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  His-story is written by the Conquerors and told in their image and for their benefits solely. Christopher Columbus was such a bad sailor, we are sold, he ended up “discovering” One America thinking he was in India, so the story goes. Yet, upon his arrival in Mexico he called it “Terrestrio Paradisimo” or “Land of Paradise”! 

What Was One America before the Euro-White Spanish Catholic invaders arrived in the 1600’s? After the Spanish arrived in West One America, over 3 million brown skinned One Americans were genocided. The Mexican-American War (1846-­1848) was a slaughter as well in that 300,000 native Mexican-Californio’s were exterminated by the US government sponsored California and Mormon militia’s and regiments with the help of founding Freemasons like Kit Carson and James C. Freemont to create California Statehood in 1850.

In 1849, the California gold rush was said to have started, yet you will see evidence that gold was already being brought back to Utah in 1847 and Californio’s were mining gold in the early 1840’s in CA as well. Not only gold and silver but also the firs diamonds in the US were found at the same time in CA as well as many copper, iron and platinum mines, yet his-story does not speak to these facts. After the mines were tapped out, many were buried under government sponsored reservoirs that still leach cyanide, mercury and arsenic into the water supplies to this day.

These were lands of great fecundity whence California was an island, ruled by a brown skinned Amazonian woman named Queen Califia. Until the Great Floods of the early 1800’s the Euro-White Americano’s could not reach California in their proclaimed “Manifest Destiny” to conquer and claim all lands for their own from the copperheads. In the mid 1800’s, thousand-year-old great Redwood trees were pillaged for harvest for the white man’s profit and gain.

Over 160 massacres were conducted across California to clear the lands for California Statehood in 1850. The very first governor of California, in 1850, Peter Burnett, in one of his first acts in power, passed laws to kill any brown Mexican-Californio’s and enslave their children. The government even paid the white “new settlers” and they could claim the nativeCalifornio’s lands as a reward.

This was the REAL California Gold Rush of 1849

And was used to cover up the rape and pillage of the original Ancient Ones, the brown skinned  Mexican-Californio’s,and their sacred lands. This book is to bring the forgotten back to current memory. We can learn from their peaceful ways and living with the land, not upon it.

Sneak Peak ~ California Statehood by Genocide Ch 2. The Original Brown Skinned Californio’s in the Garden of Eden

The Original Brown Skinned Ancient Ones in the Garden of Eden

   America is the Old World and Columbus called his first voyage “The Last Crusade to Conquer the Holy Lands of Mexico and Peru” which means Per Heru or House of Heru or Herusalem which became Jerusalem, it is also known as The Navel of the World. The orginal “Jerusalem” was Mexico City!

   Teotihuacan means city of Tehuti or Thoth and Tenochtitlan which became Mexico City means City of Enoch. Mexico is named for Moses or Mexi like Moshe. The Old Testament contains volcanoes, corn, bears and tobacco all which are native to America. Utah is Yudah and contains the city of Moab. The Great Salt Lake is the Dead Sea. When California was an island, run by women and a Queen named “Califia” if which California is named from up until the Great Flood of 1810, the water between continental USA and California island was called the Red Sea!


  There are more Pyramids and megalithic structures in the Americas than anywhere else including The Nile Valley. The NWO tells the story backwards. The Negro is the Indian or Copper Colored Indigenous people of the Americas. Many think “black” people are black, yet there are many shades of copper which is the color of earth. If you look in old dictionaries you will see that Nigger and Indian were synonyms and that Colored is simply short for copper colored. Why do you think they keep changing titles from India to Negro to Colored to African American? The Brown skinned Moor “Negro” is the most copied man on the Earth.

   Did you know that Mexico is actually ancient India according to the evidence and Atlantis and all civilizations are a colony of India? This is because civilization came from the Yucatan peninsula, via, Maya Indians (India).

India Superior (the One America) is the Oldest Civilization on Earth


Civilization started in ancient India in the Far East (the Americas) and not in the Middle East. It was the Mayan Indians and not the Indian from Hindustan (Middle East) that actually civilized the world. The knowledge of pyramid building and great architecture was exported from the West to the East, not the other way around as we have been told/sold by white man’s his-story. This makes sense because one of the meanings of Atlantis is, “The People of Lord Shiva,” which was a deity associated with a three-pronged pitchfork. Additionally, Atlanteans are associated with underworld people that carried a three-pronged pitchfork, which symbolizes the trinity. Shiva is of course an Ancient Hindu (Indian) god that has a three-pronged pitchfork. Shiva Temples are found all over the World. There is even an ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the Grand Canyon in Phoenix, Arizona (see image of the Shiva Temple in the Grand Canyon).

    It is no accident that Washington D.C. has the same named 7 hills as does Rome! It is no accident that the Roman and Greek architecture is the same in the USA as in Europe and all over the world. It is no accident that the USA Inc. corporation called Washington D.C, was founded by the Roman Catholics. It is no accident that so many cities in the USA Inc. have European names. That is because One America was the oldest civilization on earth and white man changed herstory to his-story when another Great Reset occurred with the Tartarians.

    The original One America, North, South and Central America today is the true old world. Nearly ALL of the major foods needed to sustain life came from the Americas and were later taken to Africa and Asia – foods like: Squash, Tomatoes, Corn, Potatoes, Beans, Wheat, Yams, Wild Rice (which was modified to create modern white rice), Peanuts, and 90% of all of your fruits and vegetables come from the Americas.

You have more pyramids in North America than all of Egypt combined.

   The pyramids in the Americas are all step pyramids, which were your first pyramids. According to Egyptologists, the step pyramid of Saqqara/the Pyramid of Djoser is the first pyramid that the Egyptians built, dated around 2667–2648 BC (3rd dynasty), which is over 4,700 years ago. Egyptologists agree that the step pyramid of Saqqara/the Pyramid of Djoser was the first Pyramid, because they agree that it is the architype of all pyramids.

   Now, if we include the Pyramids in Central and south America, it’s not even a contest anymore, as far as who has the most pyramids between the East or the West, because the West (the Americas) clearly has more pyramids. The oldest and biggest pyramids are in the Americas. The Cholula pyramid is the biggest pyramid in the word, because its dimensions are 400 by 400 meters and has a total volume of 4.45 million cubic meters, almost twice that of the Great Pyramid of Giza (see Figure #1, of the Great Cholula pyramid). The Cholula pyramid is also a step Pyramid, so we are dealing with a very ancient pyramid, because step pyramids were the first pyramids.

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Sneak Peak ~ Introduction ~ California Statehood by Genocide


(Governor Gruesome graduated from Santa Clara Jesuit school and his father, a SF judge, was under the power and control of Oil tycoon, Gordon Getty)

July 2019 SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today issued an apology through executive order on behalf of California to California Native American Peoples for the many instances of violence, mistreatment and neglect inflicted upon California Native Americans throughout the state’s history. The Governor also announced the creation of a Truth and Healing Council to provide an avenue for California Native Americans to clarify the record – and provide their historical perspective – on the troubled relationship between tribes and the state.    This is the first time a state has taken dual action to correct the historical record and acknowledge wrongdoing through executive order mandate and a tribally-led, consultation-informed council. 

It’s called a genocide. That’s what it was. A genocide. There’s no other way to describe it and that’s the way it needs to be described in the history books,” Newsom said. “And so I’m here to say the following: I’m sorry on behalf of the state of California.”

Twenty months ago, California was inhabited by a sparse population – a pastoral people – deriving their main sustenance from their flocks and herds, and a scanty cultivation of the soil; their trade and business limited, and their principal exports consisting of hides and tallow. Within that short period has been made the discovery of the rich, extensive, and exhaustless gold mines of California; and how great have already been its effects! The trade and business of the country have been revolutionized and reversed – the population increased beyond all expectation – commerce extended – our ports filled with shipping from every nation and clime – our commercial cities have sprung up as if by enchantment – our beautiful bays and placid streams now navigated by the power of the energetic, intrepid, and sensible people of California have formed a Constitution for our new State

 ~ 1st State of the CA Union Speech ~ Governor Peter Burnett

The first governor of California, Peter Burnett, as one of his first acts as the very first Governor of California in 1851 openly called for “the extermination of the Indian tribes”, and in reference to the relentless attacks and violence against California’s Native Mexican Californio brown skinned people.

That a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races until the Indian race becomes extinct must be expected. While we cannot anticipate this result but with painful regret, the inevitable destiny of the race is beyond the power or wisdom of man to avert.”

Peter Hardeman Burnett, the first elected governor of California (1849-1851) and one of the founders of Sacramento, was a former slaveholder from Tennessee with a burning passion to create a whites-only American West.  In 1843, Burnett led a wagon train to Oregon. He was elected to the legislature where he took the lead in passing law that excluded all Native Brown Native Americans from the state! The law allowed whites to keep slaves for three years, after which they would be freed and required to leave the state. Any native Mexican Californio person who refused to leave would be whipped, earning it the nickname of “Peter Hardeman Burnett’s Lash Law.” It was rescinded, though other brown skinned exclusionary laws were later passed.

   In 1848, Burnett followed tales of gold to California where he befriended John Sutter Jr. and helped him found Sacramento. Burnett helped fuel the enslavement and genocide of California’s indigenous people. He signed the perversely-named “Act for the Government and Protection of Indians”. This law enabled whites to force Native people from their lands into indentured servitude or be killed or be put on Euro White Americano’s designated reservations.

   The Act for the Government and Protection of Indians on April 22, 1850 passed by the legislature of California, it allowed settlers to continue to the Californio practice of capturing and using Native people as forced workers. It also provided the basis for the enslavement and trafficking in Native American Native labor, particularly that of young women and children, which was carried on as a legal business enterprise. Raids on villages were made to supply the demand, the young women and children were carried off to be sold, the men and remaining people often being killed. This practice did much to destroy Native tribes during the California Gold Rush.

     Governor Burnett later became a California Supreme Court Justice and was sitting on the bench that ordered that fugitive slave Archy Lee be returned to his enslaver — in violation of California’s constitution. While Burnett’s vision of an exclusively white West was extreme, it fit within broader white supremacist policies of the time. Freemason, William B. Almond, was an organizer and was first Master of San Jose Lodge No 10 having earlier organized and presided as Master of Sparta Lodge No. 46 in Sparta, Buchanan County, Missouri and was also a friend of Governor Peter Hardeman Burnett. Though I can find no evidence of Mr. Burnett being a member of the Freemasons, it is public knowledge that at least 19 governors have belonged to the secret brotherhood of freemasons as were many of the members of the California gold rush of 1849, as you will read about further in this book.

   While Burnett was governor, U.S. government sponsored and assigned militia troops slaughtered Native Californians. Over 162 massacres of California natives in just over two decades are listed and chronicled in this book.

   Just one example was the “Bloody Island Massacre” in Lake County in Northern California of the Pomo natives. The Pomo were known as one the most peaceful tribes of over 76 tribes that existed before the Great Extermination took place. The Pomo were forced to live in small rancherias set aside by the federal government. For most of the 20th century, the Pomo, reduced in number, survived on such tiny reservations in poverty. Shool textbooks on California history do not mention anything about these massacres that allowed the Euro White Americano’s to take over all of Alta California ‘by any means’. A number of Pomo, primarily members living in the Big Valley area of Northern California had been enslaved, interned, and severely abused by settlers like Andrew Kelsey (namesake of Kelsey Creek and Kelseyville, California) and Charles Stone. Kelsey and Stone purchased cattle running free in Big Valley from Salvador Vallejo in 1847.

   They captured and impressed local Pomo to work as vaqueros (cowboys). They also forced them to build them a permanent shelter with promises for rations that were not kept. Because they made a residence there, their treatment of the Pomo was more brutal. The people were eventually confined to a village surrounded by a stockade and were not allowed weapons or fishing implements. Families starved on the meager rations they provided, only four cups of wheat a day for a family. When one young man asked for more wheat for his sick mother, Stone killed him. In the fall of 1849, Kelsey forced 50 Pomo men to work as laborers on a second gold-seeking expedition to the Placer gold fields. Kelsey became ill with malaria and sold the rations to other miners. The Pomo starved, and only one or two men returned alive. Stone and Kelsey regularly forced the Pomo parents to bring their daughters to them to be sexually abused. If they refused, they were whipped mercilessly. A number of them died from that abuse. Both men indentured and abused the Pomo women. The starving Pomo became so desperate that they were forced to raid the invaders livestock for food to eat. 

   His-story tells of the natives being ‘savages’ and ‘scalpers’, ye the opposite was true. The California government actually bounties for each native brown skinned killed and with proof of scalp would get several hundred dollars in payment PLUS get the lands of those natives lands for their own! This is one of the big reasons so many came and made the treacherous journey as the “new settlers” of California.

“I think it is very telling that Burnett links ‘Indians’ to stealing livestock,” says the center’s librarian, and member of the Winnebago Nation, Michael McLaughlin, “which did happen because their usual means of subsistence were overrun by gold-seekers, and because federal government rations to the Indians seldom reached them.”

In a letter to President Zachary Taylor, Presbyterian preacher Sylvester Woodbridge Jr. detailed the Native people’s plight:

    ‘The Indians in the Sierra Nevada are driven in large numbers from their usual haunts, and are consequently deprived of their customary food- acorns, and hence are exposed to starvation…they are often killed, because when urged by hunger, they have attempted to seize the horses or cattle of American emigrants’.

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Sneak Peak~ Preface; The Creation of California Statehood in 1850 by Genocide of Brown Skins


Q:  We do we have white man assigned names for African-Americans, Mexican- Americans, Spanish-Americans and Asian-Americans yet no name for Euro-Americans?

A: To hide the true identities of the Original Ancient Ones who populated much of the world as well as those who were the original brown skins of ONE America.

Q: Why are they called “Blacks” when their skin colors are different shades of brown?

A: To mask and hide the true origins of the native Copperheads.

Q: Why did they cut off the noses and lips of Egyptian Statues?

A: To hide the true origins of the Egyptian people, the native brown skins.

Q: Why do they say Africa is the cradle of all civilization?

A: To hide the fact the native brown skins were the original natives of One America before it was divided up by Euro White Conquerors into North, South and Central America. Remember, the victors write the his-story.

  How the West Was “Won”

With the advent of TV in the 1950’s it became quite easy to erase the true Native herstory and replace it with his-story of the plight of the cowboys and ‘indians’ with mass “spaghetti westerns” as they were called. The white mans struggles to ‘settle’ the West was played out over hundreds of movies and TV shows over the next decades.

   Employed to sell the Great Lie were freemasons like John “Duke” Wayne. The majority of the films in the Spaghetti Western genre were actually international co-productions between Italy and Spain, and sometimes France, West Germany, Britain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Yugoslavia, or the United States. Over six hundred European Westerns were made between 1960 and 1978.

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Excellent Archive of Tartary Maps and Cultures

According to the old world maps, at times it reached the borders of China and Mongolia. Little is known about the people inhabiting the land at that time and due to the lack of information people are still speculating if it was an area or an actual country. Europeans during the 19th century and earlier seem to have called Asian areas Tartary before they explored them and recorded them in greater detail.

Was Tartaria’s history deleted?

This is an excerpt of the declassified CIA document created in 1957.

The declassified CIA document about Tartaria was declassified in 1998. (Source: https://www.cia.gov/library)

According to Wikipedia:

“Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a historical region in Asia located between the Caspian Sea-Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Tartary was a blanket term used by Europeans for the areas of Central Asia, North Asia, and East Asia unknown to European geography. It encompassed the vast region of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, the Volga-Urals, the Caucasus, Siberia, Inner Asia, Mongolia and Manchuria.

Knowledge of Manchuria, Siberia and Central Asia in Europe prior to the 18th century was limited. The entire area was known simply as “Tartary” and its inhabitants “Tartars”. In the Early modern period, as understanding of the geography increased, Europeans began to subdivide Tartary into sections with prefixes denoting the name of the ruling power or the geographical location. Thus, Siberia was Great Tartary or Russian Tartary, the Crimean Khanate was Little Tartary, Manchuria was Chinese Tartary, and western Central Asia (prior to becoming Russian Central Asia) was known as Independent Tartary.”

Wikipedia claims that Tartaria was a blanket term and that not much knowledge was available to Europeans but in this book below written by Giovanni da Pian del Carpine in 1252 we can find an extensive research made about the Tartars and their empire.

Sneak Peak ~ California Statehood by Genocide of the Native Ancient Brown Skins of Alta California in 1850

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The Final Solution Agenda Laid Out Plain and Clear Now

Hi All Loved Ones ~
This is a blast to educate, alert and inform all of the deep science behind the now executing! agenda to takeover all of humanity,no less. For those with open minds and hearts, our souls came to fight this great enemy of humanity that lives in the shadows but is known to those who wish to know who is behind it all.

Ignorance is no longer an option if you care about yourself, your loved ones and all sentient beings. We are under attack in this deadly Silent Weapons for Quiet War we are all in now and it is about to get much worse as supply lines are being halted and cut off
Layed out Here is the game plan to eliminate and/or control ALL of Humanity using Graphene Oxide Artificial Intelligence combined with Nano Smart Dust inside the kill shots as you can see in the Rumble link below….the most powerful video you will ever watch to date, should you choose to understand the ultimate Final Solution planned for all.

This should freak you the fk out! Sorry to Report, Hardest Truth Be Known time! For EVERYONE..no one is immune, as you will see here. Remember, 1 million nanobots are in each shot alone!
This is far and away the best summation of what the Wall Street trillion dollar a year industry, each year every year for decades has come up with. It is completely unregulated and no oversite or publicity until now! The vid below on Rumbles is put together extremely well and needs to be shared, copied and made viral whether you choose to see what mad science has truly created or not, is solely up to you, and you alone.
I am simply the messenger who cares enough to share. per shot to feed this inside us all from mainly aerosol delivery systems above, now intensified worldwide, everywhere now.
NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM THIS TECHNOLOGY.True Blood Clan of Non Vx’d we are and must remain now, no matter what.

Dr. Carrie Madej just examined the JnJ and Moderna vax under 400x microscope ….First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, Parasites. Graphne Oxide, Alive Prescence…communicates … something with tentacles ?  

cv marburg.jpg

And the next up Variant is the super deadly “Marburg Virus” cometh now..



Former 20 yr. FEMA Director lays it all out with GO and  Black Goo.. https://rumble.com/vn667c-former-fema-officer-celeste-solum-innner-views-of-who-why-and-how.html
Black Goo is also used in AI… this is why celebrities are dressing up in Black Goo now….Google’s other name is Goo-Gel to represent the Hydra-Gel aspects of the Luciferase machines in us all. Here is just some of my work on Black Goohttps://aplanetruth.info/2017/03/31/black-goo-smart-dust-nanoparticulate-matter-morgellons-disease-and-geoengineering/
The Smart Dust nano bot AI’s are in all of us now. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, VAXXED OR NOT!! This is the hidden secret, the true bloods are also trannyhumans now…due to high tech, evil personified, and willful ignorance by ALL have allowed this to occur on OUR Watch. Mindful or not!https://aplanetruth.info/2017/03/31/black-goo-smart-dust-nanoparticulate-matter-morgellons-disease-and-geoengineering/
This is the vid on the FUN VAC that removes Spirit Consciousness technology reporting from a decade ago at the CIA HQ
If you don’t think this could be an agenda, then why did they put their goals in stone in 8 different languages 3 decades ago?

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Who Runs and Controls All ~ The J-Suits That’s WHO~

The Jesuits

For four hundred years the great Jesuit army that trained me, mentored me, educated me, groomed me.. has been fighting their covert war for absolute control of the world.

A masterful army of spies and assassins they have, in the past, been expelled from every country in Europe. They have arranged nearly every war in the last 300 years. They initiated the US Civil War to transform the United States into a Central Controlled tool of their conquest of the world. They have placed Hitler in power, Stalin in power, Mao in power, Pol Pot in Power and many more inquisitionists throughout the world’s history. They now use the United States to perpetrate inquisitions. As they did in Korea and Vietnam as they are doing again with Iraq.

The goal is simple and glorious, a one world government, a New World Order with the Pope on the throne and the Jesuit General in control of the Pope and the empire of the world. Secret services such as the CIA, the KGB, MI6 are controlled by them. Presidents are elected and Popes and Presidents are killed by them. They are the army of the Vatican in control of the Vatican. They hide behind secret societies which they control and corporations they own like Microsoft, Bank of America, Lockheed and many more.This is dedicated to the glorious achievements of the Jesuit Brotherhood, the Society of Jesus or better known as the Illuminati for all to now know.As previous Jesuit General Tamburini once said “See sir, from this chamber I govern not only Paris but China, not only China but the whole of the world, without anyone knowing how I do it.”The end of the fabricated “Cold War” marked a turning point in the careful fight waged over the last 400 and more years by the Jesuit Brotherhood.

The long awaited New World Order is upon us! Absolute control of the world via the Holy Roman Empire (Isis-Horus-Seb) is no longer a secret necessary to maintain. Let the truth be told that the world belongs to the Black Pope.The Jesuit Brotherhood is now in the phase of consolidation. The ever heretical United States and Canada will soon be the hallow grounds for the inquisition. No less thorough than those of the past under Jesuit servants Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many others. The cleansing will be complete, the protestants will convert or be annihilated. The “Freedoms” will be destroyed as subservience to the Jesuit General is no longer a privilege but a requirement.

The non-believers will be slain for the greater good and greater glory of the Jesuit controlled Vatican empire. Jesuit controlled actors like Bush ,Gore and others serving the Order.Achievements of the Jesuit Order

— Make lending of money on interest a noble occupation.

— Place Jews in positions where fault or blame can be placed in the future.

— Exterminate heretic leaders and key opponents.

— Arrange for puppet leaders like Hitler, Mao, Stalin to extend the inquisition.

— Arrange for the slaughter of the Indigenous infidels.

— Institutionalize the Corporation to compete with the individual.– Establishment of the Central Government for the United States

— Establish the United States Federal Reserve Bank

— Control and facilitate the “Secret Societies” .

— Centralize inner power by controlling the nations Secret Services

— Fabricate conflicts such as the Cold War and Terrorism

— Create artificial events such as 9/11 to manipulate populations

— Control thinking by controlling Educational, History, Media- Maintain a conscript army through economic repression and inquisition.

–Repress technology and understanding, hide Tesla’s – promote the Einstein’s!

–Manage the health of the populous.

Jews and the Jesuits

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