Royal Society of Astronomy; Newton and the Freemasons

Freemasonry Connection

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The Royal Society was founded on 28th November, 1660

28 nov.JPG

November 28th is the 333rd day of the year (1660 was a leap year) with 33 remaining…



Do you think that choice of date (heavily featuring the number 33) was a coincidence?…


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To make it abundantly obvious that freemasons were behind the establishment of the Royal Society, let’s take a look at some of the people involved…


Before we do, a quick reminder about freemasonic hand gestures, which were introduced in 5. Links to the Ancients






Sir Christopher Wren (Founding member & President 1680-1682)


Looking at the historical timeline on the Royal Society website, the first name mentioned is Sir Christopher Wren.

A founding member of the Royal Society, he served as its president between 1680 to 1682.

He was a known freemason, and some sources even claim that he was a Grand Master mason.

Notice the hand gesture below:



He was best known for building St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London after the Great Fire in 1666…


Interesting to note that the Great Fire of London (September 4th, 1666) occurred just a month before Newton discovered Calculus… and Christopher Wren was a great beneficiary as he got to rebuild much of the city…

Needless to say, it certainly seems there was a lot of “restructuring” going on in London in 1666…



King Charles II (Founding Member)

King Charles II was a founding member of the Royal Society, and is listed as a freemason by many sources, such as this.

He’s also flashing the masonic hand-sign in his portrait:



Interesting to note that the second Royal Charter giving the Royal Society its official name was signed by King Charles II on April 23, which is the 113th day of the year, and thus encodes both the freemasonic numbers 13, and 33 (11×3).





Henry Oldenburg (Founding Member and First Secretary)

The third person named by the Royal Society timeline is Henry Oldenburg, the first Secretary of the Royal Society.

Again, notice the hand sign:




Sir Robert Moray (Founding Member & First President)

According to this freemason website, Sir Robert Moray was elected its first president, March 6, 1661 A.D.; he was made a Freemason at Newcastle-on-Tyne on May 20, 1641.





Alexander Bruce (Founding Member)

One of the original 12 founding members, and a known freemason:




Elias Ashmore (Founding Member)

According to this freemasonic website, Elias Ashmore (1617-1698) became a Freemason in 1647, and was a founding member of the Royal Society.


Image result for elias ashmole


Some other notable freemasons who helped found the Royal Society:

  • Robert Boyle (1627-1691) –  Founder of modern Chemistry, son of 1st Earl of Cork (known for Boyle’s Law)
  • Christian Huygens (1629-1695) – Dutch mathematician
  • John Evelyn (1620-1706) – helped to found the Royal Society; and even has a freemasonic lodge named after him (Lodge 5518)


boyle huygens evelyn2.JPG

According to the Freemasonry Museum in London, there have been over 8,000 (!) freemasons in the Royal Society in its history:



That’s an awful lot of freemasons for an organization who’s primary stated purpose is supposed to be primarily scientific, especially considering that they have strict limits on how many members they can have (currently 1,600)!



Clearly, the Royal Society was founded by Freemasons, and has continued to be totally dominated by Freemasons ever since.




Now, you might be getting bored of the history lesson, and be wondering what this has to do with gravity…


Image result for nodding gif









Well, would it surprise you that Isaac Newton was a big-time freemason, and an early member of the Royal Society, including serving as its President for 24 years?…



Isaac Newton (Early member & President 1703-1727)


Although definitive information about him being a freemason are hard to find, Newton’s portraits give him away as a likely freemason:

newton-a newton-b

The most interesting part about Newton that very few people are aware of, is that Newton had a keen interest in the occult sciences and religion, which you can read more about here.

Several books have been published outlining some of these details, such as the one below:

Image result for isaac newton freemason      

It’s interesting to note that Newton was born on Christmas Day (December 25th), and died on the vernal equinox (March 20th), which seems like a rather big “coincidence”, given that these are freemasons we are dealing with.


Newton was knighted by the British royals, suggesting he had close ties to the Vatican-influenced monarchs too.

What’s most interesting to note in this regard is that Newton adopted a coat of arms featuring crossed bones immediately after being knighted, as per this interesting article about his sinister background.


coatImage result

Needless to say, that coat of arms is very suspicious give that similar symbols have been used by secret societies like the Skull & Bones, as shown above.


According to this freemasonry website, one of Newton’s closest friends was John Theophilus Desaguliers, who was a Grand Master and is commonly regarded as the “father of the Grand Lodge System“.

In the portrait below he is seen holding a book titled “Constitutions of the Free-Masons 1725” (you can see in better resolution here):
John Theophilus Desaguliers BBC Your Paintings Reverend John Theophilus

In fact, the wikipedia page on History of Freemasonry even dubs Desaguliers the “father” of modern freemasonry…



In his capacity as President, Newton nominated Desaguliers as Curator of Experiments in 1712, and he would later also became Secretary of the Royal Society.


According to the London Museum of Freemasonry, Desaguliers was both a leading freemason, as well as an important publicist for Newton’s scientific ideas.


Worth noting in the passage above how “Desaguliers insisted that the ritual[s] be remembered rather than written down, leading to a dearth of material on the development of English ritual…“.


So here we have a guy who was

  • a close confidant of Newton;
  • responsible for publishing Newton’s scientific material; and
  • a Grand Master freemason intent on keeping secrets.


Thus, plenty to be suspicious about, given the enormous influence of freemasonry in Newton’s life.

The Bigger Picture


Now, looking at the bigger picture, if you were the Pope sitting on your glorious golden throne at the Vatican, and you wanted to spread some lies to deceive and control the world, then the following would probably be pretty close to a perfect plan…


Firstly, create an official (“royal”) organization that can effectively monopolize what the public believes is “scientifically” true…




Putting the parts in yellow in other words:

  • “Promoting science and its benefits“: Publish material that presents only your narratives, whilst censoring out or ridiculing alternative scientific views.
  • “Recognizing excellence in science“: Publicly and officially recognize only your own agents/scientists (and ridicule those who disagree).
  • “Supporting outstanding science“: Offer funding only to scientists who follow your narrative.
  • “Providing scientific advice for policy“: Influence politics and law using your publicly accepted “science” (eg. energy policy…).
  • “Fostering international and global cooperation“: Push towards a system where a central government body controls the flow of information (i.e. One World Government).
  • “Education and public engagement“: Control the education and publishing sectors to indoctrinate the public with your narrative of history.


Secondly, ensure that no one except those of your choosing are allowed membership to this “official” organization…


… and subsequently promote the work of said scientists over-and-above all else in the “royal” scientific journals, so that their work becomes accepted over time, no matter how ridiculous.


Lastly, ridicule and censor scientists who present material that opposes your chosen narrative.

Over several decades and even centuries, the scientists found in most – if not all – textbooks will most certainly be those of your choosing… as over generations the alternative (truthful) information is blurred and/or lost in time.





Worth noting how all of the most famous “scientists” responsible for shaping the modern day worldview are freemasons…


Freemasons (1)


Haven’t you ever wondered why a brilliant inventor like Nikola Tesla never shows up in any high school text books, whilst a whole bunch of freemasons who only stole other people’s ideas (eg. Thomas Edison) and spread lies (eg. Newton/Kepler/Copernicus/etc) do appear all the time?










The sad truth is that the vast majority of people who go through school will never think twice about material they are told repeatedly is “obviously” true…

Most people simply swallow whatever lies are published by this “royal” organization as fact, and then go on regurgitating those lies the rest of their lives.

And if anyone questions it, they are mad, because of course the “Royal” Society couldn’t be wrong… could they…



Image result for no way meme








Here’s another coincidence to consider…

  • 1660: Royal Society founded by a bunch of freemasons;
  • 1663: Royal Society gets its official name via royal charter (by a freemason);
  • 1666 (late summer): an apple falls on the head of one of the freemasons;
  • 1666 (October): that same freemason invents Calculus;
  • 1687: that freemason then goes on to publish “Principia Mathematica” that becomes the bed-rock of “science” for the next 300+ years.


Most people might look at that and think that it’s just a coincidence that the organization responsible for promulgating the gravity story was created just a couple of years before Newton randomly “discovered” gravity…


… However, others (like myself) would look a that and think that the Royal Society was created specifically for the purpose of introducing the public to some grand theories like gravity, that had already been planned well before the apple incident…


Pause and think about this for a second…


What are the odds that a guy just happens to stumble upon (what is considered) the most significant “discovery” of modern science, AND creates a revolutionary form of mathematics, at about the same time that the organization in charge of promulgating said discovery was created… simply by chance?









To summarize these events more clearly…


A bunch of freemasons set up a “Royal” organization to decide what is true and what is not true,…


… that only they and their carefully selected friends can be part of…


…. and then immediately afterwards, these same freemasons just happen to make a string of historic “discoveries” that lay the foundations for science for the next 300 years…

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  2. Donald Passport March 20, 2018 at 2:33 pm Reply

    Newton didn’t discover gravity. Newton and his contemporaries knew what gravity was and how it operates. What Newton did that was so different was to explain how it works in purely mathematical terms. That’s the simple difference.


  3. Steve February 3, 2020 at 4:37 am Reply

    Donald Passport- Gravity is a LIE! and is nothing than a Theory. Your science god Neil Degrasse Tyson says they don’t even know what Gravity is….though anyone with a brain knows that “Gravity” is nothing more than buoyancy and Density.


  4. […] founders were the first scientists and the last of the sorcerers.” Most of the founders were Freemasons, including Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton, and King Charles […]


  5. […] founders were the first scientists and the last of the sorcerers.” Most of the founders were Freemasons, including Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton, and King Charles […]


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