More Proof Satellites Don’t Exist


Facebook and Microsoft Are Laying a Giant Cable Across the Atlantic

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One thought on “More Proof Satellites Don’t Exist

  1. Pegz June 8, 2016 at 6:38 pm Reply

    Not sure why comments don’t post, or sometimes posts twice even if there has been hours between. If there is two postings under this heading, then my ISP dish-Satellite must have some serious latency issues…

    Far from wireless

    The fact that we route internet traffic through the ocean – amidst deep sea creatures and hydrothermal vents – runs counter to most people’s imaginings of the internet.

    Didn’t we develop satellites and Wi-Fi to transmit signals through the air? Haven’t we moved to the cloud? Undersea cable systems sound like a thing of the past.

    The reality is that the cloud is actually under the ocean. Even though they might seem behind the times, fiber-optic cables are actually state-of-the-art global communications technologies.

    Since they use light to encode information and remain unfettered by weather, cables carry data faster and cheaper than satellites.
    A flat earth connectivity model.–massive-sprawling-global-collection-wires-keeps-world-connected.html
    Some other undersea cable facts


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