So the Heliocentric Theory Goes…

“It may be boldly asked where can the man be found, possessing the extraordinary gifts of Newton, who could suffer himself to be deluded by such a hocus-pocus, if he had not in the first instance willfully deceived himself;

Only those who know the strength of self-deception, and the extent to which it sometimes trenches on dishonesty, are in a condition to explain the conduct of Newton and of Newton’s school. To support his unnatural theory Newton heaps fiction upon fiction, seeking to dazzle where he cannot convince.

In whatever way or manner may have occurred this business, I must still say that I curse this modern history theory of Cosmology, and hope that perchance there may appear, in due time, some young scientists of genius, who will pick up courage enough to upset this universally disseminated delirium of lunatics.

                     ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Modern science and astronomy was born as Europe emerged from the Dark Ages of the 10th to 15th centuries at a time when the Roman Catholic Church suppressed, tortured and killed heretics who questioned church doctrines.

Back then, the Catholic Church controlled most information content much like the 6 corporate conglomerates that own most of the main stream media today.

Modern astronomy, as the story goes, was that the findings by Copernicus, that the Earth rotated around the Sun (heliocentrism), was a proven fact determined by  a new technology of the telescope along with 700 year old Pythagorean mathematical calculations.

Copernicus (15th CE) advanced the work of Pythagoras (6th BCE), Philolaus (4th BCE) and Aristarchus of Samos (3 BCE), all of who postulated a spherically shaped Earth. Little recognized is that Copernicus relied heavily on early Muslim astronomers Moayyeduddin Urdi, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and Ibn al-Shatir for geocentric models of planets in motion.

This directly and diametrically opposed Vatican teachings of the bible, both new and old testament, as well as ancient cultural beliefs of the Mayans, Toltecs, Egyptians, Summerians, Babylonians, Near East Indians and the Chinese. Some of these beliefs of plane earth, geocentrism record back 3500 years and more.

Desembarco de Colón de Dióscoro Puebla.jpg

First Landing of Columbus on the Shores of the New World; painting by Dióscoro Puebla (1862)

The story goes that Christopher Columbus, in 1492, was said to have sailed across the Atlantic to 1) Find India for Rome’s colonial expansion and, 2) prove the Earth was not flat, thereby reversing thousands of years of belief systems around the world.

Columbus was said to have landed in the United States of America and was so off course he thought he had landed in India, our school books all tell us. Revisionist history now proves this entire story to be a total fabrication and lie. In fact he never set foot in the United States at all.  (Source)

In the early 1500’s the first mass production of information to the masses began with the development of the Gutenberg Printing Press. Much like today where, since 1995, half a planet suddenly has access to the internet, books flourished during that era of the Renaissance where.those that learned to read were able to educate themselves.

Along comes Galileo Galillei, in the early 1600’s, who we are told taught himself to grind his own glass, to make one of the first telescopes, another Italian. What he observed, that flew directrly in the face of Catholic cannon teachings, was the observance of the phases of Venus, and the moons of Saturn rotating around her centre. G. Gallilei was exiled back to Florence by after the Roman Inquistion when he refused to recant his beliefs of a heliocentric solar system.

Around the same time England was dominating the colonization game and took significant power away from the Vatican, starting with King James the I, when he created the world recognized bible that bears his name.

It was at this time that the Royal Society of England was created to settle all matters of scientific inquiry and discovery. Sir Isaac Newton was once its President. Newton, we are told, was the first to discover the nature of gravity, the origin of color, he invented calculus and the first reflecting telescope. Newton forwarded the theory of gravity, that all material objects effect each other and the greater the mass, the greater the gravitational pull.

In the mid-1700’s the Vatican became the first country in modern times (they are one of three city-states beholden to no other country, here), to build an observatory with telescopes to look out into space. Still today, they hold the most patents on telescope construction. They are also still active in cosmos observation today. The most recent large scale telescope they have built is in Arizona called, I kid you not, L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (source).

The global, heliocentric Earth theory came to mass common knowledge in the early and mid 1900’s at the time when schooling became compulsory throughout Europe and the United States.  Schooling in the United States was centralized in the 1920’s by the creation of the Non-Government, tax-exempt Organizations (NGO’s). The NGO’s then took control of the the entire upstream to downstream education system though foundations with names we still know today, like Rockefeller, Guggenheim, Ford, Harriman, et. al.

These formations of education systems are similar to today, where the behemoth Gates Foundation is dictating public school curriculum’s through Common Core and the “Decade of Vaccines” world campaign.  (Source)

Three decades later, after WWII ended, was the founding of the National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA).  NASA was founded by the U.S. Government in 1958. The original leaders of NASA were Nazi scientists and rocketeers brought over during Operation Paperclip after WWII. The Vatican assisted the effort to get the Nazi’s out of Germany into the U.S. via “ratlines” going though Argentina, using Vatican Passports. (Source).


Wernher von Braun.jpg

Braun at his desk at Marshall Space Flight Center in May 1964, with models of the Saturn rocket family

Werner Von Bruan ran the Saturn rocket program for 25 years at NASA and was awarded the highest honor in the nation for his work. Previous to running NASA, he was the “wunderkind” of Nazi Germany when he designed, built and launched the V1 and V2 “buzz-bombs” that showered our Allies with bombs throughout WWII, killing tens of thousands.

Every single picture from space we have ever seen, every single one has come directly from NASA. Every single space story we have ever been told has come from one single source, NASA.

Since the beginning of the 1500’s, when information became mass disseminated we all have been told that the Earth is a globe spinning in a full rotation to make one day as well as rotate very, very fast around the Sun.

This story, and unproved theories are unquestioned by some by 99.99% of the Earth’s population. (guesstimate:)

A big problem is that most of the stories and theories do not hold up under the most simplest observation and thought.

In the 19th century many sought to challenge the new heliocentric theory propagated by the Royal Society of London. Strict adherents to the Bible of the time held to the their beliefs in a geocentric earth.

Alice goes down the rabbit hole.


Since that time, very few have challenged one of our most basic cultural identities of a global earth traveling around a central star, traveling around a galaxy amongst billions and billions of other galaxies, too far away to fathom, with their own planets and solar systems in the universe.

If one simply observes, without prejudice, and suspends belief, he/she would see a Sun and Moon traveling across the sky each and every day along a prescribed path.

The size of the Sun and Moon being relatively the same as well as distance in the sky above.

Also, no one has ever felt the motion of an Earth traveling at 1,000 mph each and every day around a Sun traveling at 1,000 miles/second and some 500,000 mph traveling around the Milky Way Galaxy every 25,940 years.

Additionally, no matter how high in a plane, or how far we can see from the shoreline, we never see the curvature of the Earth. All pictures of the curvature of the Earth have come from space, from NASA. Well, and now Google Earth, a partner with NASA.

The ancients called it a “Sunrise” and “Sunset” observing the Sun rising and setting each day. We use that same exact language today as part of accepted vernacular.  Few ever discuss, or attempt to correct, this every day abuse of our language and heliocentric physics.

This blog is for inquiry, education and a forum to toss back and forth ideas, thoughts and findings.

This blog is also an attempt to bring to those open minded enough to consider the possibility that we have been brainwashed for 500 years and that the truth about our planet, its shape and  relativity to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars is not what we have all believed to be true.

And a sincere and heartfelt, “Thank you” to Mr. Eric Dubay, of Atlantean Conspiracy and his book, “Flat Earth Conspircacy”. Thank you Eric for having the curiosity, wisdom and guts to “got there” and publish your findings. My plane view of a planet is forever altered as I suspect many more to follow will be as well.. (Source)

So let’s go chase some rabbits down the hole with open minds and insatiable curiosity for truth and higher consciousness …..

4 thoughts on “So the Heliocentric Theory Goes…

  1. offishandmenblog February 3, 2016 at 5:35 pm Reply

    “Also, no one has ever felt the motion of an Earth traveling at 1,000 mph each and every day around a Sun traveling at 1,000 miles/second and some 500,000 mph traveling around the Milky Way Galaxy every 25,940 years.”
    So if I throw a coin, for example, on an airplane down the aisle towards the cabin it goes the same distance as I would expect a similar throw on earth. Repeat the experiment but facing the tail of the airplane and it should go at 500mph (speed of airplanes is approximately this) plus a little bit more due to my throw, but as we all know it doesn`t do that. Probably a good thing too, it would probably damage or hole the internal hull.


    • jwlpeace February 3, 2016 at 9:58 pm Reply

      PLease read over the blog posts before commenting on “tin can” theories about Earth and relations to the Cosmos.

      Once Again
      You cannot compare a transport device to a non moving, stationary object.
      The EArth is not a tin can.
      It is not a Car
      It is not a plane
      It is not a train
      It has no “hull”
      And she has no barriers to Sun,wind or rain

      Is there a Sun inside of the plane?
      Is there rain inside of a train?
      No, there is not,
      so please use your brain

      How can anyone compare Earth physics to a car, train or plane is beyond comprehension…except for genuis frauds like Einstein, of course


      • bluepilldreaming April 20, 2016 at 2:46 am


        This is exactly the “science” we are disputing. This spinning ball, don’t worry about the atmosphere it will come with us, type of “science” relies on assertion by authority, bedazzling equations and mass forced education.

        The flat and stationary earth relies only on observation.


  2. thereisnogod July 25, 2018 at 8:00 pm Reply

    bluepill and jwlpeace. You two are the literal definition of stupidity and ignorance. NO the earth is not a train, do you even know what an analogy is? A train is compared to the Earth because a train is moving and so is the Earth. If you jump in a train you don’t go flying backwards. If you were to take off all the walls and roof of the train, leaving only the floor, AND THEN you jump, of course you would go flying back because of something called AIR RESISTANCE. This “wall-less” train doesn’t have its own atmosphere, the air around the train has no reason to follow it. But when you seal off the air in the train, it DOES follow it. Now when you jump, you are jumping inside of the air in the train, the train’s “atmosphere” which follows the train itself. Therefore you also follow the train, allowing you to jump without flying back. The atmosphere stays around Earth because of GRAVITY. The air to the train is like the atmosphere to the Earth. . THAT is the analogy your simple mind fails to understand. Also the second part of the analogy is the fact that the train is MOVING. But do you feel it moving? NO, you feel it accelerate, and then once it reaches a constant speed like the Earth is, you cease to feel anything. You flattards are so stupid, according to you, if you dont understand something, its not true. The fact that you described TRIED AND TRUE EQUATIONS AND FORMULAS THAT HAVE BEEN TESTED FOR COUNTLESS YEARS as “bedazzling” pretty much sums up your intelligence in a nutshell. Do you think someone just woke up someday and made up these equations? NO, every single scientific formula can be proven both through math or countless numbers of experiments. The scientific process is SPECIFICALLY designed so that given that you actually UNDERSTAND whats happening, derived conclusions (in this case formulas) CANNOT be logically disproven. “The flat and stationary earth relies only on observation.” You know those optical illusions that make a straight line look curved, well according to you, it looks curved so it must be curved. Smart people would use a ruler to prove that the line is straight, but you guys would just say “durr rulers are complicated, I no understand, so the line must be curved.” True science relies on both observation and experiments. I can observe that the line is curved, but i can also run an experiment that PROVES that the line is actually straight. The “science” you are attempting to dispute is backed by countless years of experiments and math which can’t be simply disproven by observations made by the naked eye. How about you educate yourselves about the “bedazzling formulas” before you deny anything. Dumbass…


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