Flat Earth News From The Early 1900’s — Our Hidden History

Flat Earth News From The Early 1900’s — Our Hidden History

Here are some flat earth articles that were written in the early 1900’s. It’s clear by reading some of the articles of the period, flat-earthers were unbelievably derided for their views. I’ve read through enough articles to see the vitriol and outright condemnation much as is experienced today. What really comes into focus is a time span of about 45 years starting around 1890 that was seemingly designed to snuff-out the flat earth and geocentrism forever more.

The first step in the process was the Organic Act of 1871 changing the United States of America to the Corporation of The United States. In short, the United States was now owned by the Jesuits and Vatican and we’re considered employees of the corporation of The United States. For more info click here. A hop skip and a jump later the Federal Reserve Act is passed in 1913 and the Vatican’s banking cartel managed by the Rothschild’s has total control of all U.S. currency creation. To put it mildly, the Jesuits now have the former Republic of the United States in a defacto headlock and takedown.

Included in that headlock was the beginning of mass indoctrination and social engineering for all generations to come, force-fed a steady diet of the grandest of new religions, Scientism.  As Morpheus said to Neo, fate is not without it’s ironies. Why are the prime movers of Scientism and heliocentricity incubated by a group of Jesuit priests? Seem’s to be quite the contradiction doesn’t it? But heck, without Jesuit priest father Georges Lemaitre we wouldn’t have the Big Bang Theory or the television show!




Chronology Of 500 Year Jesuit Deception And Flat Earth


One of the things that scientism needed to fix-up patch-up lie about was the Jesuit heliocentric deception after the disastrous results of the Michelson-Morley Test at the turn of the century. Because of the epic failure of the Michelson test, geocentrism was alive and kicking.  With Nikola Tesla also emerging as a huge threat, the Jesuit owned media went after flat-earthers hard in the press and brought in their Zionist dupe Albert Einstein to serve up his relativity junk and become the Bill Nye of his time.  As you’ll see, the flat earth debate was still hotly contested in the early 1900’s and serve’s as a timely reminder that many have come before us and stood alone, this time many more are coming and we will stand together!! Let’s finish what they started and bring the dome home.


Daily Press., May 23, 1908

Professor William Carpenter Dies 1896 — Claims Earth Is Flat



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