Annual Meteor Showers and A Rapidly Spinning Ball Earth

Sometimes it is the simplicity of logic and thought which exposes the true lies of heliocentric theory.

According to every astronomist, physicist, NASA engineer and astrophysicist, the Earth spins at 1,000 mph on its axis, while hurling some 533 million miles around the Sun, some 93 million miles away, in one year.

This means that the Earth, with moon in orbital, tidal locked tow, is hurling at 68,000 mph, or over 1,000 miles per SECOND.

In addition, all the “experts” agree that our Solar system is trucking around the entire Milky Way in a spiral trajectory traveling at over 500,000 mph, keeping all planets and moons in lock with the Suns orbit.

Is there any university trained scientist with P.H.D’s disagree with this? NO!! nary a one.

Here is a visual produced by Physicist Nassim Harrimein.

So how the hell do we have annual comet showers, occur at nearly the exact same time above us, same place in the sky, year after year, decade after decade….

…if our entire solar system has moved hundreds of thousands of miles through space each and every year, as revered scientist allege?

Are the comets in a “tidal lock” with us as well?

Does the “atmosphere” of our Milky Way carry all with here as we rotate around our galaxy while still claiming that space is a “vacuum”??

Time to wake up and smell the massive lies.

It’s all a big lie. All of it.


January 4 Quadrantids: Radiant–Bootes. Very short lived shower, less that one day. Variable rate, but generally around 60 per hour. Speed 41 kps and bluish color.
January 16 Delta Cancrids: Radiant–just west of Beehive. Minor shower, rate about 4 per hour. Very swift.
January 18 Coma Berenicids: Radiant–near Coma star cluster. Only one or two per hour, but among fastest meteors known–65 kps.
February 26 Delta Leonids: Radiant–midway in Leo’s back. Feb. 5 to Mar. 19 with peak in late Feb. 5 per hour at 24 kps.
March 16 Corona-Australids: Radiant–16 hr 20 min, -48 deg. 5 to 7 per hour from Mar. 14 to Mar. 18.
March 22 Camelopardalids: No definite peak, with only one per hour. Slowest meteors at 7 kps.
March 22 March Geminids: Discovered in 1973 and confirmed in 1975. Rate generally about 40 per hour. Seem to be very slow meteors.
April 4 Kappa Serpentids: Radiant–near Corona Borealis . 4 or 5 per hour from Apr. 1 to 7.
April 7 Delta Draconids: Radiant–near Cepheus border. From Mar. 28 to Apr. 7. Slow meteors at about 5 per hour.
April 10 Virginids: Radiant– near Gamma in bowl of Virgo. 20 per hour.
April 15 April Fireballs: Radiant– between The Water Jar and Scutum, very erratic. From April 15 to 30 many bright bolides from Southeastern sky.
April 17 Sigma Leonids: Radiant– at Leo Virgo border, actually has moved into Virgo in recent years. Weak shower of 1 to 2 per hour.
April 22 Lyrids: Radiant– near Vega. 15 per hour, bright and long lasting meteors. From Comet Thatcher.
April 25 Mu Virginids: Radiant–near Libra. 7 to 10 per hour of medium speed meteors.
April 28 Alpha Bootids: Radiant– near Arcturus. From Apr. 14 to May 13. Slow meteors with fine trails.
May 1 Phi Bootids: Radiant–near Hercules. From Apr. 16 to May 12. 6 per hour.
May 3 Alpha Scorpiids: Radiant– Near Antares. From Apr. 16 to May 9.
May 4 Eta Aquarids: Radiant– near Water Jar. From Apr. 21 to May 12. 21 per hour, yellow with bright trails. Comet Halley debris.
June 3 Tau Herculids: Radiant–near Corona Borealis. About a month long, 15 per hour max, most quite faint.
June 5 Scorpiids: Radiant–near Ophiuchus. 20 per hour with some fireballs.
June 7 Arietids: About 30 per hour. Slow moving with some fireballs.
June 13 Ophiuchids: Radiant– near Scorpius. Only 3 per hour but fast moving bolides are common. 25 days
June 16 June Lyrids: Radiant–near Vega. Another part of May Lyrid meteor stream. 15 per hour, faint blue meteors.
June 20 Ophiuchids: Radiant– near Sagitarrius. Rate varies from 8 to 20, with occaisionally many more.
June 30 June Draconids: Radiant–near handle of Big Dipper. Rate varies from 10 to 100 per hour. Pons-Winnecke Comet is parent.
July 28 Delta Aquarids: Radiant–near Capricornus. 25 per hour, slow (24 kps) with yellow trails. 40 days
July 30 Capricornids: Radiant–near Aquarius. Tough to tell these from Delta Aquarids. 10 to 35 per hour with bolides.
August 10 Perseids: Radiant–near Double cluster. 50 to 100 per hour, yellow with trails and bolides. The best modern dependable shower. 5 days.
August 20 Kappa Cygnids: Radiant–near Deneb. 12 per hour with many fireballs. Duration–15 days.
August 31 Andromedids: Radiant– near Cassiopeia. Occaisionally spectacular, usually 20 per hour. Some red fireballs with trails. Biela’s Comet parent.
September 23 Alpha Aurigids: Radiant– near Capella. 12 per hour, fast with trails.
October 7 Piscids: Radiant–near Aries. 15 per hour at 28 kps.
October 9 Draconids: Raidiant–near Hercules. Spectacular when comet Giacobinni-Zinner passes near Earth. 200 per hour when comet is close is not uncommon, 1000 per hour sometimes.
October 20 Orionids: Radiant–near Taurus. 30 per hour, fast (67 kps) often in colors with long trails. 8 days.
November 5 Taurids: Radiant–near Pleaides. 10 per hour with many fireballs. Debris from comet Encke. 45 days.
November 12 Pegasids: Radiant–Near Square. from Oct. 10 to late Nov., 10 per hour, used to be spectacular.
November 17 Leonids: Radiant–near Sickle. Most spectacular of modern showers. 1966 saw 500,000 per hour– 140 per second. Comet Temple–Tuttle is parent. 20 per hour between 33 year shows, fastest known at 71 kps. 4 days.
Decmeber 10 Monocerids: Radiant– near Gemini. 12 per hour.
Decmeber 11 Sigma Hydrids: Radiant–near Head. 12 per hour, fast.
Decmeber 14 Geminids: Radiant–near Castor. 60 per hour, many bright, white but few trails. Icarus, the Earth-crossing astroid seems to be the parent. 6 days.
Decmeber 14 Leo Minorids: 10 per hour, somewhat faint. Discovered by amateurs in 1971.
Decmeber 20 Delta Arietids: 12 per hour, must view in early evening, before radiant sets.
Dec. 22 Ursids: Radiant–Little Dipper Bowl. Medium speed, 20 per hour, many with bright trails.

2 thoughts on “Annual Meteor Showers and A Rapidly Spinning Ball Earth

  1. logicking June 28, 2016 at 2:30 pm Reply

    Indeed I agree with your argument for which it can also be applied to the pole star, Polaris. One notes there is also an issue with the earth’s tilt leading up to the two vernal equinoxes. states in London (solar noon) it is claimed the earth is tilting towards or away from the sun at about 42000 km per day, or 1087 mph. It is claimed installing and setting up a TV satellite dishes is critical in getting a good signal. However why is it not necessary to realign all satellite dishes on a daily basis?


  2. grav October 3, 2017 at 1:51 pm Reply

    I appreciate all the great work you do. Meteors may be, as The Wild Heretic proposes, fallen debris from the dome. Periodic showers are possibly the result of the dome’s turbine-like movement over the flat plane battery. So a comet like Halley, or a yearly meteor shower, could result from some natural and recurring electromagnetic feature of the dome. The WH site points to tektite as the dome’s silicon dioxide material found in abundance in Egyptian deserts, Libyan glass. .

    Comets, though, are a different animal. And very dangerous. I forget what you said about them. Acc. to Coherent Catastrophism theory, they are what cause world ages to end. My own wild guess is that they are birthed from Jupiter and other planets. Velikovsky wrote that Venus was a comet when she appeared and “insulted earth” for centuries with fiery plasma.

    (Suggestion: here is a minor point and you may want to delete this comment — the earth and sun “hurtle” through alleged space. They don’t hurl. 🙂
    But it is always a good idea to cite textual sources of your information, the speeds of earth and sun.)


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