FE Ancient Cosmology Vid/Doc

Starting with a rare manuscript on the Meteorologica Cosmica, called the Catoptrum Meteorographicum by Roberti Fludd, from the 16th century, (late 1500’s).

Some claim this book and teaching is a rosicrucian or templar creation, however, ‘rosie” crucifix is really a simile for the concepts of ‘rosetta stone’-‘cross’…an allusion to the + sign inside a circle, a top down view of the flat earth, which encodes and decodes most of the knowledge and workings of the earth’s form, weather and seasonal (changing) attributes. It is a purely Christian, kabbalistic Sephirothic reference, which provides a more accurate representation of the cosmos than NASA ever has, while also being the fundamental core of the Freemasons ‘occulted’ demonic satanic teachings.

Regarding Fludd being a Mason: (He may well have been part of an order, but as I mentioned above, its irrelevant, its a ‘which came first, chicken or egg” scenario.) A quote on R. Fludd… “Robert Fludd was born in England in 1574 in a time when to speak of matters of mysticism too boldly could mean heresy. Everything had to be substantiated by Biblical and clerical scrutiny or else.” …. “We include Robert Fludd and offer some of his works and redrawn etchings because they are in complete accord with the work of Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber. Therefore, it makes sense that anyone wishing to comprehend Robert Fludd, Jakob Lorber or Franz Bardon would find that a comparative study would yield a better understanding of the works of the complimenting author. This endeavor is not for the scholar alone.”

In this movie by reading through the aspects of the Beka (the Oath), The Kephalaia (the cosmic breath stream), and the keys Of Enoch, I’ll show how they ancient cosmogony comes together to create our weather. And, how via the message’s unerringly consistent correctness, and elegant simplicity, show you the viewer, that it is the most likely scenario to explain earths weather phenomena.
In short, it is our proven cosmogony. The flat, stationary earth.


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