Where is the Curvature? Part II

the math does not fit the visual proof. The Earth cannot be a globe as basic spherical geometry proves to any 7th grader taking a geometry course. Yet, the masses have been professionally programmed, so overcoming “installed bias” may be difficult for many to comprehend this very basic proof.

(2 min.)

One thought on “Where is the Curvature? Part II

  1. Howard Kimbel December 24, 2015 at 9:08 pm Reply

    Yeah Baby! That is pretty awesome ‘look’ from Lookout Peak!… It would be nice to know the distance from camera to yard-stick / level so that the side-to-side dimension of the horizon at 50 miles distance could be calculated for the theoretical ‘curvature’… or did you already think of that and your setup was calibrated to take into this account? So you were, by chance, using the final camera position, to cover with your 3-ft level, a span of 50 miles of horizon (which is also 50 miles distant)?


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