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FE Memes and Themes #7

Flat-Earth-Memes-225-13 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-225-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-239-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-238-1 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-238-13 Flat-Earth-Memes-238-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-236-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-236-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-15 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-17 Flat-earth-Memes-234-12 Flat-earth-Memes-234-19Flat-Earth-Memes-228-7 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-4 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-9 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-12 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-16

FE Themes and Memes






Flat-Earth-Memes-222-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-222-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-222-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-221-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-224-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-224-2 Flat-Earth-Memes-223-19

fe meme sun orbit Flat-Earth-Memes-219-13   Flat-Earth-Memes-214-20 Flat-Earth-Memes-215-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-215-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-215-10 Flat-Earth-Memes-210-20 Flat-Earth-Memes-210-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-211-13 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-3Flat-Earth-Memes-210-4 Flat-Earth-Memes-210-3  Flat-Earth-Memes-185-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-186-7 Flat-Earth-Memes-177-9 Flat-Earth-Memes-178-17 Flat-Earth-Memes-163-14

Earths New 2nd Moon, According to Not A Space Agency NASA

You just can’t make this shiite up!  Tens of thousands of satellites, space stations orbiting, alleged dozens of trips to and around the moon, huge powered telescopes on Earth, telescopes and cameras above Earth for decades and decades…
…….and NOW they just find another orbiting Moon.  WTF?  Getting desperate NASA?


Earths New 2nd Moon, According to Not A Space Agency NASA


“Since 2016 HO3 loops around our planet, but never ventures very far away as we both go around the sun, we refer to it as a quasi-satellite of Earth,” said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object (NEO) Studies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “One other asteroid — 2003 YN107 — followed a similar orbital pattern for a while over ten years ago, but it has since departed our vicinity. This new asteroid is much more locked onto us. Our calculations indicate 2016 HO3 has been a stable quasi-satellite of Earth for almost a century, and it will continue to follow this pattern as Earth’s companion for centuries to come.”

Welcome Eric Jon Phelps to the Flat Earth Truth Movement

Mr. Phelps is an researcher extraordinaire and his book , “Vatican Assassins” moved the sticks in revisionist history greatly as to the outing of Jesuit power that rules all. HOWEVER, his person is homophobic and somewhat racist in his view of the world, so please don’t throw out the baby (FE research) with the bathwater (POV).


Sun and Moon on a Flat Earth Animation

~thanx to Blue Pill Dreaming for this.

My question is, how can we see the moon on different sides of the world at the same time on a Flat Earth model? I haven’t been able to rectify this one yet. Anyone?


FE Memes And Themes

Flat-Earth-Meme-12-16 Flat-Earth-Meme-12-15Flat-Earth-Memes-190-14 Flat-Earth-Memes-190-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-191-15 Flat-Earth-Memes-191-12 Flat-Earth-Memes-152-2 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-153-20 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-153-15 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-151-1 - Copy

fe meme sun orbit Flat-Eart-Meme-24-18 Flat-Eart-Meme-24-3 Flat-Earth-Meme-25-13 Flat-Earth-Meme-25-1 Flat-Earth-Meme-29-20 Flat-Earth-Meme-29-16 Flat-Earth-Meme-30-16 Flat-Earth-Meme-37-10

Flat-Earth-Meme-12-13 Flat-Earth-Memes-191-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-191-2 Flat-Earth-Memes-189-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-184-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-173-4 Flat-Earth-Memes-174-17 Flat-Earth-Memes-174-5 Flat-Earth-Memes-167-17 Flat-Earth-Memes-164-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-164-4 Flat-Earth-Memes-153-16 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-154-17 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-154-15 Flat-Earth-Memes-146-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-147-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-145-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-143-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-143-6

Intro to Flat Earth, History, Research and Conspiracy

My very first vid/doc on Flat Earth one year ago today and 1/4 million views later…

1st Man to Fake A Moon Landings Lying Body Language

neil armstrong

1st Man to Fake A Moon Landings Lying Body Language

body language



FE Moonlight is Warmer in Shade, How is this Possible?

Flat Earth The Moon Is Crystalline and Self Luminescent