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NASA Lies: Intro to Flat Earth Research, History and Conspriacy Part II.

nasa lies


This blows the lid of they lying NASAholes once and for all. Enjoy.

Breaking News!; They’re Alive!!! Challenger Space Shuttle Crew Safe and Employed


Once a Flat Plane Truth is realized, one realizes it is All a Great Lie. All of it.


At cluesforum.info, they have been uncovering more “inconvenient truths” for NASA as to the living Astro-nots, who alleged we’re killed in the alleged space shuttle Challenger disaster but are now found to be happily gainfully employed in colleges and jobs related to NAZIA. (recent thread here) . Credit also to Darell Foss at OpOd news for this find. (Source)


Pick your favorite photoshop..err shot, provided by NASA Image of what the Challenger explosion in space looked like. They cannot both be a picture of the exact same event. (also, was it not a clear blue sky day?)





update 7/29/15  Good article on astro-not’s birth records and backgrounds


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#23 Why Was NASA Created?

Apollo/Satan and his fall from Heaven.

Apollo is a powerful God which has inspired several “demonic” or Abyssic Gods. Known as Helios by Nero Caesar, Phoebus or “Shining,” Apollo is the twin brother of Artemis (Diana). His center of worship was at was at Delphi and was renowned throughout the ancient world for its oracular advice delivered by a priestess called the Pythia the Chthonic serpent/dragon.

Nero Caesar and Domitian actually considered himself a manifestation of Apollo as he is the God of Illumination, Light, Music, Medicine and more. His arrows send plague and death which earned him the Biblical name of Apollyon or Abaddon, the King of the Bottomless Pit/ Lucifer.

“Apollo” is another name for Satan or Lucifer.
Interesting choice NASA made for its Moon missions.


(William Cooper, who wrote this piece, was a high level Navy Intelligence Officer before he began speaking out against the secret powers behind government. He was gunned down in front of his home. For the full interview see (here)


NASA Moon Hoax = Freemason Conspiracy
Apollo Missions Masonic Symbols

To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created. The Apollo Space Program foisted the idea that man could travel to, and walk upon, the moon. Every Apollo mission was carefully rehearsed and then filmed in large sound stages at the Atomic Energy Commissions Top Secret test site in the Nevada Desert and in a secured and guarded sound stage at the Walt Disney Studios within which was a huge scale mock-up of the moon.

All names, missions, landing sites, and events in the Apollo Space Program echoed the occult metaphors, rituals, and symbology of the Illuminati’s secret religion. The most transparent was the faked explosion on the spacecraft Apollo 13, named “Aquarius” (new age) at 1:13 (1313 military time) on April 13, 1970 which was the metaphor for the initiation ceremony involving the death (explosion), placement in the coffin (period of uncertainty of their survival), communion with the spiritual world and the imparting of esoteric knowledge to the candidate (orbit and observation of the moon without physical contact), rebirth of the initiate (solution of problem and repairs), and the raising up (of the Phoenix, the new age of Aquarius) by the grip of the lions paw (reentry and recovery of Apollo 13). 13 is the number of death and rebirth, death and reincarnation, sacrifice, the Phoenix, the Christ (perfected soul imprisoned in matter), and the transition from the old to the new. Another revelation to those who understand the symbolic language of the Illuminati is the hidden meaning of the names of the Space Shuttles, “A Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis… and all Challengers shall be destroyed.”

Exploration of the moon stopped because it was impossible to continue the hoax without being ultimately discovered. And of course they ran out of pre-filmed episodes.

No man has ever ascended higher than 300 miles, if that high, above the Earth’s surface. No man has ever orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program. If man has ever truly been to the moon it has been done in secret and with a far different technology.

The tremendous radiation encountered in the Van Allen Belt, solar radiation, cosmic radiation, temperature control, and many other problems connected with space travel prevent living organisms leaving our atmosphere with our known level of technology. Any intelligent high school student with a basic physics book can prove NASA faked the Apollo moon landings

If you doubt this please explain how the astronauts walked upon the moons surface enclosed in a space suit in full sunlight absorbing a minimum of 265 degrees of heat surrounded by a vacuum. NASA tells us the moon has no atmosphere and that the astronauts were surrounded by the vacuum of space.

Heat is defined as the vibration or movement of molecules within matter. The faster the molecular motion the higher the temperature. The slower the molecular motion the colder the temperature. Absolute zero is that point where all molecular motion ceases. In order to have hot or cold molecules must be present.

A vacuum is a condition of nothingness where there are no molecules. Vacuums exist in degrees. Some scientists tell us that there is no such thing as an absolute vacuum. Space is the closest thing to an absolute vacuum that is known to us. There are so few molecules present in most areas of what we know as “space” that any concept of “hot” or “cold” is impossible to measure. A vacuum is a perfect insulator. That is why a “Thermos” or vacuum bottle is used to store hot or cold liquids in order to maintain the temperature for the longest time possible without re-heating or re-cooling.

Radiation of all types will travel through a vacuum but will not affect the vacuum. Radiant heat from the sun travels through the vacuum of space but does not “warm” space. In fact the radiant heat of the sun has no affect whatsoever until it strikes matter. Molecular movement will increase in direct proportion to the radiant energy which is absorbed by matter. The time it takes to heat matter exposed to direct sunlight in space is determined by its color, its elemental properties, its distance from the sun, and its rate of absorption of radiant heat energy. Space is NOT hot. Space is NOT cold.

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#6 Did We Go to the Moon? The NASA “Images”

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

A16 11446551


The very first photo humans saw of our common home from our closest orbiting planet.

This NASA created shot was impressed upon billions of minds at the time Apollo 8 is said to have taken this photo

And reinforced hundreds, if not millions of times in global media.

Van Gough, Rembrant, et al. would be ashamed of such amateurish art work,

Still, billions believed, and still believe to this day, that this is a real photograph.


What do you really see above in the most famous picture in the World?

Suspend belief for a few moments in your life. What do you just see in the above picture?

Look at the “Blue Marble” as it is called. Incredible detail of the Earth, it’s clouds and even patches of green and brown, incredible details from 238,000 miles away.

A perfect globe, even though it is said to be elliptical due to Moon’s gravitational pull, yet never seen.

The deep blue ocean, which covers 2/3’rds of our Earth, is what we are told makes the sky so blue in our atmosphere. Why doesn’t the ocean blue overwhelm the photo from space void of atmosphere, like we see from NASA photos on other planets?

The Moon’s horizon is level and flat right to left, yet due to the Moon being 1/4 the Earth in size and diameter, curvature should be seen easily across such a panoramic shot that was taken from returning from the dark side  of the Moon.

The picture of Earth is crystal clear, yet the Moon blurred and indistinct. With a high speed camera setting to get the Earth in such detail (the Earth has is spinning at 1,000 mph we are told!)…. the Moon should have detail as well, a you will see below in many, many other shots.

And where are those dang billions and billions of stars, Carl, we all see in space from Earth at night? With no atmosphere on the Moon, and the stark, black background of space, they should be overwhelming every shot, yet nary a one.

The Moon is so reflective of the Sun’s rays, we are told, that it lights up or Earth at night so brightly, from 238,000 miles away, that we can see easily see to walk around at night during a full moon. Yet Moon’s surface is shown to be a dull, dusty , least reflecting colors, brown and gray.

Yet the Astronots were able to have no problems with such a direct, no atmosphere Sun with temperatures varying between + 250 and – 340 degrees.

Thousands of pictures have been released from NASA, so examining the official narrative is relatively straightforward. Interestingly, nearly all pictures of Moon missions were not released until 1991 and after.

Let’s chase some rabbits down the a real NASA hole.


My first words of my impression of being on the surface of the Moon that just came to my mind was “Magnificent desolation.” The magnificence of human beings, humanity, Planet Earth, maturing the technologies, imagination and courage to expand our capabilities beyond the next ocean, to dream about being on the Moon, and then taking advantage of increases in technology and carrying out that dream – achieving that is magnificent testimony to humanity. But it is also desolate – there is no place on earth as desolate as what I was viewing in those first moments on the Lunar Surface.

Because I realized what I was looking at, towards the horizon and in every direction, had not changed in hundreds, thousands of years. Beyond me I could see the moon curving away – no atmosphere, black sky. Cold.

Colder than anyone could experience on Earth when the sun is up- but when the sun is up for 14 days, it gets very, very hot. No sign of life whatsoever.

That is desolate. More desolate than any place on Earth.

~ Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 and 2nd man to allegedly walk on the Moon.

Moon temperatures make it Impossible to be on the Moon, much less truck around on Moonbuggies, touch hotter than hell moon rocks and set up sensor equipment.

Yet everything, always worked great, we are told, even though man had never, ever experienced such temperatures on Earth. Radio communications, sensors, mobile devices, coolant systems, batteries, buggies, fuel, etc. no problem.

Due to no atmosphere the temperatures range each day on the sunny side ranged  from a – 387 F degrees to a plus 225 F.  The space suits, just millimeters thick and so flexible they creased, keep cooled, no worries mate, depsite having to carry gallons and gallons of water in their packs to run their inner A/C along with batteries, oxygen and human waste tubes and reservoirs.

(For how space suits were made that supposedly kept them in comfort, (see here)

“The thin atmosphere offers little thermal insulation, so temperatures can drop quickly at night, and rise quickly due to the sun’s radiation during the day.” ..with temps varying from – 225 to + 243 every single day and night”..”The thin atmosphere offers little thermal insulation, so temperatures can drop quickly at night, and rise quickly due to the sun’s radiation during the day. Powerful radiation from sunlight on one side of an object, and shadow on the other will create a large temperature gradient. A “thermal shock” can follow, where different parts of an object thermally expand by different amounts, leading to large potentially failure-inducing strains. The effect of thermal shock is more pronounced in brittle materials such as glass, ceramics or metals below the glass transition temperature (ductile-brittle transition temperature for metals)”.(The Lunar Sourcebook (Heiken, Vaniman, & French, 1991)



“One Giant Blunder for Mankind, how NASA lost the moon pictures”,

… read the world news headlines in 2006. Just at the time digital imaging was taking apart the NASA photos, they went lost. (Source)

The missing tapes were among over 700 boxes of magnetic data tapes recorded throughout the Apollo program which have not been found.[14] On August 16, 2006 NASA announced its official search saying, “The original tapes may be at the Goddard Space Flight Center … or at another location within the NASA archiving system“, “NASA engineers are hopeful that when the tapes are found they can use today’s digital technology to provide a version of the moonwalk that is much better quality than what we have today.

At the bottom of this post are the debunker’s replies to many of the pictures many questions asked.

As you scroll down, see how many flaws you can point out and then see how it matches against the pro CGI (Computer Generated Image) specialists)


Many more dissections of NASA pictures can be found here.


Jack White
Jack White 1927-2012

Photographic specialist Jack White took time from his many commitments to help us investigate further into the Apollo photographic record.

Also, here is an excellent narrative and analysis of NASA photo’s and storyline.




“You gonna believe me or your lying eyes?” (Nasa)

 Apollo 11 live footage as well as all prints have come from NASA. Every single one. Here is a highly degreed professional explaining the obvious, and glaring, errors in the photo’s provided by NASA.  If one phot is faked, then all must be assumed to be faked.

In an attempt to disprove our own additional lighting hypothesis, the authors went to Quantec Image Processing-UK which tested a number of NASA photos from Apollo 11. Founder, David Groves:
PhD – BSc (Hons) Class I/Applied Physics.
PhD in Holographic Computer Measurement.
Chartered Physicist and a Member of the Insitute of Physics.


Another photo/image analysis…Image = Imagination


A Stereoscopic method of verifying Apollo lunar surface images

University Kharkiv by OLEG OLEYNIK, Ph.D.c
Previously of the Department of Physics and Technology
Kharkov State University, Ukraine


AS15-87-11793 (NASA Image)

Hadley: A Study in Fakery
by Professor Colin Rourke


So who has been behind NASA since it’s inception and creation in 1958 that was put under the Dept. of War, later named the Dept. of Defense…….would you believe NAZI rocketeers and scientists ?!?


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