NASA is a Government Military Operation

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Doesn’t get any clearer than this and their is much confirmation that this document is legit and real.

The head of NASA is on the title page and please note: THE FUTURE IS NOW! according to these Nasaholes.

This ties military Ops, Geoengineering, Smart Dust, Nano Bots, etc. to NASA directly and was a document released/found in 2005 or so.  This is the smoking Gun to destroy all that is NASA and save all hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars and End the Massive Lie once and for all.

Click to access nasa-thefutureof-war.pdf

NIH Requests $4.5 Billion For White House BRAIN Initiative


nasa 2025a nasa 2025c nasa 2025.2 nasa 2025.3 nasa2025epic

nasa2025.4 nasa2025.yikes

nasa.dane.1 nasa.dane.2 nasa2025.dust nasa2025.micro dust rules nasa2025.thentherewasnano nasa2025.trends nasa2025.braindip nasa2025.kill nasa2025.beambrain nasa2025.sanitization nasa2025.everyone nasa2025.swift

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