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 I am a new convert to FE. I am a retired teacher, 33 years teaching Physical sciences and maths. . I have a string of qualifications which are useless to me now, 2 masters degrees and a Post Grad dip in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (University of Wales). I live in the UK on a remote island 192 miles from Bergen in Norway. I cannot believe I have taught so many students that we live on a globe. I am shocked, delighted and angry all at the same time to learn about FE. I love to do research. I do not agree with all the You Tubes I have seen and I think there is much work to do especially in FE astronomy (Zetetic astron – brilliant). I do not belong to any religion but I am deeply spiritual; I learned to meditate accidently and do so regularly as a form of prayer. I love history and archaeology, history and the Bible. I believe that unconditional love is the most powerful force in the Universe. My friends think I have gone crazy and conversations about FE and impossible. Well that’s about it I suppose.
Posted by Darrell 3 days ago:

Great to have you on board! I, too, was a general science and a biology teacher and, likewise, feel ashamed and angry at myself for teaching so many students pure fantasy. I even encouraged them to question and investigate, but was so indoctrinated myself about the spinning globe, I never even considered questioning THAT. The only way I can see to undo the unintended damage I did is to educate as many people now as I can about how deeply we’ve been lied to about SO MANY THINGS. We should all sue our colleges and universities for fraud and get our wasted tuition money back!


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Posted by plato 3 days ago:

Yea, the system presses teachers into a mould and they become automatons; Looking back I see myself as drone serving the establishment. filling students with information from text books; what I did not do is TEACH THEM TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES. I am truly starting from scratch and forgetting everything I ever learned to re-educate myself. I have performed Cavendish’s experiment many times in my career and I have never got it to work, ever!! Because there no gravity in space; the Universal gravitational constant (UGC) is a lie.
and so no UGC, no ISS, no satellites, no solar system and even no space, that is what convinced me of the FE more than anything else. Thanks Darrel

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  1. Tamera October 6, 2020 at 8:23 pm Reply

    Wow!!!! and wow again! I knew there WAS MORE. AND I never beleived in a round earth.


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