Proof Satellites Don’t Exist II

Note How all Undersea Cables only Travel East and West. Hmm.

Deep undersea cables relaying 95% of world communications.  That leaves 5% for Cell Phone Towers!!!

Additionally the report, written by outlined the fact that these “vital undersea cables” actually carry “95 percent” of our daily Internet communications worldwide allowing for “global business worth more than $10 trillion a day” to be conducted online.

Needless to say if any portion of this undersea cable network was affected negatively the global repercussions world could be devastating as modern man is so reliant on such technology.

5 thoughts on “Proof Satellites Don’t Exist II

  1. wanda November 24, 2015 at 5:14 pm Reply

    have Sirius Satellite on my car stereo… Sirius Satellite free admits it uses only ground based GPS… and they do that because to state they are utilizing satellites in space would be a lie. Satellites in space are not only as impossible as the earth being a rapidly spinning ball zooming through the universe… they are unnecessary.


  2. David June 9, 2016 at 7:48 pm Reply

    So wait a minute, not trying to be closed minded here, i am definitely open to challenging what is known. However, i do have to raise a few simple red flags here. Number one, i will admit it is strange to consider that no commercial traffic traverses the southern hemisphere, however, it gets a bit more understandable when you consider the southern hemisphere is a much higher concentration of water then the northern. The traverse of that amount of water is not only exponentially more dangerous, but also is more costly. I’m no expert on communication but i would image it being more expensive as well. That fact is undeniable. The next is there is no ISS?! say what? The international space station is there, you can go buy a 200 dollar telescope and look at it yourself, i have spent many hours doing just that, and you mean to tell me, something i can look into the sky and see, isn’t there? Through the telescope you can clearly make out the definition of this purly man built vacility. Next the moon, i can understand the criticism, it’s an incredible feat. However, once again i must disagree, we have been there. Easy way for you to prove it to yourself is grab a high powered Laser. Look up the mirror on the moons coordinates, aim laser to that location, and see the time delay it takes for that laser light to reach the moon then return. It’s a little longer then four seconds. Once again i have done this myself. I’m not understanding how, even given this hard physical evidence, your not performing your own tests such as these. I’m not trying to change your thoughts or your views only trying to gain a better understand of your points myself, maybe some examples worth hard evidence such as the ones i put forth for us readers to perform and draw our own conclusions. The Antarctica conundrum, is very strange and a very good point. I do not have any answer or retort as to answer any issue brought up with it. As for another issue, we can all agree the sun rises and sets, to us on earth it appears as if it rotates around us, round earth says we rotate around it. Round earth makes more sense, because it accounts for one sun. Flat earth states, the sun rotates around us and is smaller near the horizon because it is further away, well if this were true, we would need two suns, because while we are in dark, waiting for that sun to come back, the wait would be longer then 12 hours, roughly. One sun would have to be on whatever is under us.

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  3. Nick June 16, 2016 at 10:06 pm Reply

    David, how dare you point at evidence to criticise FE! Clearly you have been taken over by the Illuminati / Jesuits / Freemasons / NASA / New World Order / Shape shifting Lizards or whoever it is at the moment. There are only a few people left to see the truth. Strangely none of them have the first clue about science, few seem to be educated above a very basic level and yet THEY have the gift to be able to see the REAL truth while ignoring all the evidence around them which might take them into “globist” errors!

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  4. Vic Button June 20, 2016 at 9:34 pm Reply

    For Nick, David and other doubters I strongly suggest you google search for the likes of ‘Planate Veritas, (Flat Earth 747) or professional engineer Brian Mullin. I am sure their video presentations will amaze you.


  5. michaelgeorgeau July 25, 2016 at 2:55 pm Reply

    My iPhone can get a three satellite GPS lock when the nearest mobile cell tower is hundreds of kilometres away. It’s great for navigating and recording tracks in Outback Australia. My Jeep has a GPS map navigation system built into the dashboard so I always know exactly where I am. I have my own satellite dish used for remote area TV reception from the Optus satellite. No amount of fanciful conspiracy talk is going to convince me that there are no satellites.

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