Flat Earth Poetry – Lady Blount

Where’er a man’s horizon be,
Not one yard further can he see.
Man’s eye-formed tent is God’s provision,
To frame and circle all his vision.
In all directions he can see,
His eye-line’s length the same will be.
The horizontal line of sight
Is equal to its length upright:
That is, straight on before his eye
Is just the same up vertically.
Controlled by certain limits, too
The telescope extends the view :
And its extended line of gaze
Is equal in its length all ways.
All mortal things have limit scopes,
Including man-made telescopes.
But globites think their eyes can trace
A hundred million miles in “space :”
That is, when looking towards the sun.
They say the stars are further on.
Some stars they see are—so they say—
Five hundred million miles away.
But the Creator of the sky
Created, too, the human eye :
So, doubtless, ’tis a wise decision
That man is limited in vision.
The one who said “ Thou shalt not die ’
Deceived man also re his eye !
But each man’s dome formed by his eye
Holds all he sees of earth or sky.

-Lady Blount

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