While billions live on less than $2 per day, 50 MILLION on food stamps in the U.S, Trillions in obligated debt….

…these bozos at NASA create new ways to spend money that taxpayers have to borrow on future debt to pay for

….while Great Lies and Fraud keeps being perp’d on all who are clueless and in the dark about the NASA Hoax

….BRING NASA DOWN NOW! …and all the other fake space agencies as well.

Feed the hungry. Free access to vitamins, health providers, etc.  Shelters for all. Pay down enormous debt…new jobs to serve disabled, elderly, and disturbed…

NASA’s bold plan to save the planet from annihilation

NASA’s bold plan to save the planet from annihilation

Could Earth survive a collision with a massive asteroid? NASA has just opened a new office to find out.

NASA knows the chances of an apocalyptic catastrophe from outer space are slim, but that hasn’t stopped the space agency from coming up with a contingency plan just in case. According to a report from CNN, NASA officials have just announced the creation of the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, or PDCO, which will scan the skies in advance of any impending asteroid or meteor collision with the planet.

The new department will be led by the Planetary Defense Officer, and will operate under the Planetary Science Division of the Science Mission Directorate at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC. The office will be tasked with detecting potentially hazardous objects, or PHOs, including asteroids and comets that come within 7.5 kilometers of the Earth’s orbital path. To qualify as a PHO, an asteroid or comet must be at least 30 meters in diameter before it could reach the surface of the planet.

The office won’t just scan the skies for PHOs on a collision course with Earth. If an asteroid or a comet were to strike a nearby neighbor like Venus or Mars, debris from the collision could be sent on a direct path towards Earth. Scientists will need to scan the solar system around the clock to keep tabs on every collision in Earth’s immediate area to ensure that nothing dangerous is coming our way.


2 thoughts on “NASA MUST DIE

  1. kingjameswriter1965 January 14, 2016 at 8:01 pm Reply

    What’s the threat?? Jesus Christ will ultimately shut down and destroy ALL forms of “human” government. The only threat here is that if anyone is a part of this evil system, they will end up in the Lake of Fire!


    • kingjameswriter1965 January 14, 2016 at 10:26 pm Reply

      That’s so sad. Unfortunately you’re right about the 99 percent, and that is something THEY will have to give an account for. But you don’t seem to realize that there are a FEW that DO believe, and they will be rewarded for their faithfulness. You’re obviously not interested however so I’ll quit.


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