NASA Blinks…Again! Still, Where are the Billions of Stars?

NASA Blinks…Again!

Nasa just re-released some 8400 new “digitally enhanced” “Photo’s” from the “alleged” Apollo (why is the Sun God Apollo going to the Isis Moon anyway??) moon missions.

This is in direct response to the mass awakening of the great fraud that NASA has perp’d on all since 1958 and is being exposed by the Alt News community of open minded investigators.

CGI has proven time and time again how the old, original “images” from NASA has been photoshopped, the most celebrated being the “Blue Marble” that is the most famous picture in history.

Wait, it’s supposed to be oblong and bulge at the sides due to tidal action caused by the moon, 1/4 size of Earth with 1/6th the gravitational pull of the Earth from 238,000 miles away, yet Astro-nots can easily escape most of Earth’s gravity only 130 miles up in spacewalks???

Or is it Pear shaped like the current NASA shill replacing Carl “Billions and Billions” Sagan, one Neil DeGrase Tyson …


Original Blue Marble “anomalies”


So did the Earth change so much in nearly 50 years that continental land mass has been shifted and enlarged in Africa and S. America? hmmm.





Look how cheesy they still cannot make the background seamless with the foreground here. This is a small aperture setting, so the background should be in focus as well.


What is this guy doing, taking a Selfie?  At what angle must the other astro-not be to take this shot??


Look at the shadows, some go this way, some go that way….WTF?


So if the Sun is below in this shot, we should see the stars, No? The reason they will not PS in because amateur astronomers can call b.s.


Amazing in the intense shadows of space vacuum we can still see the American flag on the ‘dark side’ of the module. these guys are gooood.


Seriously, NASA? Where is exhaust coming out of the bottom? And who the hell took this shot anyway?  and where are those dang, pesky stars???


One would think that a big, heavy, blasting jet propulsion to slow down the LEM would of created a huge crater underneath with all the lunar dust surface blowing everywhere, but not in this pic…hmmm.


Okay, let’s count the astro-nots. 1) getting pic taken. 2) taking close up and 3) guy in shadow further back in shadows.  1 + 1 + 1 = 3..yet there were only two guys on the moon. hmmm.


uh guys, where are your tire tracks or did you back in??


5 thoughts on “NASA Blinks…Again! Still, Where are the Billions of Stars?

  1. mackie October 6, 2015 at 1:06 pm Reply

    Wow!! this is madness, I don’t know what they’re going to put outbut thanks to you guys for putting out all of this for us to see an hope that will wake up and open our eyes an realise that we should question everything an believe nothing for now until you have more evidence to put your soul to rest.


  2. Sue December 29, 2015 at 1:22 am Reply

    They leave mistakes on purpose , it’s kinda their Calling Card .


    • John Pritchett August 6, 2016 at 3:14 am Reply

      Those “mistakes” are done by smart wistleblowers ! They want to get the truth out but were threatened to ensure their silence. There are hundreds of ways their fakery has been exposed. Keep an open mind and let your research take you where it will. Flat earth and the illuminati is where all paths lead ! Do not let that deter you from questioning EVERYTHING you were taught !
      Question EVERYTHING from NASA !


  3. Thank Jeebus 4 All April 9, 2017 at 5:12 am Reply

    YEAH! Dirty liberal hippies. You show ’em. Turn up that bible thumping to 11.


  4. […] some to question whether everything NASA did and said was fake. See, for example, this post from Plane Not A Planet […]


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