FE’ers Discovery of Their New Reality


fe david dees

(from a YT post comment, we all have our own recent awakening story, that we are all awakening together, at the same time is cause for sharing/caring/coming together over common unity and passing on the FE truth to others, especially the children, so they aren’t indoctrinated into such massive lies of dreams that have to be shattered, torn and broken)

Dad and i had mutual interest in nasa late sixties early seventies.

As a child i was so thrilled to see the capsule 11 tour come thru in my little town . I jumped the roped off to place my young hand on it. Dad had done some welding for the apollo project he being the very best pipefitter/welder ever see? I wrote nasa ,they sent 8×10 glosses of astronauts the program. Dad and i took a photo of the television broadcast then i ran outside and looked uo to the moon in a dream like.

I went into the military as elect,electronics, in part, because of these things .ok. so,, now i am no longer a child,dad has passed thank god he does not have to see, as i do now with freedom information like and research done as your fine video here, the lies ,the theft , of this this murdering even hoax and slide of hand. My father worked hard and i too. w/ blood sweat ,dad lay welding on cold ground and very hot summer in thick leather to have the money earned to be sent to these fks ,i mean fakes.,

Only to see now clearly this bs of thiers. Fake as those photos signatures. Where is, these who know, their honesty, honor,Do they not know that these lies will be brought to light one day bringing shame to their name and namesake even? How dare they create illusion only to break the dream of starry wonder of childrens eye when the truth is brought to light. ,they scatter as cockroaches when lights expose them. How in gods name ah–. do such as these sleep at night knowing ,and they do, the lies they tell ,the money they steal from hard working as my father and i both military ,working for these Nasshole stanic bastards.

I am so glad ive lived to see this time of truth and really in a way pity these worms that think they are big ol snakes. i wilk stop there before i really write what i feel . that now will go down thru time written record, An Older childwit hshattered dreams

Thank you sir ,very good video have here :1


from Truthfarmer:

I tend to try to break things down to basics as much as possible. When I was first told about FE, I was having a very difficult time grasping the 8″ per mile squared, but finally had a serious epiphany with a straight edge and the globe that is sitting over in the corner of the living room. If you hold the ruler against the globe, it’s clear that there HAS to be an increasingly equivalent drop for every incremental increase out from the starting point. If it were 8″ per mile with no square, the earth would be an inclined plane.

It’s really quite simple, but as you said, we are deeply indoctrinated, and many are very, very upset at having the indoctrination challenged. Since science has been elevated to a religion, it’s difficult for people to allow themselves to use their own observations and intelligence to ascertain the reality of the situation.

This site is loaded with information and if people are willing to challenge their preconceptions and be intellectually honest, it becomes pretty clear that being a globalist is a religious system as well. To counter things that are observable, magical things like the theory of special relativity, gravity holding everything together despite the apparent tempermental behaviors of gravity, and mirages created by refraction, with refraction only allowed to be allocated to the viewing of things well past the horizon, and not to anything that might prove flat, must also be adhered to in reasoning through this.

It’s truly astonishing to observe the level of resistance that has been programmed into us. Even amongst those of us who have long ago determined that we are generally being lied to by governments, science, media, and everything with the approval of controlling agencies.

I’m kind of past being pissed off by it now, and enjoying the journey of figuring out how this whole new world might actually work. If critical mass is reached, and enough people grasp the astronomical lie we’ve been fed, the whole evil mountain of lies falls down.

I hope I get to see that happen! Free people would be awesome!

One thought on “FE’ers Discovery of Their New Reality

  1. uniluv2go4 April 21, 2016 at 1:31 am Reply

    As with reptiles, Reptilians are only interested in their own kind, want to destroy the rest of us. They have no conscience, likely think it’s
    funny how stupid we are. Of course, they’ll kill any who do know if they can.
    They’ve grabbed all the best, top positions but expect others to do it.
    They are destroyers. This planet is about what will happen.
    It’s much worse than a child being disillusioned.
    We must quickly shed our illusions and prepare for what is next.
    We see signs that show its not getting better.
    While Tesla was the smartest, he was the most naive.
    We must not be also naive.


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