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Okay, Santos Bonacci, check

Michael Tellinger, check

Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Cremo, Susan Ferguson, etc.

Come on over….the waters Flat!

Michael Tellinger – Wikipedia

After many months of research I still cannot find any scientifically accepted proof of a physical nature, that the Earth is moving through space – and that it actually is a ball. Everything I held dear and as an unshakable truth has been shaken to its core and stripped of all credibility. It is more clear than ever before that everything we have been told is a lie, and the most important teachings have been strategically omitted by our education system – whose objective is to create a future labour force to keep the money monster alive – and not to teach us to think and give us real skills.

This Flat Earth could be the biggest lie of them all.

Those who think that this will go away soon have a big surprise coming. We have to discard most of NASA’s imagery as part of the LIE – which is one of the first disturbing things everyone finds when entering this realm of research.

My most recent research into the relationship between sound, magnetism and electricity clearly shows that all the physical manifestations of shape and matter and the magnetic fields are the same TOROIDAL shapes that are proposed for the sub-atomic model of the electron AND the magnetic fields of the Earth and even the model of the galaxies that seem to spew forth matter at its galactic equator of the gigantic TORUS shaped galaxy.

My breakthrough discovery is that the evidence suggests that the land or Earth itself follows this DOUBLE TORUS model and the land which we have been told is a ball – is actually the FLAT Accretion disk emerging at the centre of the Earth Torus Magnetic field. All North – South Magnetic alignments and everything else that has been attributed to a ball Earth can be explained even better with a FLAT Earth model.

Like a giant RING Magnet with all the expected magnetic fields around it and inside it. This also accounts for the so-called DOME and hollow Earth theory or Agartha, magnetic drift, precessional wobble, Aurora Borealis, and so many more global mysteries. Everything can be explained by simply re-evaluating the magnetic fields around the Earth and the full shape they hold.

For those that thought the Flat Earth Theory is a bunch of ignorant nonsense devised to confuse humanity and not worthy of debate, have a growing scientific mountain of evidence to deal with. I look forward to seeing how this research evolves.

As so many others have done – I have also done my own experiments with the curvature of the Earth and I found to my surprise that THERE IS NO CURVATURE. No matter how hard I looked. And if there is no curvature, there is only one conclusion we can reach. The Earth surface is flat.

If the weather man can show Chicago from Michigan City some 40 odd miles across Lake Michigan, that should be enough proof that there is no curvature. At that distance Chicago should be about 1060 feet below the horizon. And so the new exiting journey begins – sifting through layers upon layers of deception and lies.

The only thing I have to hold on to is my sanity, sense of humour and an open mind.

In unity and resonance – Michael Tellinger

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  1. Vic Button November 7, 2016 at 9:24 pm Reply

    This is fantastic news, I have followed Micheal Tellinger for many years before i discovered FE myself and have often mentioned him in my FE posts because he is so close with his Ubuntu Organisation to our Gift Economy Movement which espouses that our money system and consumerism keeps us in perpetual slavery to our Super Elite masters – not to mention Michael’s extensive knowledge on ancient archaeology in Africa, levitation and free energy. Good news indeed.

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  2. aj November 8, 2016 at 2:02 am Reply

    Awesome post. This guy is as serious as it gets in helping to usher in a new potentially better reality for humans on Earth. Thanks for sharing!

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    • jwlpeace November 8, 2016 at 2:48 pm Reply

      Agreed AJ,
      His work is so important to understanding our story of us,
      I hope this opens others up to come out and join FE Nation.

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  3. Paul November 10, 2016 at 3:26 pm Reply

    I have been reading and listening to Micheal’s theories for years finding them very interesting. Awesome to hear he’s going public about FE, It can’t be easy for him cause most of his research followers still believe in the globe. His decision to go public will expose a lot of people to FE. I respect his courage big time 🙂

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  4. evavbg November 11, 2016 at 6:14 pm Reply

    That´s greta to hear.


  5. adam November 20, 2016 at 8:28 pm Reply

    Any link to the actual fb post or should we all just assume it’s genuine?


    • jwlpeace November 21, 2016 at 4:33 pm Reply

      log onto facebook and confirm it urself


  6. trebasso November 26, 2016 at 6:06 am Reply

    I’ve always considered Tellinger an earnest researcher and truth seeker.
    Now that we know his is a mind truly open to the FE, I look forward even more so to his contribution to the study of humanity!

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  7. SorryGuys December 1, 2016 at 1:08 am Reply

    A very simple disproof for the Flat Earth idea. Sunrise and sunset. On a flat earth, there is no explanation for this phenomenon without handwaving and destruction of physics. For example, light travels in straight lines. This has been verified. So if the sun were to recede into the horizon but never genuinely set, IT WOULD ALWAYS BE VISIBLE because it would always be at a positive angle to the observer, which would mean a straight line from it to your eye. There, no FE.


    • Heather MacKessack April 17, 2017 at 11:49 am Reply

      The sun is not as HUGE and far away as you think. Have you taken the time to look at videos which show how the flat earth sun/moon actually workds? The sun is much smaller and closer to us than you think, it is a LIGHT which circles around the top of the plane.

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  8. BrankoMenicanin December 1, 2016 at 8:50 pm Reply

    Yes, it was black hole in FE theory for me, too. But maybee I forgot density of atmosphere, refraction, Colour changing when the sun is far away … Maybe we can use sun-powered airplane flying under the sun for 24 hours on its Circle ?


  9. Vic Button December 3, 2016 at 12:59 am Reply

    This is a kind message to: “Sorry Guys”, “Blanko” and Holly – your comments are off subject.

    These comments on this page should be about well known and liked researcher of ancient history for many years Michael Tellinger who is now saying he is 100% belief in Flat earth.

    There are many, many internet sites where you can talk about your pet differences.

    Since Michael has joined us Flat Earthers, well known international musical artist Phil Collins has announced that he does not believe we have been to the moon – it looks like we have really started to make headway!

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    • Vic Button December 3, 2016 at 9:17 am Reply

      Hi Holly, here are a few sites out of many that carry out FE experiments: https://youtu.be/KKhsmpIBvY0 Bryan Mullin https://youtu.be/iu1t0jBBuTI and try Dr Zack But why not do some of your own experiments? If you do some research on the internet it will show you how.


      • jwlpeace December 3, 2016 at 2:59 pm

        Vic, Holly’s comments have been deleted, she’s trolled this site times before and only wants to ridicule and has little
        interest in even beginning to understand FE theory and fact. She’s a troll.

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  10. potaville December 6, 2016 at 7:45 pm Reply

    The Sun is local to the earth and small! It moves away from you on the Flat Earth and does not Set on this fictional BALL EARTH!


  11. Admin. December 24, 2016 at 6:32 pm Reply

    Very brave of Michael T to take the challenge and question his conditioning. Wonder if he can get through to David Wilcock on this one? I have written to DW, Corey Goode, Alfred Webre, Leuren Moret, Cobra and received no response from them…. they still continue with their gobbledegook about NASA CGI testimony that they use to justify their current ET Alien narrative. I do resonate with much of DW’s work covered in his books which expanded on the “Holographic Universe” written by Michael Talbot in the early 90s. and my experience parallels his in many respects. Also the existence of gravity, the Van Allen Belts and all other masonic related globe rubbish mainly produced in the 20th century has no scientific basis. The Concorde was often hosed down on arrival because its speed heated up the craft. Yet they maintain that the ISS can withstand huge temperatures that are supposed to exist at 250 miles above earth. It would appear that nothing has been more than approx, 100 miles above earth and took any photos. I am really disgusted that RT is promoting the latest bout of ISS rubbish. Not that it is a surprise to find out that all countries have collaborated in the “space” project although supposed to be abject enemies otherwise…Lol! However, on another level I believe there is the miracle of our eye and how it translates interference waves into our “reality” holographically. We are IMO in a holographic matrix and all is an illusion. So much to understand and further investigate in all this. On another level the battle between dark and light seems real and the NAZI interaction through Maria Orsic and the Thule and Vrill societies with an advanced hidden civilisation whether in Antarctica or otherwise seems to have some validity with the Admiral Byrd researches over some 30 years. But IMO none of this was extraterrestrial contact. All of Byrd’s work has been kept secret by the masons and then there is the war that the US lost with some very advanced society that used advanced technology and sank several ships post WWII that has not had much msm coverage at all. So much to know but bit by bit it is all coming out. How strange that we do not know even what we are living on??? What do we know!!


    • jwlpeace December 24, 2016 at 6:46 pm Reply

      Hi, to down under?

      Thanx for sharing this. My criterion is for Alt news is Jesuits, Geoengineering, Flat Earth and Mass high level pedophilia, any alt news that does not “go there” now is suspect with me. Too much info out to just ignore or deny.
      Yea, i’ve done the same to Red Ice, Activist post, waking times, and all alt news and crickets as well.
      Jim Fetzer, wont’ touch it either. Either they are planted disinfo honeypot agents or they are afraid of alienating their readership base
      for whatever reason. 2017 will be a blowout year of awakening as the Earth’s climate unravels even more accelerated, here in the US Trump has installed the top General that ran Gitmo and previous, the invasion of Iraq to run Homeland INsecurity. The US is going into chaos and bringing FE out will open more minds
      Keep fighting to get the truth out, i’m finding that the bleeding heart liberals out here in CA, are more open to this conversation now than ever before.

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  12. Admin. December 24, 2016 at 7:19 pm Reply

    So true that these supposedly out there guys won’t touch something so basically important as Flat earth exposing masonic globe propaganda and truth about our universe. Egos in place no doubt or perhaps they think that what they are about is strange enough without tackling something as obvious but too mindbending as Flat Earth… cowards. AI and space wars are much more interesting. Seems to me they need to get real and back to flat earth before they fantacize. UFOs are real and many have experiences including myself but now I believe they are all from here both on or under flat earth! Incredible that we advanced so much in 20th century but the combustion engine has not improved much in those 100 years. All the fantastic flight options proposed in the 70s never eventuated so airplanes also have not advanced much in 50 years. No doubt in my mind that fantastic advanced technology is available and blocked by vested interests. Tesla’s work (thousands of patents) has been taken over by the cabal. We all have to push for the release of these paradigm changing technologies to be released now. Michael Tellinger is part of all this.


    • jwlpeace December 24, 2016 at 7:29 pm Reply

      I don’t like the psyop UFO.
      in my vid/docs i’ve disclosed how wireless touchless torture can implant images and seemingly real experiences in peoples heads at will by the powers that be.fyi, this is planned for the entire world for mass mind control

      I also chronicle how, in 1946, right after WWII, Admiral Byrd, began the UFO’s in Antarctica Psyop just three months after Roswell.

      This is part of all psyop, opaque and confuse. As you’ve chronicled their are so many other dimensions to our ‘reality’ that to call them UFO’s is a misnomer in that they may just be other dimensional realities of us, experiencing us.

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  13. Joel cobb January 5, 2017 at 4:41 am Reply

    I’m on board Michael I’ve been looking at this for two months I can’t hardly believe what I’m seeing and reading takes more research and faith.

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  14. werner heisenberg February 14, 2017 at 9:58 pm Reply

    Really? There is no evidence of curvature?

    How about the fact that before we could perform spherical trigonometry, maps were incredibly inaccurate?

    We need spherical geometry to calculate distances on the earth, because it is a sphere.

    If you disagree, Go and attempt to calculate accurate distances, and travel across the planet without spherical mathematics, you will get horribly lost.


  15. Boo Long March 17, 2017 at 3:15 pm Reply

    It’s not a case of belief. The earth is approximately spherical. It’s easily observed and measured. Flat earth proponents all seem to display a refusal to measure anything!


    • Admin. March 17, 2017 at 3:23 pm Reply

      I understand that you believe you are superior and knowledgeable but your method of measurement and observation is completely irrational and wrong. You can stick your spherical geometry where the sun don’t shine because it is completely irrelevant.. One day very soon you are going to know how stupid and indoctrinated you were/are. Critical thinking confirms that the earth is flat, water/oceans cannot have humps, rivers flow down not up (really think about that one!), Australians are not swinging off the bottom of the plane (t) and we are not cavorting through space at 1000mph…. go back to the drawing board!


      • Vic Button March 17, 2017 at 5:29 pm

        Thanks for that, Admin – you took the very words out of my mouth.
        One could add to that – that the spinning globe was only a proposal in the first place from faker mathematician Copernicus some 500 years ago.
        It is widely acknowledged that he got the maths seriously wrong and they have been tweaked ever since to try to make any kind of sense …. which is an impossible thing to do because our earth is quite still and flat.

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      • GlendaR March 17, 2017 at 11:19 pm

        Boo Long said: “Flat earth proponents all seem to display a refusal to measure anything!”

        Admin said: “thinking confirms that the earth is flat.”

        Why not confirm your thoughts with measurements? Perhaps because the measurements won’t match your thoughts?

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  16. Heather MacKessack April 17, 2017 at 11:39 am Reply

    I am thrilled to have found out that Michael Tillenger has become a flat Earther, I have been looking for like minded people since I realized that we do not live on a spinning ball (how ridiculous now that I think of it). It makes one think that you just CANNOT believe a word you hear from the so called authorities any longer. They want the masses to believe that we are open to an alien attack, and that is exactly what they are planning, with the help of their fake news feeds and don’t forget their sophisticated holographic technology. Those who have not seen the truth will be eaten up by Satan’s lie.

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  17. John pless November 16, 2017 at 3:37 pm Reply

    The way to prove whether flat or sphere involves the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn. Sphere earth: they should be same circumfrance; flat Earth: t of cancer circumfrance should be smaller than equator circumfrance and t of capricorn should be larger than equator. Sail/measure the t of capricorn which is over navigable ocean.

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  18. Alan Mountford December 8, 2017 at 11:03 am Reply

    Michael Tellinger – I used to think you were an intelligent researcher – but when I listened to you speak about your belief in flat earth theory I lost all interest in what you have to say.

    Earth has scientifically and mathematically been proven to be a sphere – an oblate spheroid if one wants to be technically correct.

    Let me ask you some serious questions

    With all the technology we have today – the modern aircraft, high resolution cameras and the like, if the earth is flat then why do we have NO aerial photos of the edge of the flat Earth????
    There is not one single website that I can find of all the millions on the Internet that even has one picture – not one! Why???

    Please explain to me why north of the Equator the stars appear to rotate in an arc from east to west about a northern celestial pole and south of the Equator the stars appear to rotate in an arc from east to west about a southern celestial pole???
    How can that happen if the earth is a disc and not a sphere???
    I live south of the Equator and witness all the time the stars appearing to rotate from East to West about a southern celestial pole. I have been doing that for over 70 years and it has ALWAYS been the same.
    Are you seriously telling me what I am seeing is a delusion – and if so please explain how and why I am seeing a delusion?

    Why have sailors for hundreds of years (ever since the invention of the Chronometer) used Celestial Navigation to locate their position accurately anywhere of Earth when the calculations involved uses a form of maths called SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY if the Earth is flat???
    Spherical trig does not work on flat planes and Plane trig does not work on spheres. The rules for each are quite different!
    I learned and practiced Celestial Navigation and EVERY line of position I plotted went through or close to my actual position. Why??

    Why do all GPS receivers use Spherical Trigonometry algorithms if the Earth is flat???

    Why does the Nautical Almanac for Celestial Navigation contain a table called Dipping Distance which is used by navigators to calculate their distance off a light/point when it first appears on the horizon. The distance off chart has been calculated using the radius of a spherical earth model. The distance off and a compass bearing of the light/point is used to give a Fix.
    I have been a recreational sailor all my life and know from experience that this is a common practice used by navigators.

    Why does the land ALWAYS appear to sink below the horizon when sailing away from it and rise from horizon as one approaches a coast from seaward if the earth is not curved?
    I have done thousands of miles of sailing and this observation ALWAYS occurs. If the Earth is flat why do I experience that???

    Wouldn’t a sextant be utterly useless on a flat Earth? Celestial Navigation relies on having a clear horizon line to measure the altitude of a celestial body accurately – and if the actual horizon is tens of thousands of miles away as it would be on a flat Earth it would be invisible ALL the time due to atmospheric haze because of the distance.

    When I set a long spirit level up on top of a high hill overlooking the sea so that it reads dead level, why when sighting along the top of the level on a day when I have a clear horizon is that horizon BELOW the top of the spirit level?????
    Why can I clearly see a horizon line at all if the real horizon is tens of thousands of miles away on the other side of the flat Earth where it would be invisible due to atmospheric haze.
    Why the higher up I go to do this sight the greater the distance below the level does the horizon appear to be???

    If the force holding everything to the ground is caused by the Earth disc accelerating upwards continuously then why is it not travelling at superluminal speed upwards after thousands of years???

    I’ll wager that you or any other flat earth believer can give me a coherent, simple, logical answer to ALL my questions!
    The only scenario that fits these questions is that the Earth has to be SPHERICAL!!

    I could poke huge holes in a lot more flat Earth Theory (And that is all it is – an unproven theory) but I’ll leave that for another time perhaps.


  19. Alan Mountford December 17, 2017 at 5:18 am Reply

    It has been known and proven for hundreds of years that the Earth is a sphere – long – long – long before NASA was formed
    Yes NASA has been nicknamed “Never a Straight Answer” – and there are some good reasons for that.
    However it is NOT all half-truths and lies that they tell – their stating that we live on a Spherical earth is TRUE
    So I am hereby glad to explain by giving you indisputable scientific FACTS that anyone can verify to PROVE the Flat Earth model is FALSE!!

    This information is going to blow your flat earth theory to Kingdom come!!!
    It will shake your paradigm to the core – if you truly have an open mind.
    But it probably will be water off a ducks back as they say. because I find most flat earth believers have closed their mind to any information that challenges their delusion.

    I am using this definition as to what is Scientific Fact :-
    noun :- any observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and accepted as true;
    any scientific observation that has not been refuted

    To prove my case I have listed a number of pairs of places from between about one and a quarter degrees North/South of the Equator to about sixty seven and a half degrees North/South of the Equator that have latitudes that are very close to each other – but one opposite sides of the Equator – along with the hours between sunrise and sunset at each location for Summer and Winter Solstices.

    You will see that these pairs of places at close to the same latitude share essentially the same daytime hours within seconds and that the closer one gets towards the N/S poles, the longer the daylight hours become at the Summer Solstice and shorter the daylight hours at the Winter Solstice by a significant degree.
    Near the Equator there is only a small difference in daylight hours between Summer and Winter solstices.
    This information meets the criteria of scientific FACT/PROOF that anyone can check and verify – that locations of the same latitude north and south of the Equator share the same number of hours of daylight on any given day six months apart within seconds.

    Such a situation does not and CANNOT occur on your flat earth model – thus proving the flat earth model FALSE.
    Nothing other than a GLOBE model fits these scientific FACTS which can be verified by anyone.

    If you believe otherwise then please draw some flat earth diagrams and post them here for all to see that show the light and dark for the summer Solstices for the southern hemispheres with the sunrise/sunset times in the correct place for the locations I have named listed. This will mean showing the sun illuminating the whole of the outer Earth edge during the southern Solstice, north as far as the latitude where the sun can still be seen for 24 hours. (above 65 deg North) since Antarctica has daylight for 24hrs in summer.

    The diagrams must show the areas where the sun is shining so that it corresponds with the charted sunrise/sunset times for those locations I listed.
    Then explain how a lamp in the sky can throw a light pattern of that strange shape on a flat earth..

    Also please explain the mechanism by which the shape of the sunlight and shadow change throughout the year on a flat earth model.

    Then look at the same thing on a globe model and tell me which model makes the most sense.

    First I used this chart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_population_centers_by_latitude to find some locations that have the same or very close to the same latitude North and South of the Equator
    Then I went to Google and typed in the following. “Sunrise/Sunset times for London.” for example
    This will bring up this chart for London https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/uk/london
    Go to the bottom of the page to select the month you wish to look at to find the list of Sunrise/Sunset times and the time interval between them.
    Below is the list of pairs of places I chose from the list above that are very close in equal N/S latitude.
    You can choose for yourself any combination of places with the same latitude that you wish and the results will be the same as I found.
    Rothera, British Antarctic Territory – Lat 67 Deg 34’ South
    Summer Solstice 21st Dec – Sunrise/Sunset interval. Sun above horizon all day.
    Winter Solstice 21st June – Sunrise/Sunset interval. Sun never rises above horizon.

    Verkhoyansk, Sakha Republic, Russia. Lat 67 deg 33” North
    Summer Solstice June 21st. – Sunrise/Sunset interval. Sun above horizon all day.
    Winter Solstice 21st Dec – Sunset/Sunrise interval. Sun never rises above the horizon
    Puerto Toro, Magallanes, Chile. Lat 55 deg 05’ South
    Summer Solstice. 21st Dec. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 17 hours 21 min 47 secs.
    Winter Solstice. 20/21 June. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 7hrs 10 min 43 secs

    Novosibirsk, Cheyabirsk, Russia Lat 55 deg 09’ North
    Summer Solstice. June 21st. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 17 hrs 22min 43 secs
    Winter Solstice. 21st Dec, Sunrise/ Sunset interval. 7 hrs 09 min 46 secs.
    Stanley, Falkland Islands, South Atlantic. Lat 51 deg 42’ South
    Summer Solstice. 21st Dec, Sunrise/ Sunset interval 16 hrs 40 min 45 secs
    Winter Solstice, June 21/22. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 7 hrs 47 min 43 secs.

    Oxford, England. Lat 51 deg 45’ North
    Summer Solstice June 21st. Sunrise/ Sunset interval. 16 hrs, 41min, 04 secs.
    Winter Solstice Dec 21. Sunrise/Sunset interval 7 hr 47 min 13 secs
    Valdivia, Rio Negro, Argentina, Lat 39 deg 49’ South.
    Summer Solstice 21st Dec. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 14 hrs 59 min 57 secs
    Winter Solstice. 20/21 June. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 9 hrs 20 min 39 secs

    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Lat 39 deg 46’ North.
    Summer Solstice. 21st June. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 14 hrs 59 min, 22 secs.
    Winter Solstice. 21st Dec. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 9 hrs, 21 min, 08 secs.
    Townsville, Queensland Australia. Lat 19 deg 15’ South.
    Summer Solstice. 21/22 Dec. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 13 hrs, 17 mins, 45 secs.
    Winter Solstice. 21st June. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 10hrs, 58 min, 07 secs.

    Mexico City, Mexico. Lat 19 deg 26” North
    Summer Solstice. Jun 21/22st. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 13 hrs, 18 min 11 secs
    Winter Solstice. Dec. 21. Sunrise/Sunset interval.10 hrs, 57 mins 41 secs..
    Nairobi, Kenya. Lat 1 deg 17 min South
    Summer Solstice. Dec 21/22. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 12 hrs, 11 min 59 secs.
    Winter Solstice. June 21/22 12hrs, 02 min, 51 secs.

    Singapore, Singapore. Lat 1 deg 17” north.
    Summer Solstice. Dec 20/21. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 12 hrs 03 min 04 secs
    Winter Solstice. Jun 20/21. Sunrise/Sunset interval. 12 hrs 11 mins46 secs.
    Anyone is welcome to copy this information and post it on other sites to debunk the flat earth believers lies.


    • Admin. December 17, 2017 at 7:24 pm Reply

      You simply do not have the ability to critically think Alan Mountford. All the stuff you quote above is total bunkum. The earth is flat, NASA is a shill operation robbing us of billions every year to pay bad CGI artists; we never went to the moon; we have never been deeper than 8 miles into the earth or higher than about 78 miles; ISS and other “satellites” are balloons; there is no “space” or if there is there is no way to prove it. The greeks and copernicus could not fly so there stuff is mathematical BS and speculation. Nobody has ever filmed or been able to photograph our plane fullstop except for the many flawed videos due to fisheye lenses. Gravity and the Van Allen Belt are IMHO further BS. Wake up and start using your paralysed brain if you have one.

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    • poolman December 17, 2017 at 9:11 pm Reply

      “It has been known and proven for hundreds of years that the Earth is a sphere” – Alan Mountford

      No. No it hasn’t. That ball theory may have been kicking around for hundreds of years, but there has never been any real proof for it. Most experiments set out to prove our earth a sphere have instead proven otherwise. There is no curvature.

      The rest of your mumbo jumbo I consider just that.

      Science is a process where experiments can be performed and repeated to obtain the same result every single time. Facts are those tangible things that are always true no matter if they are believed or not.

      Today there are so many experiments taking place and many recorded over the centuries that prove the earth flat and motionless.

      All we need to do is log into nasa’s 24/7/365 real time earth cam…

      Oh yeah, never mind. We have real time video cams for every other real thing. Hollywood is there for the rest.

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    • Rat (@ratinaflat) December 18, 2017 at 6:36 am Reply

      @Alan Mountford :It has been a LIE for 500 years, Nasa was formed to just confirm the lie.They just had to wait for the right time. The earth is FLAT. End of story


  20. semaj December 17, 2017 at 6:42 pm Reply

    Can anyone show me high rise buildings across the earth that are not vertically parallel to each other or even across a city where curvature should be apparent? Can anyone show me curved water? Why can none of the supposed satellites, remembering that some are supposedly a very long way from earth, show a high resolution photo of the entire earth (not composites) where we could zoom in and see mountains or buildings pointing out to north, south, east or west and all points in between? Just asking!

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  21. Admin. December 17, 2017 at 7:30 pm Reply

    It is a fact that Engineers, Architects have never considered any curvature in their design and construction of railways, bridges (some of them 100s of miles long), canals (Suez is level), all canals constructed in UK and France are level and use locks to change levels when necessary. The Nullabor Plains in Australia is hundreds of miles long and FLAT as well as much of the rest of the continent. The whole global model is flawed IMHO after much investigation and study.


    • Rat (@ratinaflat) December 18, 2017 at 6:41 am Reply

      It’s been a lie for 500 years and they are getting desperate to defend it. Whereas the TRUTH need not be defended, as it defends itself. A lie will always remain a lie even if EVERYONE believes it but the TRUTH will remain the TRUTH even if NO ONE believes it.


  22. MrScience December 18, 2017 at 2:36 pm Reply

    Admin – this page is totally without question some your best work “Critical thinking confirms that the earth is flat, water/oceans cannot have humps, rivers flow down not up (really think about that one!)” – “rivers flow down not up” and “Gravity is BS” – both on the same page…
    How do rivers flow down without gravity? You are even contradicting yourself… I love your commitment to how funny you can be… just fantastic. I’m crying with laughter, you guys are the best. Love you all…


    • jwlpeace December 19, 2017 at 5:12 pm Reply

      you need to find some other ways to entertain yourself MrScience
      I bet you do not even know the etymology of the word “science”
      it means “to know”
      and obviously you do not wish to
      so a suggestion.
      go somewhere else and be a jerk please


  23. MrScience December 18, 2017 at 2:45 pm Reply

    Admin – “It is a fact that Engineers, Architects have never considered any curvature in their design and construction of railways, bridges…” but they all account for Gravity, it’s called weight… lol – Weight without Gravity is just Mass… or don’t you believe in mass either?
    Please post a funny on Mass or Weight, It would make a fantastic bumper sticker…


    • Admin. December 20, 2017 at 5:55 am Reply

      I think you need to change your name… Mr Science is a misnomer. I like the word density rather than mass because it is more accurate. Anything denser than air sits happily on the ground without any suction or any force involved in pullingorkeeping it there. That is the obvious fact. There are plenty of cartoons justifying your stupidity already. Put your addled brain to better use.


  24. jwlpeace December 19, 2017 at 5:10 pm Reply

    jwlpeace at gmail.com


    • Matthew Chopin December 19, 2017 at 5:30 pm Reply

      Thanks. I sent the pictures. You can delete this post thread now.


  25. Matthew Chopin December 19, 2017 at 5:13 pm Reply

    Please delete my post and send me an email so I can send you some pictures. I don’t know how to contact you guys directly…. this is silly. I don’t know why you don’t have an email that the public, or at least your subscribers, can send you something without it showing up on a public forum.


  26. semaj December 19, 2017 at 9:36 pm Reply

    Weight, buoyancy and pressure are what has become known as ‘gravity’. Gravity is a theory and theory is NOT fact. AGW was a theory propagandised as ‘fact’ hence we now have climate change because global warming is NOT happening. Wonder what they will call it next to bamboozle the mushy pea brained public into parting with more money.
    So, if gravity, the invisible, incredible force that keeps us on the ground (not air pressure or weight stupid!) requires 17,000mph or there about, for a Saturn 5 rocket to escape earth’s gravity, would it not have to be doing that speed from lift off? Once out of earth’s clutches it apparently then could ‘freefall’ so requiring very little fuel, in the vacuum of space to the moon. But hang on, we are told that the moon stays in its position due to earth’s gravity so how can a tiny spacecraft get away from earth but not the moon? (How the hell does a butterfly defy gravity!!!)Has anyone ever seen a rotating object retain any thing laid in place on its outer surface ? Tyres fortunately can throw water off at almost any speed the moment they start rotating and don’t generate their own gravity no matter how fast they rotate. I always remember one of my indoctrinated school teachers swinging a bucket of water in a circle to ‘prove’ gravity because the water stayed in the bucket. When I suggested it was actually centrifugal force keeping the water in I was treated to a detention for insolence. I decided I best not suggest looking at a wet tennis ball when thrown!
    While I am on the subject has anyone yet seen a proven demonstration of a vacuum existing next to atmosphere without a sealed, physical barrier separating them? Just asking!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Admin. December 20, 2017 at 5:48 am Reply

    Great facts… I like to tell people that I feel no resistance when I lift my feet, jump, dance, run. And indeed get up from a chair. The whole gravity thing is rubbish. As simple as it seems there seems to be up and down… how far up and how far down is still a question. Anything heavier than air is down on the ground… flat unmoving terra firma illusion. There has not been much chat here about the Dome but of course religion references it with the domes on churches (particularly St Peters in Rome). I watched “Under the Dome” right through. Stephen Kings little contribution and thought it puerile rubbish displaying the worst mostly of humanity with a few truths and of course love “Truman Show” and the many references in commercials to breaking through the dome and the flooding of the football stadiums by the waters from above. So like the Truman Show I think we are a large experiment that is nearing completion as we all wake up to our reality both holographically(illusion) and dimensionally (spiritually). I know I am an eternal spiritual being having yet another lifetime matrix holographic experience to experience” experience”. I do not think death is real or sad but just a transition on completing a particular lifestream experience whether successful in achieving a particular goal or understanding or not. Perhaps we return many times to tackle the same issues. All life is a learning curve that never ends and I have never met anyone who knows everything… has anybody? Rational critical thinking is what is mostly lacking today mainly because the average person is so busy just trying to exist that there is no time or energy for anything else more important like understanding their very soul or existence. And your last question… No. This is not possible in any way. Isn’t it amazing how much we do not know about our world and yet we think we are so sophisticated and all knowing… what a joke!

    Liked by 2 people

  28. jwlpeace December 20, 2017 at 5:47 pm Reply

    Well said

    i might add that our misplaced arrogance does not even consider that the ancients build such monuments that, to this day, all still have no idea why the built them, how they built them or what the true purpose of these magnificent creation are for.

    Spiritual eternal beings experiencing a physical reality for each of us to learn who we are and create a better world for all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cathy Rooks December 22, 2017 at 5:07 pm Reply

      Look up Book of Enoch/The Nephilim regarding these things.


  29. Alan Mountford December 23, 2017 at 12:34 pm Reply

    Admin – It is VERY easy to say that the facts I mentioned are Bunkum – However you are doing exactly what I see so many people who have deceived themselves into believing the Flat Earth lie are doing.
    They make statements and never produce ANYTHING to support those statements
    They just sidestep the facts by doing that.

    It is plainly obvious to me that you did not spend even one second to check to see if anything at all I said was correct. You just rubbished it straight off because you saw it didn’t agree with your distorted belief system.
    How’s that for a closed mind!!!

    Do I take it then that you are saying that the sunrise/sunset times and the time intervals in between for the locations I mentioned are incorrect?
    You can go to Google and search Sunrise/Sunset times for your location today and check yourself if it is correct. I’ll guarantee it is
    The published sunrise/sunset times throughout the year certainly are correct for my current location on the East Coast of Australia.- and always have been.

    I lived for many years in New Zealand.- Auckland to be specific – and on a number of occasions took summer holidays to the South Island.
    One of the first things I noticed was how much longer the hours of daylight were down there compared to Auckland – by a considerable degree at that time of the year.

    The time interval between sunrise and Sunset in Auckland for today 30 Dec 2017 is 14 hours 39 minutes and 59 seconds
    In Dunedin it is 15 hours,41 minutes and 24 seconds today
    That is a little more than a whole hour longer in Dunedin than Auckland – plus the twilight times are also longer in Dunedin than Auckland.
    I bet you can’t explain that of your Flat Earth model!!

    Maths is an EXACT science.
    It doesn’t matter how many times you do a sum – if it is done correctly each time – you will ALWAYS come up with the same answer.- Right??
    I take from what you are saying that you know nothing about geometrical maths and have probably never done it?

    Sailors for hundreds of years have been using Celestial Navigation (the maths of which uses Spherical Trig) to find their position and a navigator on a full size ship can find his position with an accuracy of about 1 nautical mile.
    Celestial Navigation is still practiced to this day (I learned and practiced it and my position lines ALWAYS went through or close to my actual position) and if it had been unreliable of didn’t work it would have been abandoned at the start.

    FACT – you can’t use Spherical Trig on flat planes, nor can you use Plane trig on a sphere – it simply doesn’t work
    Of course I don’t think you have any concept of how Spherical trig or Celestial Navigation works – so your reply suggests to me like you are totally ignorant about such a lot in life.

    Before the advent of GPS navigators only had one choice of navigation system when crossing oceans – and that is Celestial Navigation. It is MATHEMATICAL PROOF of a spherical Earth – and the maths doesn’t lie!!


    • poolman December 23, 2017 at 3:51 pm Reply

      With a sun 93 million miles away, Dunedin and Auckland would receive the same sunlight, even on a ball. The mountains to the west of Dunedin would block the sun whereas there are none at Auckland. Only with a local sun moving east to west in a circular pattern traveling further to the south (outside edge of the disc shaped earth) during the winter solstice would you have such differences in sunrise and sunset over only hundreds of miles.

      You seem intelligent enough to figure this out. I understand you need to get past your programming. I suggest you check out some theories as to how this dome covered magnetic disc can work. It explains many of the things science cannot.

      And about math, I suggest you research Nikola Tesla and his comments regarding math and science.


  30. Alan Mountford December 23, 2017 at 5:02 pm Reply

    I can assure you that your statement is incorrect and you can easily enough prove to yourself that what I am saying is correct
    Type into Google Sunrise/Sunset times for both cities. to see the listed times and intervals for every day of the year. Check the times for your location.
    Dunedin has a little over an hour longer between sunrise and sunset than does Auckland at this time of year.
    I have been there several times and experienced that.

    By the way in winter Auckland has more hours between sunrise/sunset than Dunedin

    Firstly the time of official Sunrise/Sunset is not taken from the point where the sun appears/disappears above a hill/mountain or other obstruction.
    It is taken from where the horizon would be if there were no obstructions to block the view.

    Take a look at my post further above where I list a number of pairs of locations that are at or very close to the same latitude N/S.
    You will see that a location of a given latitude has the same sunrise/sunset interval within a minute or so as another location of the same latitude in the opposite hemisphere at summer and winter solstices for that hemisphere.

    As one moves north/south of the Equator for that hemisphere’s summer Solstice the daylight hours increase – right to the point there is no night time hours at all because the sun does not sink below the horizon at the north and south poles,
    The converse happens at winter solstice.
    As one moves towards the poles the daylight hours decrease until one has 24 hours of darkness near the poles

    Such a thing cannot happen on a flat Earth model.
    If you don’t believe me then may I suggest that you plot out the sunrise/sunset times for the locations I gave in the post some way above on – a flat earth model.
    It is a relatively simple job to plot out since every 15 degrees of circumference equals one hour.
    So if you had say 10 hours of sunshine for that latitude then from the midday meridian you would move 75 degrees either side of it
    You will of course realise that on a flat Earth model the whole of the outer edge of the disc will be lit at southern summer Solstice.
    Now explain why you have such a strange shape of daylight/darkness
    Then do a drawing for the southern winter Solstice and see the difference of the sunlit/dark areas
    How does your lampshade sun cast those continually changing shapes of sunlit/dark areas throughout the year. What is the mechanism used and how is it powered?


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 3:35 am Reply

      I don’t think you have considered the circuit of a local sun on a flat earth. In the summer the circular path is tighter/smaller and in winter bigger/longer. That easily explains the sunrise and sunsets with the times you list. There are many good videos out there that show better detail. I won’t post one. But I will post this gif that will show you how it does work.


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 3:41 am Reply

      Magnetism or electromagnetism could be the ‘engine’. Some think the sun is rather a projection, which could be valid given the corpuscular rays. Can you explain this with your sun 93 million miles away? Or math?


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 3:50 am Reply

      “Firstly the time of official Sunrise/Sunset is not taken from the point where the sun appears/disappears above a hill/mountain or other obstruction.
      It is taken from where the horizon would be if there were no obstructions to block the view.”

      Okay, let’s find that link and have you post it. Just because you seem so sure. But let’s also discuss that term HORIZON. What do YOU think that means? My dictionary tells me it is where the sky and earth converge in our vision and it always appears at the viewers eye LEVEL. How can level exist on a ball? Or why sunRISE and sunSET if the earth is the one moving?

      My guess is you haven’t given this much consideration. If you can get past your programming…


  31. Alan Mountford December 23, 2017 at 5:45 pm Reply

    Here is the listed sunrise/sunset times for Auckland and Dunedin for 30th Dec 2017
    You can check this by going to Google and typing in Sunrise/Sunset times for each location

    Auckland Sunrise 6.03 am
    Sunset 8.42 pm
    Interval 14 hours 39 mins 31 secs

    Dunedin Sunrise 5.49 am
    Sunset 9.30pm
    Interval 15 hrs 41 mins 24 secs.

    Direction of sunrise/sunset Auckland Rise 120 deg
    Set 240 deg

    Direction sunrise/sunset Dunedin Rise 125 deg
    Set 235 deg


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 3:56 am Reply

      I don’t doubt the sunrise and sunset times. I have already been through many of them myself. It works with a local sun, like the illustration I posted.

      There is a video out there where one flat earther in Seattle WA is communicating with another in Great Britain livestream and they are both seeing the sun. How does that figure on your ball earth?

      I will give you the benefit of the doubt and think you just haven’t done the research. I have only realized the earth flat for a little over a year and I am 60! A lot of indoctrination to discard…


  32. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 1:55 am Reply

    Rat (@ratinaflat) December 18, 2017 at 6:36 am Reply
    @Alan Mountford :It has been a LIE for 500 years, Nasa was formed to just confirm the lie.They just had to wait for the right time. The earth is FLAT. End of story

    OK Rat = please explain to me why a ships navigator can locate his position to within about one nautical mile by using Celestial Navigation (Spherical trig maths used) at sea in good conditions?

    In the days long before GPS came on the scene I had a friend who was a ships navigator.

    Then when I was learning to do Celestial Navigation I went to different beaches to take my sextant sights, then went home and worked the spherical trigonometry maths.
    Then I got out my Mercator projection navigation chart and plotted my position line.
    That line ALWAYS went through or very close to the place I had stood to take the sight.

    If you don’t know what a Mercator projection chart is and why it is constructed the way it is may I suggest getting a book on coastal navigation from your library and studying it

    Let me explain something.
    Draw an equilateral triangle on a piece of paper (An equilateral triangle is one with two sides of equal length – in case you don’t know).
    This is a PLANE triangle.
    Now draw a line parallel to the base halfway between the apex and base. That line will be half the length of the base – Correct?

    Now take a globe and using the north or south pole as the apex, two meridians as the sides and the Equator as the base for your Spherical triangle.
    A line that is half the length of the base is NOT halfway between the pole and the Equator – but at 60 deg north or south of the Equator.

    Halfway between the poles and Equator is 45 deg since it is 90 deg between pole and equator.
    So that is a MASSIVE 15 deg difference!!
    One sixtieth of one degree of latitude equals one nautical mile (about 6080 feet) or a little under 2 kilometres.
    Therefore 15 degrees latitude equals 15 x 60 = 900 nautical miles.
    Now that is a significant difference wouldn’t you say between a plane triangle and a spherical triangle!!

    That is why one cannot use Plane trig to calculate one’ s position on the surface of the spherical Earth and why using spherical trig on a flat plane would also result in enormous errors.
    Anyone who has at least reasonable intellectual capacity can surely see that!

    Let me also add that a Sextant would be utterly useless on a flat earth since one would never have a clear sharp horizon due to the horizon being thousands of miles away and therefore lost in atmospheric haze, dust/smoke and refraction etc.
    But since the Earth is Spherical the horizon is only a few miles away at eye height and nearly always clear
    A Sextant is a precision measuring instrument capable of measuring an angle to an accuracy of one tenth of one sixtieth of one degree.
    To use a Sextant one brings a reflected image of the celestial body down so that it just touches the horizon so that it’s altitude can be measured accurately.
    For every one sixtieth of one degree that angle is in error in the measured altitude of that celestial body one’s position is out by one nautical mile.

    It will be very easy to say I am talking rubbish – but impossible to prove anything incorrect!!


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 4:16 am Reply

      “Let me also add that a Sextant would be utterly useless on a flat earth since one would never have a clear sharp horizon due to the horizon being thousands of miles away and therefore lost in atmospheric haze, dust/smoke and refraction etc.”

      You ARE new to this. If you grasp the meaning of HORIZON and understand the limitations of our human vision, you can get past this very false statement. I guess you think no one could navigate the seas 500 years ago believing they were on a flat earth. The civilizations did actually, and with great skill. They were all flat earth believers. The majority of the peoples on earth knew the earth was flat and rejected the globe THEORY. Remember, like evolution, heliocentricism is THEORY, not fact. Put that in your calculator and press enter!,

      But lets talk about curvature. What do you think the curvature is? Do you accept science’s .666 feet per mile squared? If so, shouldn’t it be evident in ALL directions?


  33. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 6:49 am Reply

    Your comment about “Horizon” makes me wonder if you understand what it means in terms of navigation?
    The curve of the Earth IS clearly evident in all directions – well at least to the hundreds of thousands of those of us who sail or go to sea, and have spent thousands of hours beyond the shoreline. Ask and boatie!

    I find it interesting that so many flat earth believers are unable or unwilling to answer straight questions with straight answers without getting their knickers in a knot and making nasty comments.
    I know it happens the other way too and that is not conducive to people learning the truth.
    Very easy to make statements without backing it up with solid evidence.

    You stated I am “New” to this – whatever “this” is. OH really – How do you Know? I didn’t see you give any evidence for your statement
    The simple answer is you DON’T know anything about me really.

    Actually I have had more than my three score years and ten of experience on this planet and have accomplished a lot of different things I my life.
    I have spent a lot of time researching various subjects including this one. I don’t just accept things because someone says so – I do my research first.

    I have used the table below as an aid for calculating my position when coastal cruising as do many other sailors – because it WORKS.
    I don’t use any feet/mile squared formulas – just the chart below and I have no idea if the figure quoted is correct or not. It is of no consequence to me anyway.
    This table below is mathematically calculated using the radius of the earth. It is a table of calculations to show how far away a light or point is when it dips on the horizon depending on one’s eye height above sea level and the height of the light/point

    The distances off may be affected by refraction since light can bend significantly around the curve of the Earth in certain atmospheric conditions – but the error always puts you further away from the light/point than the chart indicates.
    One takes a compass bearing of the light/point then measures off the distance given in the table on a reciprocal bearing.
    Today it is easy to check this is correct with GPS. Sailors commonly used this table when coastal/ocean cruising before GPS.
    This table has been used for goodness knows how long and is printed in every Nautical Almanac

    Since I KNOW (not believe –KNOW) celestial Navigation works (by my own and so many hundreds of thousands of other’s experience) and can trust the spherical trig calculations 100% because they work, and KNOW it cannot work on a flat plane. Therefore I KNOW the Earth is spherical.

    Also since the sunrise/sunset times can only be satisfactorily be explained on a globe Earth and not a flat Earth then I KNOW that the Earth is a sphere.

    I can see the land sink behind me and rise ahead of me when sailing up and down a coastline. Same when sailing away from the coast and approaching the coast. It happens EVERY time and I have done thousands of miles including about 5000 offshore in the South Pacific.

    I see the stars in the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise from East to west about a southern Celestial Pole – opposite the northern hemisphere.
    High and low pressure weather systems rotate in opposite directions north and south of the equator which doesn’t appear possible on a flat Earth model. I could go on and on!
    No one has ever proven any of this I have mentioned as being untrue and along with seeing nothing at all that proves flat earth. theory conclusively.
    Yes – I have seen things that might indicate a flat earth – but when one looks at the WHOLE picture – there is only one model that fits all the observed criteria

    Lights – distance off when rising or dipping (Nautical Miles)
    Height of Eye metres
    Height of Light
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.7 9.5 10.2 10.8 11.3 11.7 12.1 12.5 12.8 13.2
    12 9.3 10.1 10.8 11.4 11.9 12.3 12.7 13.1 13.4 13.8
    14 9.9 10.7 11.4 12.0 12.5 12.9 13.3 13.7 14.0 14.4
    16 10.4 11.2 11.9 12.5 13.0 13.4 13.8 14.2 14.5 14.9
    18 10.9 11.7 12.4 13.0 13.5 13.9 14.3 14.7 15.0 15.4
    20 11.4 12.2 12.9 13.5 14.0 14.4 14.8 15.2 15.5 15.9
    22 11.9 12.7 13.4 14.0 14.5 14.9 15.3 15.7 16.0 16.4
    24 12.3 13.1 13.8 14.4 14.9 15.3 15.7 16.1 16.4 17.0
    26 12.7 13.5 14.2 14.8 15.3 15.7 16.1 16.5 16.8 17.2
    28 13.1 13.9 14.6 15.2 15.7 16.1 16.5 16.9 17.2 17.6
    30 13.5 14.3 15.0 15.6 16.1 16.5 16.9 17.2 17.6 18.0
    32 13.9 14.7 15.4 16.0 16.5 16.9 17.3 17.7 18.0 18.4
    34 14.2 15.0 15.7 16.3 16.8 17.2 17.6 18.0 18.3 18.7
    36 14.6 15.4 16.1 16.7 17.2 17.6 18.0 18.4 18.7 19.1
    38 14.9 15.7 16.4 17.0 17.5 17.9 18.3 18.7 19.0 19.4
    40 15.3 16.1 16.8 17.4 17.9 18.2 18.7 19.1 19.4 19.8
    42 15.6 16.4 17.1 17.7 18.2 18.6 19.0 19.4 19.7 20.1
    44 15.9 16.7 17.4 18.0 19.5 18.9 19.3 19.7 20.0 20.4
    46 16.2 17.0 17.7 18.3 18.8 19.2 19.6 20.0 20.3 20.7
    48 16.5 17.3 18.0 18.6 19.1 19.5 19.9 20.3 20.6 21.0
    50 16.8 17.6 18.3 18.9 19.4 19.8 20.2 20.6 20.9 21.3
    55 17.5 18.3 19.0 19.6 20.1 20.5 20.9 21.3 21.6 22.0
    60 18.2 19.0 19.7 20.3 20.8 21.2 21.6 22.0 22.3 22.7
    65 18.9 19.7 20.4 21.0 21.5 21.9 22.3 22.7 23.0 23.4
    70 19.5 20.3 21.0 21.6 22.1 22.5 22.9 23.2 23.6 24.0
    75 20.1 20.9 21.6 22.2 22.7 23.1 23.5 23.9 24.2 24.6
    80 20.7 21.5 22.2 22.8 23.3 23.7 24.1 24.5 24.8 25.2
    85 21.3 22.1 22.8 23.4 23.9 24.3 24.7 15.1 25.4 25.8
    90 21.8 22.6 23.3 23.9 24.4 24.8 25.2 15.6 25.9 26.3
    95 22.4 23.2 23.9 24.5 25.0 25.4 25.8 16.2 26.5 26.9
    Posted 5th December 2012


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 2:07 pm Reply

      HORIZON comes from horizontal which is a straight line left to right at eye LEVEL. It was never considered a curvison, the only thing you can have on a sphere is a curve. I asked if you agreed with science’s .666 feet per mile squared. You declined to say. I’m sure you’re still working on that…

      The fact is if we were on a ball, NOTHING could be flat and level. There is no up or down.

      Navigation is something we all do everyday. We can sight celestial bodies and chart from them because they move ABOVE us and we are stationary. How do you think temples can capture the sunlight and project it inside their structures every solstice? THis isn’t possible if we are jetting through space.

      “The curve of the Earth IS clearly evident in all directions – well at least to the hundreds of thousands of those of us who sail or go to sea, and have spent thousands of hours beyond the shoreline. Ask and boatie!”

      The seas are flat and we use them as a gauge to determine sea LEVEL. There is NO CURVE visible at any altitude. If you’ve seen one with your own eyes you were surely hallucinating. That curve you think you see is inside your head.

      Wide angle camera lenses are not accurate depictions of the world we live in.

      A compass cannot work on a sphere. Does it point through the globe from Auckland. And if the earth a magnetic core, why wouldn’t it go there every time? A gyroscope cannot function over a ball either. It’s job is to keep upright over a flat plane. You’re missing simple facts.

      I claimed you are new to this because your questions have been addressed multiple times at this site alone. If you are truly into discovering the truth of our reality, you could do your own experiments and/or research. I have.


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 2:22 pm Reply

      “I can see the land sink behind me and rise ahead of me when sailing up and down a coastline. Same when sailing away from the coast and approaching the coast. It happens EVERY time and I have done thousands of miles including about 5000 offshore in the South Pacific.”

      There’s your atmospheric distortion. The land doesn’t rise on approach and sink behind. You’re no able to see things until they are close enough to where they no longer converge in your line of sight.

      How do lighthouses work on your spinny ball?


  34. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 6:51 am Reply

    Sorry – that chart hasn’t posted properly
    But you can find it by doing a google search for table of dipping distances.


  35. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 7:00 am Reply

    You can find the sunrise/sunset tables for many locations by going to Google and typing in Sunrise/Sunset times for “Lcation”
    Such as Sunrise/Sunset times for Auckland
    That will bring up a link that has a table for every day of the year.

    Check your own location to see if it agrees with what you experience.


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 2:16 pm Reply

      I have done the sunrise/sunset thing. The degree and times can only work with a local sun.
      And again, it’s the SUN that is moving!

      How about that link describing what earth plane is used to determine sunrise/sunset. You claimed mountains are not part of that equation, I’d like to see your proof.


  36. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 7:27 am Reply

    That animation of the sun going around a flat Earth model you posted does not correspond to the sunrise/sunset times for any day of the year.
    I suggest you do some diagrams using the sunrise/sunset times for summer solstices for each hemisphere and also one for the equinox.

    Draw the meridians at 15 deg intervals as that will represent one hour of the sun’s rotation on your flat chart.(24 hours x 15 deg equals 360 deg (a full circle))
    From that you can easily workout the locations where the sun rises and sets at a particular latitude from the sunrise/sunset tables by counting back or forwards the hours from the midday meridian you choose

    I think you just might b surprised at the shape of the sunlight/darkness you get.


    • poolman December 24, 2017 at 2:29 pm Reply

      The sun excites the gasses in the upper atmosphere under the dome (firmament). We experience daylight and the colors of mostly neon gas before the sunrises. There have been some very good examples of how this done. This is real science and it’s being done by many people right now.

      So the ‘shape’ of the sunlight is not that entirely. Upper atmospheric gasses produce much of that light.


  37. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 12:35 pm Reply

    Have a look at this short video clip which shows the shape of day and night on a flat earth at Southern Summer Solstice
    Then explain how a single sun can cast that shape of light??????
    poolman this is the shape you would have ended up with as I suggested doing above.

    Gosh – the flat earth crowd are just digging themselves into deeper and deeper holes!


  38. Alan Mountford December 24, 2017 at 7:44 pm Reply

    I am going to leave all you people to your delusion
    One cannot use simple logic and scientific and mathematical proof to a deluded person since they will not listen or it goes right over their head
    Feels like I am trying to reason with inmates of a mental institution since the reasoning is just so bizzare


  39. John Irvine November 17, 2019 at 7:14 am Reply

    Michael I wish you well, however us in the southern hemisphere don’t see the sun as our northern friends do. When I lived in Tassie on the banks of the Tamar I saw daily, especially in winter, the sun lowering to the south, whereas in the north it lowers to the north, appearing to circle the pole. Also the distances, east to west, agree with what the longitude distance would be at 40 – 1 degrees south. The 90 mile straight on the Nullabor also concurs with the longitudinal distance… On the other hand you can stand on the beach at Tomahawk and see the Furneaux Group. Should not be able to see it. Also NASA informed everyone who knows anything about vacuums, that the space station is fake when it was holed, and they did not worry about it until the next day. In reality if it was in space it would have been ripped apart..


  40. steve December 27, 2019 at 12:50 pm Reply

    This image make sense considering the height of the buildings in Chicago, and the fact that the photo is not taken from lake level at the water), but higher level on the hill side nearby the lake. Just calculate the sight possible based on your actual height (https://dizzib.github.io/earth/curve-calc/?d0=50&h0=75&unit=imperial), and the photo clearly is not showing street level but rather tall building only, so it does mean the earth has some curves. The argument that the earth may not be a perfect sphere is possible, since longer distance horizons have been seen at the poles. But arguing that the earth is a flat is just rejecting all common sense.


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