Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

This is an excellent, excellent video to initiate all into how long our rulers have ruled over All. The Vatican, Paris, New York, Washington D.C, London, San Francisco….all laid out in Geocentric (note Mr. Onstott never adjusts for curvature in any calculations!) lines that show the Jesuits deliberate calculations when they set up the cities.  America was their “New Jerusalem” as they set their “New Bi(e)rthing” in Wash. D.C., between VIRGINia and MARYland, get it?

WE are told we must follow “The Rules” made by our RULERS, who use a ruler to measure how much they are in control of all. This ends now. Enjoy.

One thought on “Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. uniluv2go4 July 11, 2016 at 1:43 am Reply

    In the last days, the man of lawlessness will be revealed.
    I’m glad not all are asleep.

    I have been spreading the news, and getting bashed on Yahoo answers,
    Religion and Spirituality for flat earth.

    The brainwashing is heavy, and I haven’t found ppl interested in PROOF.
    They SAY that Christians are against science, but when PROOF is offered,
    EVERYONE turns on me, and bashes, lightly or not so lightly.

    Well, I must be hard headed, because if I find it TRUE, and mostly I do,
    then I keep bringing it up.

    As it was shown in Ontario, flat earth caused violence to occur at
    a campsite.
    It seems that brainwashing has walls or guards around it, and anyone
    touches that, huge emotional storms erupt.

    I want to thank you all for helping us to begin to learn the trickery.

    For various reasons, I do not touch NASA on Yahoo because yahoo is owned
    by ppl connected. And it takes more powerful than I am to disrupt THIS.

    This has already been very helpful.


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