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Round Ball Earth Theory Destroyed and Disproven in under 3 minutes

Flat Earth Cartoons #1

Google Proves The Earth is Flat

Simpson’s Flat Earth Home in the Dome

KFC FLat EArth Domed TV Ad In Your Face

They Call it TV Programming for a Reason!

Credit: Curious Life

Flat Earth; Right on the Money!

Aplanetruth interviewed on World Beyond Belief

I just did this wonderful two hours with Paul and Mindy of the excellent website Pincecone Utopia and World Beyond Belief. We cover a lot of FE topics. The Great 2017 FE Awakening continues. Enjoy

FE Revelation~Hey! ED Dubay Promotes Someone Besides Himself!

ED Dubay, the self-proclaimed, self-promoting, won’t talk about Jesuits, won’t promote everyone else’s FE work, calls everyone shills, puts out his YT video of one red Roman Soldier (Him the sole FE truther) against all the other aliens he is slaying, says he’s solely into “just getting the Flat Earth story out”,

Hey Eric Dubay, Why Didn’t You Mention Your Freemason Family As Well?

…is now actually including another’s work, Flat Earth Consequence…a newbie to the FE movement to boot, with only 1,000 subscibers and a few videos.  Yea, Eric, you’re helping others get the word out too~ It only took you from NOV. 2014 until April 2017 for you to help others in promoting FE~ Yea ED keep spreading the word.

The same ED who took $100,000 from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation (NVIC) for injuries claimed due to Gulles-Barre syndrome vaccination..though he is a vegan and does not vaccinate…directly after months spent in Washington D.C., directly before he released his FE book.  HMMMM.

The same “i’m just trying to get the Fe truth out” who starts another website named….wait for it…wait for it……..!!! You can’t make this shit up!

Anyway, ED, you’re NOW helping spread the word, hope you can stay relevant, and maybe you can promote my book now as well…since all you are really interested in is getting the “FE Truth Out”~

Black and White Book
Full Color Book

(And ED Dubay, dude, you don’t have to use sex to promote FE, sends the wrong message about FE credibility, dude~)






Flat Earth, NASA, Dinosaurs & Mandela Effect

Enjoy, this is a really well done interview.

Flat Earth Music; Earth Not A Globe