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The Absurdity of A Rapidly Spinning Earth


According to NASA, Astronomers, Scientists and School Educators, the Earth is a rapidly spinning ball, that started its rotation some 4.5 billion years ago after getting thrown off the Sun, along with our Moon, as we settled in gravitational orbit at 93 million miles away.

Over time our rotation slowed to a current 1,000 mph spin at the Equator (24 hours/24,000 miles circumference).

Additionally, we are sold, er told, that Earth his hurling through space at 68,000 mph, or 1,000 mp/Second  to complete a yearly 533 million mile journey around the Sun (533,000,000/365/60/60) while our solar system trucks around the Milky Way over a 25,940 year period traveling at over 500,000 mph while our Universe is till expanding from the Big Bang at the speed of light, or 186,000 miles/per Second.

This is the official scientific story taught in all our schools for the past hundred years and accepted unquestionably by 99% of the worlds’ population.

Yet it’s all one great big lie. All of it.

“If the Earth were a globe, rolling and dashing through ‘space’ at the rate of ‘a hundred miles in five seconds of time,’ the waters of seas and oceans could not, by any known law, be kept on its surface – the assertion that they could be retained under these circumstances being an outrage upon human understanding and credulity! But as the Earth – that is, the habitable world of dry land – is found to be ‘standing out of the water and in the water’ of the ‘mighty deep,’ whose circumferential boundary is ice, we may throw the statement back into the teeth of those who make it and flaunt before their faces the flag of reason and common sense, inscribed with a proof that the Earth is not a globe.” -William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe” (86)