Flat Earth Archive; Atlantean Conspiracy

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Flat Earth Archive; Atlantean Conspiracy

2 thoughts on “Flat Earth Archive; Atlantean Conspiracy

  1. Ken Eklund January 11, 2016 at 6:14 am Reply

    Dear Eric:
    Thank you so much for being bold to write the truth about the Flat Stable Earth we live on. I received your book “The Flat Earth Conspiracy” as a Christmas gift from my wife. It is an excellently written book. I have also been reading and listening to you-tube videos by Mark Sargent, Rob Skiba, Zen Garcia and Hummingbird027.com. As much as I have learned about the Flat, Stable plane we live on and believe, as well as the Giants who have lived on earth, I also believe according to the Bible that Dinosaurs lived on earth before the Noah”s Flood and came on the Ark as small animals. Read the books by Ken Ham titled “The New Answers Book 1-4” as well as a good teaching DVD set by Pastor Billy Crone of Las Vegas. Ken Ham apparently doesn’t yet believe in the Flat, Stable Earth, but maybe you or another Flat Earth believer can help him to believe the evidence you and others have presented as truth that we indeed live on a flat stable plane. I, like yourself do not believe the giants and dinosaurs came from goo, to monkeys to humans, millions of years ago. Only about 6,000 years ago. Thank You! Ken Eklund


  2. Hiroji kurihara May 18, 2020 at 3:02 am Reply

    Eddington experiment (on solar eclipce : 1919)

    Eddington experiment is said to find the bending of star light by gravity of the sun. But the additional exam seems not to be done. Surface gravity of the sun is 28.02g and that of Jupiter is 2.53g. Gravity of position apart from each surface (at each radius) is a quater of surface gravity each. Experiment of Jupiter will be possible.


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