Introduction to the Flat Earth, How it Works, and Why We Believe It

Introduction to the Flat Earth, How it Works, and Why We Believe It

The Earth

The Flat Earth is set on a flat non-moving stationary foundation (1 Samuel 2:8; 1 Chronicles 16:30; Psalms 93:1; Psalms 96: 9-11). All the continents center around the North Pole and are surrounded by Ocean. Surrounding the flat earth 360 degrees on all sides is Antarctica. It is also known as the Antarctic ice wall and has been measured at 200 ft high and and thousands of miles long. Captain Cook sailed along the ice wall for 60,000 miles and never found an inlet. Bet you never heard about that in your history books.

The South Pole Does Not Exist

The Dome
There are different opinions on what is above the flat earth, but the general flat earth belief is that the earth’s sky is surrounded by a sky dome the holds in the air and protects us. The Bible says it is made of glass (Job 37:18). The Bible clearly describes a firm dome (firmament) IN which the sun and moon were placed (Genesis 1:14-19).

There is actually real evidence of the dome. Edwin Hubble admitted in his book, The Observational Approach to Cosmolgy , that the observable Universe was small and curved all around us like a sky dome. He couldn’t explain it but ignored it like he did the evidence for Geocentrsm.

Hubble Admitted NO Evidence to Support the Big Bang Theory; ALL Evidence Supports Geocentrism

The Glass Sky: Evidence of the Firmament of the Flat Earth

13 thoughts on “Introduction to the Flat Earth, How it Works, and Why We Believe It

  1. rwederfoort July 18, 2016 at 4:50 pm Reply

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  2. Daniel Moore July 21, 2016 at 6:12 am Reply

    Don’t forget the Bible verse Isaiah 40:22, “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.”


    • Manny Clay July 27, 2016 at 2:27 pm Reply

      Yes, Daniel. Believe the holy scriptures regardless of what mere men say. Genesis declares that the sun and moon were created for times and seasons, not an unproven earth axial tilt of 66.6 degrees while careening through space at ,66,600 mph.


  3. Pegz July 25, 2016 at 4:22 pm Reply

    At this point, I don’t care if the FE is a conspiracy theory, a scientific research project, a prank, a psyop or something else, the theory has made me question and review some history and I value this as a good thing, for me at least. This web site has a collection of information coming from a lot of directions. After all, isn’t that what rabbit holes are for — to test one’s perception of reality. I’m most likely going to end up with pies (Pi) in my face lol, but the truth the best we can know it at this time in our history is all that I am interested in, so whatever bloopers I make in questioning is all a part of the quest.

    I’ve said here before the planetary coordinate systems are scientific theories based solely on the perspective of the observer or observation point. This same perception still resonates with me based on what has been posted here so far and my continued research to date. However, I’m open to changing and expanding my perception.

    To date, we have the flat earth, the concave earth, the hollow earth, the round globe and the oblate spheroid earth to choose from.

    I don’t believe the Bible can be used to prove or disprove any celestial planetary movement because both the geocentric and the heliocentric theories have scientific facts within them that are metaphorical or allegorically alluded to within scripture.

    Geocentrism is earth centered because the point of observation is from man’s perception on the earth. The geocentric model is based also on man’s limited senses of 20/20 peripheral vision without any optical or technological enhancements. Based on these human foundational points of everyday perspective only, it is nearly impossible to disprove the geocentric coordinate system.

    I’ve not come across any honest scientist in research religious or otherwise that suggests differently. Evidently, the geocentric model has several planet cycles, phases and/or retrogrades that the math of the time period could not effectively explain and are considered best explained by the heliocentric theory. However, these differences do not prove or disprove the geocentric or the heliocentric theory or their origins which are believed to be of Intelligent Design. Both systems are shown at some planetariums.

    Our ancient ancestors were far more math and astronomy literate than we give them credit for or they could not have built the accurate celestial structures like the pyramids, temple complexes, Carnac, Stonehenge among many other ancient megalithic structures.

    The geocentric system as we understand it served religion, government and man for at least 1400 years. When you read some of Ptolemy, Pythagoras, Euclid and Archytas, Plato and Aristotle as well as Al-Biruni and some other Muslim scientists and the Greek astronomers you will find they were well educated in the sciences of their time period especially in geometry and the inscribed planes (planar) solids. So I highly doubt they totally misunderstood these geometric concepts and shapes. Not only this, there are perfect geometric stones in museums with intricate geometric carving dating the stone age. “Geos” means earth, “metry” means measure. Geometry means measurement of the earth. In the ancient world geometry was considered a sacred science restricted to the priesthoods only. Ever wonder why?

    Geodesy means dividing the earth. Most ancient maps were more political and religious than true 2 scale and also privileged information of the ruling governments. The real joke of Columbus was not so much the fear of sailing off the edge of a 360 degrees flat plane circle which makes great fictional stories, but the available maps owned and controlled by the monarchs of the time period were not true to scale or useful for scientific exploration in the open seas made possible by the reformation.

    The religious layperson of the same scientists’ above time period may have called the earth a flat circle as the Bible and Quran translations suggest being zealously loyal to their cultural religious systems like today. However, there was science which may have been considered gnostic, heretic or pseudo by the Torah, the New Testament and the Quran standard of the theocratic governments that had a perspective of the earth and of the Creator differently, the same as today. We also have to take into consideration the history of the English language itself, the printing press and the historical scenarios these innovations created in communication. The languages create a lot problems by their own merits.

    The bible verses that the geocentric theory uses to prove as superiority over the heliocentric theory are the same verses used by organized religion when the Copernican revolution became suspect of challenging the authority of scripture and especially the Roman theocratic government. I’m sure everyone knows that according to ancient biblical teaching from the podium, god only speaks through the chosen initiated representatives on the earth, everyone else is unclean.Think about the crusades, and all the theocratic or monarch horrific religious violence against believed unclean people.

    Science in those days was one hope of exposing that corruption for what it is. From Copernicus onward, scientists were under enormous religious political pressure and experienced rivaling competition. Galileo had property seized. Newton had nervous breakdowns. Bruno’s tongue was pierced or cut out and then he was burned at the stake. Why do we think many denominational priesthoods became scientists also?

    Unfortunately what may have started out as a noble means of a scientific check and balances in discovery of the natural world around us, it quickly became incorporated into a political scientific cognitive dissonance religion as well. It’s obvious in many comments. Alternative science methods today are ridiculed psuedo by its rivaling science factions.

    All the reformation accomplished was dividing one huge theocratic pyramid empire into many sub pyramids of manipulation and control by the same powers that be, just a different masquerade.

    As we know, competitive science under extreme political and religious pressure was exposed and quickly covered up by governments during and after world war II. I’m not saying all science or scientists are bad, what I am saying is the bad in science today has control over the good and that control is managed by elite prestige and finance.

    I’m not going to relist all the bible verses here because they are documented in the above post and should be familiar to the FE construct by Rob Skiba. However, there are verses I want to point out like Psalm 115 : 16 – The heavens belong to the Creator, but the earth is given to the children of men. Who are the children of men? How do the children of men identify with the earth? How does the earth become accessible to man’s physical or spiritual existence and longevity without the solar system as a whole powered by the energy of the sun?

    It should be easily seen with that being said, the physical and spiritual allegory alluded to in the new testament exposes the clash between the moon, the sun and the crescent moon. It is this secret corruption in “plane” sight that has ignorantly kept unknowing children of men in bondage to an elite that have abusively used an ancient pyramid system to mold themselves into an illusionary Creator’s special human race of authoritative government by a supposed legality of a god like bloodline (old covenant verses new) to dominate, war against and bend men’s knees to them specifically, for thousands of years. I am referring to “all” organized warring religions.

    Whether the arc of light’s energy (sine wave) in cycles creates the expansion of man’s collective consciousness like at the beginning of this common era revealing knowledge of the Christ type, or consciousness in a historical prototype in symbolic literary sense descended and ascended through an illusionary proverbial glass ceiling, a barrier like a veil over the earth that should expose to all children of men that the heavens are not closed although difficult for men to traverse, but open and equally accessible like an open door no one can shut for all the children of men who choose to enter through it. A figurative mirrored reflection found within the heliocentric model, and scripture. The scriptures suggests our sky is the mirror reflection of what is below it. What do you see when you look into a molten glass?

    The second is Job 26: 7-10: God is speaking of the creation’s foundation spread from the north and the earth is hanging on nothing. In Job chapter 38, God is speaking from a whirlwind, an allegory of the Milky Way and it is that design that lays a measurement across the universe. The unshakable foundation of the earth and the center of the universe is a fixed multidimensional measurement of all things knowable. It is this Intelligent Design that is reasoning with Job in the text.

    It is Intelligent Design that hangs the earth on nothing among arcs of light, on a vibrating energy field that is vibrating so fast it is a still voice with a pitch vertically and horizontally interwoven into melodic ohms that forms our foundation like a song soaring with the 4 solar winds.

    An allegory is a transcendental intuitive perception transitioning one dimension into another to broaden and balance the cognitive knowledge or conscious perception.

    According to the Torah narrative of Joshua asking the sun and moon to stand still, the military campaign of Joshua against the 5 kings doesn’t prove or disprove the earth’s movement. First of all, it makes sense in that time period as today that every advantage would be sought to achieve victory in battle including asking for a god’s favor, help or protection. Being strict sabbath keepers Joshua would have known that with the sun’s height overhead in equinox heading for solstice and by the verse’s clue most likely it was also a lunar standstill season which takes place every 19 – 20 years on the earth. Afterall some celestial conjunction most likely marked the end of the 40 years of wandering in the desert.

    With this possibility Joshua would have had optimum sunlight and moonlight in which to march into battle and finish military objectives before a sabbath or during a high sabbath season. Joshua started his troop’s movement towards battle at a sunset and he did bury the 5 beheaded kings just before a sunset.

    With all this being said, it should be obvious the bible is not meant to literally prove or disprove everything about creation.

    It is man’s mental work to come to terms with, that he or she cannot mold the Creator into the image of any gender, any human race, any human religious culture of ideas, any political government or any one celestial body in the cosmos.


    A brief comment about NASA, aside from answering directly to the U.S. government as to what information can be publicly released, being in a technology and space race with competitive and somewhat hostile nations among other government objectives considered classified information, it has been a theory of long time researchers (I am not one) “if” NASA has actually put man on the moon, it was not in the spacecraft presently known by the public. What is seen lifting off is the space probe missions, atmosphere weather monitoring, geo engineering, satellite spy technology, private sector technology testing, and mock space training within the earth’s orbit preparing for future missions to the moon or mars when funding becomes available and the kept secret technology is perfected. No government wants their secrets or technology compromised by espionage. That’s what conspiracy theories and secret society is for, to undermine everything, good or bad, depending on the orders in the chain of command.


    Antarctica – I don’t know to what depth people are researching if at all, but there evidently, like everything else is a lot of misinformation circulating on the Internet about Captain Cook’s voyages. Captain Cook was a highly reputable cartographer of his day. His voyages were commissioned and financed by the British government. His ships had other commissioned scientists on board to record and update latitude and longitude while circumnavigating all the continents. The ships stopped at all continents to record scientific research of the night sky with telescopes, including the transit of Venus, as well as to secretly look for the legendary southern continent for the royal monarchy believed to be past Australia in the deep southern hemisphere.

    I found the 60,000 logged miles reference of Cook’s whole career at sea, 10-11,000 miles (still seems like a lot of territory) was logged in difficult weather in the southern convergence circle among ice walls and through ice sheets. Cook’s logs record if there was a continent beyond the ice walls his 2 ships circumnavigated, it was not connected to Australia and it may be the south pole itself.

    As we know, Admiral Byrd said there was land, maybe the size of a continent beyond the ice walls, as well as some kind of tunnel that connected the north and south poles. After the Navy projects of the 1940s for whatever reason, maybe the difficult terrain and weather, or time necessary for the nuclear test into the ozone to dissipate. However, the deeper Antarctic area was off limits for almost 10 years.

    The Antarctic convergence circle of circulating sea is said to be roughly 800 miles in circumference. The continent of Antarctica itself is slightly larger than the U.S. and Mexico combined. The ice shelves can double or triple that size depending on the El Nino and La Nino oscillation. The Ice walls can and do break off the Antarctic continent creating numerous ice islands.

    In the past 10 years in view of climate change, several countries and obviously mineral corporations have started petitioning the Antarctica Treaty for drilling rights and to broaden tourist objectives. I think it’s interesting in view of climate change, the shape of the earth being questioned has become popular. NASA itself in the past few years has went from sphere – to pear – to oblate spheroid. It may or may not have anything to do with anything, but there are theories out there, since NASA says the universe is expanding, the celestial bodies can also.


    What I find really interesting is the physical earth models mentioned above at the beginning of this comment as our earth shape choices are all systems with curved or circular boundaries including the expanding earth model added to the mix. Even the Vedic model showing Mount Meru in the center is a transcendental spherical cosmology.

    A flat plane east to west is a 2 dimensional surface. A north to south flat plane intersecting the east to west plane creates a 3 dimensional space. A disc is a region bound by a flat plane in a circle. A flat plane circling and cycling its own mass creates an orbit of circulating atmosphere.

    Orbits of celestial bodies (earth is a celestial body, a 3 dimensional space), are flat planes in elliptical cycles which creates the celestial body’s momentum. Elliptical cycling is caused when its circulating mass moves slightly off its center. This happens when magnetic rotation of another celestial body comes near its cycling atmosphere and these movements attract, repel and quickly repeat in this cycling movement.

    Flat discs of circulating rotating cycles of atmosphere creates a flattening vortex of oscillation in its centering neighborhood of circulating cycles that invert and convert the poles of its mass into a “horizon circle” that divides all circling directions of its plane.

    The universe arches and vaults to compensate for the solar temperature of movement created by energy of light in the expansion and contraction of its grid, field or vibrating foundation of celestial body orbits that are connected to a circulating cycling apex (the circle of all cycles) compassing the whole universe somewhere deep in the north space.

    Everything is vibrating or in constant cycles of motion that interconnects to something else in motion powered by the energy solar light creating the 4th dimension called time. Time in conjunction to celestial body movement creates coordinate systems. Geocentric, heliocentric and today, barycentric.

    NASA CGI “plane – et” images of the earth are static 2 dimensional circular flat planes of a three dimensional space. A circular map, like the azimuthal flat earth map and there are many projections to choose from, is a static two dimensional disc with supposedly approximate geometric accuracy of a three dimensional space. The 2 dimensional azimuthal map can be wrapped around or stretched over any 3 dimensional shape.

    Since it is a geometry that explains the earth, we do live on a flat disc, on a flat elliptical orbit, on a flat plane as if on nothing.

    What is the 3 dimensional geometric space that we in our human physical existence, from all points of observational perspective and perception, live within and on ???? Why is this shape the most common geometric planar solid in the whole universe ????


  4. Pegz July 26, 2016 at 10:36 pm Reply

    Yes, there was considerable debate concerning the actual shape of the earth several hundred years prior to Copernicus. And yes the believed earth’s circumference was incrediably close to modern day measurement found recorded in archeological references dating back to the pyramids.

    Yes, I am aware the bible among other ancient works are collections written by men. I don’t agree they are just stories though, mainly because of the billions of people who have based thier lives on them and have died in slaughters, because of them; no more than I woulld look at fossils or ancient pottery or even rocks or fossils from another planet in the attitude you seem to be conveying. Which may or may not be your intention. 🙂

    You should know that everybody doesn’t agree on everything here. If you have a problem with the NASA posts, take that up with the website owner. Depending on what intrests a researcher, some posts may be totally ignored. I don’t view this site as a one size fits all kinda site. It definitely has its moments! Take it or leave it …


  5. Pegz July 28, 2016 at 3:08 pm Reply

    Again, this website has a lot of information coming from many points of perspective. The owner of this site has a right to say and post whatever his points of view are. And for that alone, he should be commended for boldly doing so in this format. If we no longer have this freedom, then what do we have?

    Whoever we are, we have a worldview based on our life experiences, have we not?

    Most people don’t seem to realize religion is science and all of science is like a tree, it has many branches all supported by the trunk. One branch of science will think it’s more superior as it judges the others. Strange thing our human nature.

    Most people aspire to some type of authority to offer direction, tell them what to do, how to think, or how to fix their difficult situations. If we are to scientifically test all things, that is also to question, to think, to reason. The philosophy of debate is science as much as looking through a telescope, testing a physics theory or saying a prayer.

    As someone mentioned, the hardest thing for people to come to terms with is, beliefs are just that, beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether one chooses to be atheist, agnostic, spiritual or culturally religious. We cannot make scriptures or any ancient texts say or not say what we want them to say, to make people believe what we want them to believe – to make ourselves feel secure in our personal beliefs. The same also applies to the educated foolery who feel secure in their textbook knowledge, or science degrees.

    We are children in the center of this world. For any science to say the earth is not central in relationship with the rest of the universe is not 100% accurate. After all according to astrobiology each solar system is believed to have at least one planet that can support life. So in that respect earth is special within our solar system, as the milky way galaxy is considered one of the more mature galaxies of the universe. Other than that, does it matter? If the earth and its solar system with all its intricate wonders is given to men, what position are we in to argue. Something in the balance of nature determined that decision.

    Is science trustworthy? Why should anyone trust everything science says? Has any science proved itself trustworthy over religion? Is the high cost of medicine safe? Are hospitals safe? Is our water clean and safe? Is the food we eat safe? Is the air we breathe safe? What about energy, is nuclear energy or any fossil fuels safe? Is all alternative science methods safe? The list can go on and on here. Are we seeing positive science concerned about the common good of man and the planet in a big way over and above religion?

    Everybody looks to the science of men and bows down to the many wonders of its technology just like they do to science in the capital buildings, the synagogues, the churches and the mosques.

    Who cares about science theories of knowledge that crawled out of the murky slime one day and somehow accumulated over time. What’s the difference in us believing that and believing in the supernatural ?

    If my choices are between Intelligent Design on its own authority and its cathedral is everything in its purest state on what we all depend from the moment in the womb till we breathe in our last breath, and science slime brains. It’s a no brainer!

    When it comes to the earth, flat versus spherical, there really are no winners or losers. It truly is about coming to terms with ourselves, that we live in multiple dimensions of geometric and balanced perspective, and the observers of that world is all of us, the children of men.

    Cheers everyone! Happy debating, take a deep breathe and put in all into perspective!


    • jwlpeace July 28, 2016 at 3:15 pm Reply

      Cheers PegZ,
      Thanx for the commentary and support. much appreciated.

      Has anyone thought that science is flawed from the premise of repeatable action to prove something by what it is, or more accurately, is not?

      So what in Nature isn’t always changing?

      So how can it be repeatable?
      Science convolutes, distorts and always has human intention behind it, but does not measure Spirit or higher consciousness.
      Since we are only using, at most, 15% of our brains, how can we know the absolute “truth”?

      Occam’s Razor: the simplest answer is usually the right answer.


  6. Pegz August 1, 2016 at 1:39 pm Reply

    I appreciate your point. A popular belief in and of itself does speak to an observational evidence. What may have started out in our human history as a method of checks and balances against an iron fist authority has itself become another authority of power against the people.

    The definition of religion (I should have said, theology) as well as, all of science being different in its focus (as one says it believes in a higher superhuman power and the other believes itself to be that power) doesn’t disprove the hierarchical authoritarian methodologies these institutions abuse to promote, persuade and sell conclusions to the lay public as articles of law, doctrine or theory which has proved over time a consistent observation of negative experienced evidence that makes theology and all science the same when it comes to integrity and being trustworthy of knowledge.

    At the end of the day, it still boils down to what this website and others like it are speaking out against, a horrendous control of elite corporate science, government and finance system that puts its hierarchal self interests above the welfare and health of the whole, whether it is man himself or his environment.


    • Pegz August 3, 2016 at 6:08 pm Reply

      I realize your basic point and it is a point for FE to consider, but science’s many achievements are not stand alone achievements of science itself as checks and balances of hypothesis against religious superstition and ignorance as you are suggesting.

      Science achievements of empirical knowledge are due to it becoming interwoven with European capitalism of global competitiveness among religious nations in the enlightenment as materialistic consumerism that began back in the 17th century for religious, financial and political profit, if not before.

      It is this empirical evidence in consistent public observation of history over the last centuries that brings the trustworthiness of all knowledge that science promotes by its scope of theoretical testing, observation and results under critical scrutiny today for its factual accuracy. Your bad science is protected by an elite corporate investment and profit margin all paid for by the consumer that uses loophole legal means to hide and protect science’s fraudulent errors.

      For example: it may be said, look at all the advances and technology medical science provides, but when you put that medical technology under scrutiny of pros and cons to the overall health science is supposed to be protecting and serving with accuracy, what are the results?

      The number three killer of humans behind heart disease and cancer is death by the malpractice of prescribed medicine interactions and surgical techniques. It is estimated that 250,000 people in the U.S. alone die from medical negligence yearly.

      What’s the point in taking a prescribed medicine for a problem with published scientifically tested clinical trials over and over, and it creates at least 5 side effects that can be just as bad, and some of those effects prove to be deadly for some, year after year. Not only this, science technology in other areas is a major contributor to heart disease and cancer. And what’s even more horrific is, who pays the bills for all this technological achievement you boast of with their family life, hard earned money, or their life?

      As you suggest, FE researchers may need to work on their critical thinking skills, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to analyze most technological achievements and weigh the overall pros and cons to some very serious sobering conclusions.

      With countless observations and experience by the public over and over it seems science needs to go back to the blackboard with all its methodology and theories, they are corrupt.


  7. Pegz August 4, 2016 at 6:41 pm Reply

    Thank you for your consistent manner of correcting my comments, I will keep them in mind going forward…
    Pegz said “With countless observations and experience by the public over and over it seems science needs to go back to the blackboard with all its methodology and theories, they are corrupt.” *** methodology and theories are corrupt.*** They need serious revising.

    I have said elsewhere on this thread, “I’m not saying all science or scientists are bad, what I am saying is the bad in science today has control over the good and that control is managed by elite prestige and finance. ”
    FYA said ” And just for the record, my comment was on the scientific method, which is logically sound and as an impartial process is, I feel, incorruptible.”
    The one size fits all “ the scientific method” you seem to be using here to promote confusion is pure myth. We live in a very complex world. Different fields of science use different methods to promote their field of science ideas, theories and conclusions today.

    No honest science or scientist would even suggest that its scientific methods are always logically sound, without impartial process, or incorruptible as you feel, unless they were trying to avoid a consequence or promote their agenda, so I do get where your comments here and elsewhere on this site are coming from….

    Science would not need lawyers or liable insurance, if your statement is to be considered factual. Science would be making the statement, it is above making mistakes and infallible.

    FYA, this individual thread is seriously exhausted at this point. For many reasons, we are going to disagree.


  8. Pegz August 5, 2016 at 12:49 pm Reply

    FYA a generic definition of scientific method doesn’t describe “HOW” a method is used by each field of science.

    Based on our comments, we continue a disagreement. I agree to disagree with you. 🙂


  9. Pegz August 6, 2016 at 8:51 pm Reply

    FYA, most people do not realize the general dictionary definition of the science method is very narrow in its scope and depth. FYA use any search engine, if you are interested will prove to you or anyone, the many misunderstandings the average lay public has concerning the term and its meaning. Any lawyer can easily disprove the scientific method most fields of science use if and when that field of science finds themselves in legal proceedings.

    I did not change the subject to disagree with you for any reason other than I could see your misunderstanding of the scientific methods several comments back. However, you continued commenting with a narrow meaning of highly complex science, scientific method and religion as your method of making your case for your beliefs.

    Most seem to believe this FE is beneath any intelligence. Shills and trolls are numerous on the open format websites these days. We all know this. You may choose to pick apart every post and every comment to your amusement, and the website owner will allow it to a point. In this thread of comments, I don’t view there is a winner or loser. Just perspectives.

    You are always free not to be interested and no one is trying to make you interested or to stay. Good luck going forward….


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