On Perspectives on a Flat Earth

“For short distances light travels in straight lines, but for very long distances of thousands of miles it travels in great curves. When these facts are properly appreciated it will be seen that the eye cannot stretch out further in one direction than another. In fact the eye does not “ stretch out” at all; it is light which comes into the eye. Strictly speaking we never see anything outside the eye, all vision is within the eye or optic nerve ; and we learn from our other senses to associate distance with the various objects we see. But even after much experience these distances are often deceptive. For instance, mountains look much nearer before rain than after it.

When we have digested these facts we shall see the absurdity of thinking that the sun and stars are many millions of miles away from the earth. No architect makes a light or a fireplace a million times greater than the house he wants to light up and warm, and the Creator was too good an architect to make such a blunder! The sun and moon and stars were made to light and warm this, the only world; and no other world has ever been discovered by astronomers.” ~Lady Elizabeth Blount (Zeteo), Sight Limitations Equal in Every Direction, Latest Proofs the Earth and Sea is Not a Whirling Globe Series. No, 1.

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