Admiral Byrd DISCOVERED The Flat Earth Dome Firmament in Antarctica!! | FLAT EARTH PROOF 4 pt1

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Moon And Sun Proven to Be Only Miles In the Sky Oops!

Project Blue Screen. ~ Critical Must View!

Flat Earth-Historical Newspaper Articles gathered by Dean Hawk

Flat Earth-Historical Newspaper Articles (#1) gathered by Dean Hawk


This is the fourth in a series of old newspaper articles unearthed by Dean Hawk youtube channel. Dean discovered these gems after first hearing about flat earth. He went to his local library to research and found over a hundred articles and passed them on to be read aloud and shared. Fascinating to see how the globe theory was challenged and ridiculed and disbelieved by many people right up until very recently. This one shows Samuel Shentons’ (IFERS) frustration at the lack of interest in this reappraisal of science for peoples fear of ridicule. It mentions both political leaders of England enthusiastically mocking the idea… reminds me of President Obamas’ recent four attempts to ridicule the idea written into his speeches. History repeat

Elon Musk Fail..

Space: Created by Führer Disney and von Braun

Space: Created by Furher Disney and Braun