Undersea Cable Map Proves FE

Internet undersea cable map

Why No cables going South?  Why did they have to show a Flat Earth Map to show how cables are laid?


Undersea Internet by the numbers:

  • Usage of cables: 72% Internet, 27% private networks, 1% telephone calls
  • 85 Million affected by 2008 Alexandria Incident
  • Longest Cable: SeaMeWe-3 at 39,000km long
  • Bandwidth: 7.1 Terabytes/Second
  • Cable Diameter: Less than 10cm
Cross section of the undersea internet cable

More Undersea Internet Fun Facts:

  • Bandwidth is sold to carriers, 80% of bandwidth has been purchased but only 29% is used
  • The first cable, TAT-1 connected North America and Europe and had a bandwidth of 640,000 bytes/second
  • Current day trans-Atlantic cable capacity is over 7 trillion bytes/second
  • Asia has 501 million of the 1.3 billion Internet users in the world, and is growing by 882% annually

How does a single ship reduce all of Asia’s internet capacity by 75%?  They accidentally drag their anchor across a few of the Internets undersea cables, that’s how.  In 2008, the Alexandria incident, caused by a ships anchor severing two cables in the Mediterranean, affected over 85 million users in the Middle East.

And it’s happened more than than once.  In 2006, an underwater landslide near Taiwan disabled Internet access in the region for weeks.  During the recent Egypt uprising, terrorist divers were captured attempting to cut undersea internet cables which would have greatly reduced connectivity.  Believe it or not, there is still a large majority of Internet traffic that relies on these underwater cables, and they’re only 10cm in diameter!

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2 thoughts on “Undersea Cable Map Proves FE

  1. Māyā June 9, 2016 at 5:01 am Reply

    “Why did they have to show a Flat Earth Map to show how cables are laid?”

    Well (assuming for a moment the Earth is a sphere), you can’t actually display a sphere on a flat screen. You have to make the map flat.


  2. Joe June 17, 2016 at 2:31 am Reply

    Try this map instead.


    The Internet uses undersea cables because latency is too high when using Geostatonary Satalites. More than 600 MIliseconds.



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