The Final Solution Agenda Laid Out Plain and Clear Now

Hi All Loved Ones ~
This is a blast to educate, alert and inform all of the deep science behind the now executing! agenda to takeover all of humanity,no less. For those with open minds and hearts, our souls came to fight this great enemy of humanity that lives in the shadows but is known to those who wish to know who is behind it all.

Ignorance is no longer an option if you care about yourself, your loved ones and all sentient beings. We are under attack in this deadly Silent Weapons for Quiet War we are all in now and it is about to get much worse as supply lines are being halted and cut off
Layed out Here is the game plan to eliminate and/or control ALL of Humanity using Graphene Oxide Artificial Intelligence combined with Nano Smart Dust inside the kill shots as you can see in the Rumble link below….the most powerful video you will ever watch to date, should you choose to understand the ultimate Final Solution planned for all.

This should freak you the fk out! Sorry to Report, Hardest Truth Be Known time! For one is immune, as you will see here. Remember, 1 million nanobots are in each shot alone!
This is far and away the best summation of what the Wall Street trillion dollar a year industry, each year every year for decades has come up with. It is completely unregulated and no oversite or publicity until now! The vid below on Rumbles is put together extremely well and needs to be shared, copied and made viral whether you choose to see what mad science has truly created or not, is solely up to you, and you alone.
I am simply the messenger who cares enough to share. per shot to feed this inside us all from mainly aerosol delivery systems above, now intensified worldwide, everywhere now.
NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM THIS TECHNOLOGY.True Blood Clan of Non Vx’d we are and must remain now, no matter what.

Dr. Carrie Madej just examined the JnJ and Moderna vax under 400x microscope ….First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, Parasites. Graphne Oxide, Alive Prescence…communicates … something with tentacles ?…-something-with-tentacles.html?fbclid=IwAR2wQGP4oXndckvjDSXDNI1Mw6fiVlnPuHEwoiFsP0yMd9AhI6pEuGwMe7o

cv marburg.jpg

And the next up Variant is the super deadly “Marburg Virus” cometh now..


Former 20 yr. FEMA Director lays it all out with GO and  Black Goo..
Black Goo is also used in AI… this is why celebrities are dressing up in Black Goo now….Google’s other name is Goo-Gel to represent the Hydra-Gel aspects of the Luciferase machines in us all. Here is just some of my work on Black Goo
The Smart Dust nano bot AI’s are in all of us now. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, VAXXED OR NOT!! This is the hidden secret, the true bloods are also trannyhumans now…due to high tech, evil personified, and willful ignorance by ALL have allowed this to occur on OUR Watch. Mindful or not!
This is the vid on the FUN VAC that removes Spirit Consciousness technology reporting from a decade ago at the CIA HQ
If you don’t think this could be an agenda, then why did they put their goals in stone in 8 different languages 3 decades ago?

The GREAT NEWS is ..I am having success mitigating the effects using magnets and biomagnetism.
Anyone/everyone can learn and possibly help save the “Final Solution” being implemented by the Luciferian elements who think of as only ants to be toyed with and then squashed.Truth be told, not sold
Here is a video showing magnets used in the prodcution and active agent for Graphene Oxide
Biomagnetism IS THE WAY that has A CHANCE to mitigate some of the nano AI in all of us. The Science is beyond settled on this one, i was in Investment banking with super high level nerds like that guy creating biotech firms in the 90’s..This is what they have learned and introduced into humanity for complete and total checkmate control of all.

They are using frequency, Biomag healing uses frequencies to heal remotely. We have a chance but you MUST learn the Biomag protocol, if you care about your life and others.
I just deprogrammed AI in a lady the other day. I am having continued success. I can train anyone, just gotta ask nicely and I will help show you, so you can learn and do…here is my souls testimonies..

Biomag Testimony ~ Finding and Mitigating Graphene Oxide and AI…~ Athena’s Story                                                   

BiomagHealer Testimonies; Denise’s Story ~ Touchless Torture Victim

WE all need to become Biomagneticians now,  below is Daniel’s GO Chart I use now as well. I will train anyone who is serious about learning this life saving protocol. Don’t wait, time is very, very short.

Attractively,Dr. Magnetism

Graphene Oxide Clearing Code and Placements

Bm GO Code Vax.jpg

And for those who still cannot believe this is their Big Agenda..
They are even making books about becoming Transhuman!!  Schmidt is Google/CIA…

Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 11-37-03 Amazon com The Age of AI And Our Human Future 9780316273800 Kissinger, Henry A, Schmidt, [...].png
Screenshot_2019-11-10 Former Google CEO Schmidt to head new Pentagon innovation board.png

​********Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 11-40-36 Amazon com future of humans tom jackson.png


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2 thoughts on “The Final Solution Agenda Laid Out Plain and Clear Now

  1. Yvonne Nachtigal October 3, 2021 at 7:53 pm Reply

    May God help us Jamie.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    Much love,

    Sent from my iPhone

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  2. Keith C. October 4, 2021 at 1:11 pm Reply

    This is one of the biggest crock of poo I have read on this sight. Most seem to follow these ideas with vigor and zero knowledge of the subject. What most don’t know is that you need a power source to power ANY electronics. If they are as small as claimed, the battery also needs to be insanely small And with small batteries there would be only a short operational time period.So no, no one is controlling anyone with devices attaching to your intestines.

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