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Best Flat Earth, Tartaria, Magnetricity, Free Energy, Great Reset Documentary EVER!

00:00:00 – Episode 1: Questioning His-story 00:13:25 –

Episode 2: A Lens Into The Past 00:38:28 –

Episode 3: Inheritors Of Mud & Magnificence 01:19:19 –

Episode 4: Back To The Future 02:15:38 –

Episode 5: The Whispering Of The Water 03:27:28 –

Episode 6: Offerus And The Alchemist 04:31:57 –

Episode 7: The Known World

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How the Internet Works on a Flat Earth


Check and Mate. Always shown on a flat map, never going south connecting S America to Africa to Australia.

The secret world of cable landing sites

Connecting to the US is critical for any serious international communications company, and Tata’s Global Network (TGN) is the only wholly owned fibre ring encircling the planet. It amounts to a 700,000km subsea and terrestrial network with more than 400 points of presence worldwide.

Tata is willing to share, though; it’s not just there so the CEO’s kids get the best latency when playing Call of Duty, and the better half can stream Game of Thrones without a hitch. At any one time Tata’s Tier 1 network is handling 24 percent of the world’s Internet traffic, so the chance to get up close and personal with TGN-A (Atlantic), TGN-WER (Western Europe), and their cable consortium friends is not to be missed.

The site itself is a pretty much vanilla data centre from the outside, appearing grey and anonymous—they could be crating cabbages in there for all you’d know. Inside, it’s RFID cards to move around the building and fingerprint readers to access the data centre areas, but first a cuppa and a chat in the boardroom. This isn’t your typical data centre, and some aspects need explaining. In particular, submarine cable systems have extraordinary power requirements, all supported by extensive backup facilities.

10 Questions Still Unanswered About Flat Earth Theory

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Misdirection by G. Galilleo?  “What you see, is not what is real”


~ Just Wandering ~

Things to still figure out and understand about how it could be a flat, round Earth:

1) Why The Flat Earth Lie?

2) How the Sun and Moon track overhead in a circle, inward towards the North Pole and outward towards the Southern Antarctic Circle. What sets their outer and inner limits and what makes them move and stay in a defined orbit overhead?

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The Flat Out Truth; Earth Not a Globe

Video #2 just released. Enjoy. Feeback, critique welcome, as long as it is respectful.

Intro to Flat Earth History, Research and Conspiracy. Part I

Hi All Flat-out Truth Seekers,

This is my very first video attempt. I hope you find it worthy and take time to digest. I’m sure you’ll find things you strongly disagree with, some things you may agree with and things you completely agree with.

This is purposely meant to open one’s mind to all the new, relevant revisionist history being available today as well as to honor our ancients knowledge and belief systems that are not taught in schools or by governing agencies as to the make up of the universe and as it relates to our own higher consciousness.


How To Conquer The World In Three Easy Lessons

Ex Oriente Lux?

How To Conquer The World In Three Easy Lessons  by Weckman: Bernard

Twentieth-century man, in his boundless arrogance, sees himself as the highest expression of evolution – in every respect! Stone Age Man is viewed more or less as a brutish club-wielding slobbering grunting cave-dweller and our immediate ancestor is seen as little more than a country bumpkin, an unsophisticated superstitious yokel who believed that the Earth was flat and the Sun was circling the planet!….

…. Lesson 1

Take as many superstitions as you can, authoritarian political and religious ideas, unsavoury teachings and practices from the cultures around you, of Sumer, Canaan, Assyria, Babylon and Persia – in fact, steal from everybody; throw in a good measure of the most interesting myths and legends of said nations; season with generous amounts of fear and guilt, greed and overbearing pride; stir well; top it all with a dollop of xenophobia and genocidal racism; decorate everything with murderous intolerance; backdate this concoction to a time lost to memory so that nobody can refute anything you say; claim the whole caboodle as your own history, and as your own God-given religion and voila – you have just created Pharisaism aka Rabbinical Judaism, a tool for ruthless mind-control.

Lesson 2

Backed up by the financial resources of the King of Persia and the might of his army trek back to Canaan and to the hoi-polloi left behind when you went into exile. The next part is crucial, so do pay attention, please! The people know and understand that you are offering them dogmas and precepts Moses never taught them so you must force-feed this pigswill to the unwilling populace; enslave and punish and eliminate mercilessly anyone who resists (that is known as trauma-based conditioning) – and lo and behold! – you have created the “Jewish people”.

Lesson 3

Once the nation has become enured to rape and pillage, theft, murder and genocide it can then be relied upon to carry your sick ideas around the globe. Release them amongst the Gentile nations so that they, too, may be devoured by Yahveh. If the goyim, not unexpectedly, resist … repeat Lesson 2 as it pertains to oppression and punishment. And while you are at it … don’t be dead serious. Enjoy it! Have fun! Think of all the Purims you can celebrate!

That’s all there is to it! As they say: piece of cake!


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The Absurdity of A Rapidly Spinning Earth


According to NASA, Astronomers, Scientists and School Educators, the Earth is a rapidly spinning ball, that started its rotation some 4.5 billion years ago after getting thrown off the Sun, along with our Moon, as we settled in gravitational orbit at 93 million miles away.

Over time our rotation slowed to a current 1,000 mph spin at the Equator (24 hours/24,000 miles circumference).

Additionally, we are sold, er told, that Earth his hurling through space at 68,000 mph, or 1,000 mp/Second  to complete a yearly 533 million mile journey around the Sun (533,000,000/365/60/60) while our solar system trucks around the Milky Way over a 25,940 year period traveling at over 500,000 mph while our Universe is till expanding from the Big Bang at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles/per Second.

This is the official scientific story taught in all our schools for the past hundred years and accepted unquestionably by 99% of the worlds’ population.

Yet it’s all one great big lie. All of it.

“If the Earth were a globe, rolling and dashing through ‘space’ at the rate of ‘a hundred miles in five seconds of time,’ the waters of seas and oceans could not, by any known law, be kept on its surface – the assertion that they could be retained under these circumstances being an outrage upon human understanding and credulity! But as the Earth – that is, the habitable world of dry land – is found to be ‘standing out of the water and in the water’ of the ‘mighty deep,’ whose circumferential boundary is ice, we may throw the statement back into the teeth of those who make it and flaunt before their faces the flag of reason and common sense, inscribed with a proof that the Earth is not a globe.” -William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe” (86)





Gravity Gods and A Flat Earth

New converts awakening to the 500 yr. Great Lie

#31 Is the Earth a Sphere?; Why Doesn’t the Horizon Ever Bend?

From sea level we look out from the shore to the ocean and see a flat horizon.

Rising up in a hot air balloon we see the horizon still rising with us, especially at the corners of our field of vision. There is no curving away at the edges which should be happening if the Earth was a globe

If we were on a ball-Earth no matter how big, even if it were a million miles in circumference, the horizon of any ball Earth by necessity must remain exactly where it is! A horizon which rises to the eye of the observer can only be an extended flat plane.

If it were a ball, no matter how big, you would have to look DOWN more and more the higher you ascended. Think about it, no matter how big the ball is, if you rose off it in a hot-air balloon and stared straight ahead the whole time, you should be staring off into the “outer-space” beyond the curvature! In reality however, you will be staring directly at the horizon the entire way up without ever tilting your head downwards a single degree.  ~ Eric Dubay

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Flat Earth Archive; Atlantean Conspiracy

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Flat Earth Archive; Atlantean Conspiracy