Smoking Gun – Apollo 11 ‘Live’ Broadcast Faked

Smoking Gun – Apollo 11 ‘Live’ Broadcast Faked

We now have concrete evidence which proves that live pictures broadcast to the world by Apollo 11 which showed the astronaut jumping off the ladder down to the surface of the moon did NOT originate on the moon. Forget about rock shadows and shadow angles. Finally, the smoking gun. We will use NASA’s images, unenhanced to prove this. The proof for the fake broadcast has been hidden in plain site all along ­ it is the ladder on the Lunar Lander. In researching this, it appears other imags were also faked or staged. First, let’s look at several images of the Lunar Lander as it appears on the moon. These images were supposedly taken with a high quality Hasselblad color film camera by the astronauts:

 Fig. 1 ­ Aldrin shown here unpacking experiments. Shock absorbers shown here (RED arrows) are not covered in foil but are wrapped in a black material. Photo by a NASA astronaut. Image source: 5927 NASA.jpg

 Fig. 2 – Another photo from the moon, not showing the ladder side of the lander. This image looks like a toy model. Why would so much gold foil be missing? The pieces on the lunar surface clearly do not add up to the amount of gold foil missing from the Lander. Compare the gold foil covering the legs of the lander (WHITE arrow) with the previous image in Figure 1. It does not match. RED arrow – Note shock absorber pairs on each Lander strut do not have foil but some other type of covering, probably for insulation. Source:

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