, smallpox ravaged Mexico in the 1520, possibly killing over 150,000 in Tenochtitlán (the heartland of the Aztec Empire) alone, and aiding in the victory of Hernán Cortés over the Aztec Empire at Tenochtitlan (present-day Mexico City) in 1521.

The Great Fire of New York of 1776 was a devastating fire that burned through the night of September 20, 1776, and into the morning of September 21, on the West Side of what then constituted New York City at the southern end of the island of Manhattan.[1] It broke out in the early days of the military occupation of the city by British forces during the American Revolutionary War. The fire destroyed about 10 to 25 percent of the buildings in the city.

The 1835 Great Fire of New York was one of three fires that rendered extensive damage to New York City in the 18th and 19th centuries. The fire occurred in the middle of an economic boom, covering 17 city blocks, killing two people, and destroying hundreds of buildings. At the time of the fire, major water sources including the East River and the Hudson River were frozen in temperatures as low as −17 °F (−27 °C). Firefighters were forced to drill holes through ice to access water, which later re-froze around the hoses and pipes. Attempts were made to deprive the fire of fuel by demolishing surrounding buildings, but at first there was insufficient gunpowder in Manhattan. Later in the evening, U.S. Marines returned with gunpowder from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and began to blow up buildings in the fire’s path. An investigation found that a burst gas pipe, ignited by a coal stove, was the initial source; no blame was assigned. The fire covered 13 acres (53,000 m2) in 17 city blocks and destroyed between 530 and 700 buildings.   

Technological Genocide?

Throughout this book I have shown the many instances of Tartary control and mastery of the water, air and Earth. The technology we have today was also available to them, and more. We have seen millions and millions of bones buried under cities, and beautiful Tartarian buildings destroyed without trace. Fire could not bring down stone and iron, unless the buildings were already electrified and advanced technologies “flipped” the highly focused laser directed energy frequencies to bring down the buildings, like what took down the World Trade Centers. We can see patents from 1904 using energy to create electromagnetic rail guns and, certainly Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) were likely used as well.

Another question has to be asked, is what happened to the tons and tons of rubble that would have been accumulated, such as after the World Fairs. Again, fire is said to be the causal factors, yet like at the Chicago World Fair, the lands became a park as did the same after the San Francisco Pan-Pacific Exhibition of 1915, which is now the SF Marina and Chrissy Field, unless it was pulverized and then used as land fill and such.

Tartaria knew that his enemy was ruthless and terrible and for this they protected their cities throughout the world with immense Star Fortress and great walls. But it was defeated by energy weapons (DEW) and waves of 300 meters of glacial waters that swept the continents and submerged the fortresses. The enemy was stronger and could have simply destroyed the entire Earth. But he only wanted to exterminate billions of humans to take ownership of his lands, technology, fortunes, and palaces.

There is also hard evidence of DEW weapons patented in 1904. The oldest electromagnetic gun came in the form of the coilgun, the first of which was invented by Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland at the University of Kristiania (today Oslo). The invention was officially patented in 1904, although its development reportedly started as early as 1845. According to his accounts, Birkeland accelerated a 500-gram projectile to 110 mph;

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Sneak Peak ~ One World Tartarians ~ Ch. 20 Insane Insane Asylums..Burying/Burning the Bodies

tb chapter 20 insane insane asylums

The overall question is “Did the NWO take over Tartarian buildings and then use them to kill off the people of Tartary around the world after committing them to converted insane asylums. The evidence appears conclusively likely! Remember, that according to Mr. Fomenko, his-story does not begin until the beginnings of the elimination of Tartary in 1200 AD.

In London, England, the Priory of Saint Mary of Bethlehem, which later became known more notoriously as Bedlam, was founded in 1247. In Spain, other such institutions for the insane were established after the Christian Reconquista; facilities included hospitals in Valencia (1407), Zaragoza (1425), Seville (1436), Barcelona (1481) and Toledo (1483).  In Britain at the beginning of the 19th century, there were, perhaps, a few thousand “lunatics” housed in a variety of disparate institutions; but, by the beginning of the 20th century, that figure had grown to about 100,000. This growth coincided with the development of alienism, now known as psychiatry, as a medical specialty.

By the end of the 19th century, national systems of regulated asylums for the mentally ill had been established in most industrialized countries. At the turn of the century, Britain and France combined had only a few hundred people in asylums, but by the end of the century this number had risen to the hundreds of thousands. The United States housed 150,000 patients in mental hospitals by 1904. Germany housed more than 400 public and private sector asylums. These asylums were critical to the evolution of psychiatry as they provided places of practice throughout the world.

Throughout the asylums worldwide we see familiar patterns of incredible Tartary architecture with many asylums having farms and livestock and cemeteries and crematories. Another main theme is most of these structures became “overcrowded” up through the beginnings of the 20th century, so more asylums were needed, yet the population numbers at the time do not justify the immense size of the buildings or number of people they claim were committed. In California, at the very onset of the California Gold Rus of 1849, we see several insane asylums said to be erected to house those deemed insane as early as 1851, even though California’s population in no way justified the immense size and scope of these structures.

The other blatantly obvious note is that these immense insane asylums nearly look identical all around the world in what they call “Gothic” and “Roman” architecture.

The Hospital de los Inocentes (Hospital of the Innocents) was the first asylum in Europe founded in Valencia, Spain in 1410 stands out due to its originality and there are historic and cultural reasons to recognize its primacy. Furthermore, the organization and functioning of this institution and the model, spread like wildfire through the entire Iberian Peninsula during the 15th Century and shortly after through American Spanish speaking countries. In 1512 the Council of the city of Valencia decided to unite all the hospitals of the city in one «Hospital General»and to extend the coverage to all kind of patients and all types of forsaken. The hospital was destroyed by a fire in 1545.

The Bethlem Royal Hospital Britain, England 1676

Bethlem Royal Hospital, also known as St Mary Bethlehem, Bethlehem Hospital and Bedlam, is a psychiatric hospital in London. Its famous history has inspired several horror books, films and TV series, most notably Bedlam, a 1946 film with Boris Karloff. The hospital is closely associated with King’s College London and, in partnership with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, is a major centre for psychiatric research. Originally the hospital was near Bishopsgate just outside the walls of the City of London where the NWO bankers reside. Already in 1632 it was recorded that Bethlem Royal Hospital, London had “below stairs a parlor, a kitchen, two larders, a long entry throughout the house, and 21 rooms wherein the poor distracted people lie, and above the stairs eight rooms more for servants and the poor to lie in”.

St Luke’s Hospital for Lunatics was founded in London in 1751 for the   treatment of incurable pauper lunatics by a group of philanthropic apothecaries and others. It was the second public institution in London created to look after mentally ill people, after the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlem (Bedlam), founded in 1246.


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Sneak Peak ~ Ch. 19 USA Orphaned Foundling Trains

tb chapter 19 Foundling Trains

The first orphan trains operated prior to the Civil War. Over 250,000 children were transported from New York to the Midwest over a 76-year period (1853-1929) in the largest mass migration of children in American history. As many as one in four were Irish.  Some abolitionists feared that the orphan trains were being used as an extension of slavery, and there was reason behind their fear. Not all the orphans were being adopted. Many became slaves to farmers, child abusers and indentured servants with no rights or freedoms. The first Orphan Trains left Grand Central Station in late 1853 for Dowagiac, Michigan. The trains continued to run for 75 years. The last official train ran to Texas in 1929. Many children were sexually abused, mistreated, malnourished, and overworked in the Midwest farms. Trains would stop in midwestern and southern towns, and the children would file off and parade before the assembled townspeople, often on hastily constructed stages. Locals would inspect the children, feel their muscles, look at their teeth, and question them. Contact between the children and their families back east was strongly discouraged. Many of these children ran away from the abusive new homes they were placed in.

These abandoned children were left to their own devices to obtain shelter and food, often stealing, begging, selling matches and/or papers to support themselves. These children were labeled as “Street Arabs”, “the dangerous classes”, and ‘street urchins” to name a few. In the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s of the United States history, these problems escalated and led Charles Loring Brace, a minister in New York, to found The Children’s Aid Society in 1853 in New York City. A report in the New York Times dated May 10, 1860, cited the four distinct classes of needy they served: “First – Friendless and deserving young women. Second – Destitute children between the ages of 3 and 14 years. Third – Motherless and orphan infants. Fourth. – Dependent mothers with children who should not be separated.

In the 1870s, the Catholic Church became concerned that many Catholic children were being sent to Protestant homes and were being inculcated with Protestant values. They began operating their own Placing Out program via the railroad sponsored by the New York Foundling Hospital. Priests in towns along the railroad routes were notified that the Foundling Hospital had children in need of homes. The priest would make an announcement at Sunday Mass and adults could sign up for a child, specifying gender and preferred hair and eye color. It was common to have children separated from their siblings, to not have birth certificates, and no further contact with their parents or siblings. In many cases the only legal document for the children would have been their baptismal certificate. By the age of 18, the children were released from their indenture and were expected to make their own way in life.

Foster Care Was Created to Harvest Children.

In the United States, foster care started as a result of the efforts of Charles Loring Brace. “In the mid-19th Century, some 30,000 homeless or neglected children lived in the New York City streets and slums. “Brace took these children off the streets and placed them with families in most states in the country. Brace believed the children would do best with a Christian farm family. He did this to save them from “a lifetime of suffering” He sent these children to families by train, which gave the name The Orphan Train Movement. “This lasted from 1853 to the early 1890s 1929? and transported more than 120,000 250,000? children to new lives.

“When Brace died in 1890, his sons took over his work of the Children’s Aid Society until they retired. The Children’s Aid Society created “a foster care approach that became the basis for the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997” called Concurrent Planning. This greatly impacted the foster care system.


Sneak Peak `Worldwide Tartarians ~ Ch. 16 Tartary USA

TB Book Ch. 16 Tartary USA

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Sneak Peak ~ One World Tartarians ~ Ch 9 ~ Impossible Engineering

TB Ch. 9 Impossible Engineering

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Sneak Peak ~ One World Tartarians ~ Ch. 15 The Great Tartary Railway Train Systems

TB book Ch. 15 Railway Trains






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Sneak Peak ~ One World Tartarians ~ Ch. 6 Star Forts

tb chapter 6 Star Forts



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