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The Einstein Gravity Myth and Fraud Exposed

Jesuit shill Anonymous Spouts Flat Earth

The Gunpowder Plot 1605 | Jesuits in Britain

V for Vendetta is about Jesuit Guy Hawkes and the Gunpowder or Jesuit Treason plot to bring down the Crown of England in 1605.  Unknowing activists adopt the mask as anarchists and sovereign individuals, yet have no clue they are supporting the Jesuit agenda to divide and conquer.

No Fools; The Flat Earth Moment of Truth

New Flat Earth Books

This book is like no other book about our modern history. For open minds, it may begin a whole new awakening as to our understanding of who we are, where we came from, and a very profound and powerful re-connection to our common Theocosmology, that has been occulted from most for over 500 years.
Black and White Book/Color
Full Color Book


Ball’s Out Physics Episode 1.1: A Spinning Atmosphere

Gravity is Density, Buoyancy and Weight

Flat Earth Is The Truth