NASA Measures Winds 370 Trillion Miles Away, WTF ?!?!

This graphic depicts HD 189733b, the first exoplanet caught passing in front of its parent star in X-rays.

Mapping winds on alien worlds

Absurd!!! We cannot even predict what the weather is on our own Earth yet these Bozo’s tell us they can measure winds on a planet 370 Trillion miles away using faint light which doesn’t get defracted from space dust, comet trails, solar flares, micro meteors, orbital force, etc. etc. etc.

NASA lies for so long it just gets more and more outrageous.  “Doppler Effect” and “measuring change in atmosphere using light changes that can tell wind speeds”, WTF? Seriously? From 370 Trillion miles away???

Now remember, Albert Einstein, the alleged genuis, stated that light bends “through the fabric of space and time” due to the orbital gravitational pull of planets and stars. So this means, by their definition, that NASaholes must also take into account light being bent by gravity, NO?

Then you add in thousands of miles long comet and asteroid trails, micro meteors, solar flares, cosmic dust and the Universe expanding at 186,000 miles per second…yet we can measure winds 37 TRILLION miles away by reading it’s light and radio outputs and minute changes?



“At a distance of just 63 light years, HD 189733b is the closest hot Jupiter to Earth, which makes it a prime target for astronomers who want to learn more about this type of exoplanet and the atmosphere around it.”  (source)

63 Light Years =370 Trillion, 353Million ,510,567.287044 Miles

“HD 189733b’s velocity was measured using high resolution spectroscopy of the sodium absorption featured in its atmosphere. As parts of HD 189733b’s atmosphere move towards or away from Earth, the Doppler effect changes the wavelength of this feature, which allows the velocity to be measured.”

Explaining how this information was used to measure velocity, Louden said: “The surface of the star is brighter at the center than it is at the edge, so as the planet moves in front of the star the relative amount of light blocked by different parts of the atmosphere changes. For the first time we’ve used this information to measure the velocities on opposite sides of the planet independently, which gives us our velocity map.”

The exoplanet itself cannot be seen in the Chandra image, as the transits involve measuring small decreases in X-ray emission from the main star. The authors estimate that the percentage decrease in X-ray light during the transits is about three times greater than the corresponding decrease in optical light. This tells them that the region blocking X-rays from the star is substantially larger than the region blocking optical light from the star, helping to determine the size of the planet’s atmosphere. The extended atmosphere implied by these results is shown by the light blue color around the planet. Recent observations of HD 189733b with the Hubble Space Telescope have confirmed that the lower atmosphere of the planet has a deep blue color, due to the preferential scattering of blue light by silicate particles in its atmosphere.


Doppler Effect B.S.

When a vehicle with a siren passes you, a noticeable drop in the pitch of the sound of the siren will be observed as the vehicle passes. This is an example of the Doppler effect. An approaching source moves closer during period of the sound wave so the effective wavelength is shortened, giving a higher pitch since the velocity of the wave is unchanged. Similarly the pitch of a receding sound source will be lowered.

You hear the high pitch of the siren of the approaching ambulance, and notice that its pitch drops suddenly as the ambulance passes you. That is called the Doppler effect.

NO! The Siren on the ambulance is DIRECTIONAL and faces forward directed to oncoming traffic. Once it gets past you, it is no longer as strong a sound because it is DIRECTIONAL in design.

What a bunch of bull crap NASA and all you Astrophyscists who drink their Kool-aid.

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