Sneak Peak ~ Everything is a Lie Chapter Listings


Ch. 1 The Great Reset Again

Hacking Humanity & The 4th Industrial Devilution

ALL Heads in the Cloud; Owned and Operated

            Post Human

            Project Soulless Immortality

            Transhuman Agenda — Blockchained

            The World Economic Forum’s Laying it All Out

            The Singularity

            Post Gendersim ~ Shemales, Trannies and Whatever

Ch 2. Vaxxed to Spiritual Death

Virus Spreading vs. Terrain Shedding ~ You Can’t “Catch” A Cold

 Body Electric

 Congress and Big Harma Exempt from Getting Vaxxed ~ Why?

 What is In Your Vaxxine?

             Hail Hydra; In the Vax, In the Water, In the Air

             Creations and Origins of Vaccines

             All Same Team; Big Harma and Government Regulators

             The PlannedDemic “Drills” ~ Event 201 October 2019

 Operation “Dark Winter” Small Pox Breakout Exercises June, 2001

 Covidiocracy Low Lights

 Death by Vax, The Proof

 Gingko Bioworks ~ Synthetic Biology Altering Humanity

             Polio Sugar Cubes ~ My Story

             DDT Was the “Polio Effect”

 Inventing AIDS

             Songbird Covid 23 ~ Quarantine Camps for All

Ch 3 The Untold History Of Public Education

Dumbed n’ Numbed by Design

            The Original Robber Barrons

           Weapons of Mass Instruction

           Creation of P.H.D.’s to Indoctrinate the Masses

           Future of Education Mind Control Program Manual from 1991

Ch 4 Washington AC/DC Inc.

Roman Latin “Legalese” Law since 1066; Legally Owning Your Soul

            Out To Sea On Our CitizenShips

            THE LAW; Like There is Only One

            Taxed ‘Til Death Do We Part

            Rome Still Rules Wash D.C.           

            Knight Christopher Columbus, The First American Terrorist

            All Roads Still Lead to Rome

            FEMA Has Taken Over USA Inc.

            The Founding of Washington D.C. Inc.

            All Presidents Related by Negative Bloodlines

Ch 5 Pedophillia Presidents, Tranny Pedowood & College Rape Farming

The Many Children Victims of Trump

HomObama and VP Michael/Michelle

Epstein’s Island Huge Flight Log of Pervs

            Transformation; Sex Slave Mind Control Victims

            President Gerald Ford ~ Super Perv

            The False Memory Foundation ~ You’re All Crazy

            Scientologists Mind Control Institute

            College Rape Farming

Ch 6 Words Are Swords

Maritime Roman Latin Law Since 16th Century Rome

            Origins of Our Deceptive & Deceiving Language

Humans Don’t Exist in Court Because It’s a Raquet

            The Wizard of Oz ~ A Crown Temple Corpsoration

            Cosmological Dayz

Bail Outs and Bail Ins

            A Byte of Apple

            The All Male EL Show; Ladies are FEE Males

            When Corpsorations Became People With Human Rights 

            40 Synonyms for “Lie”

Ch 7 Bioengineered Transhumanistic Cloned Nano Pfoods

            No More Real Meat; Cow Farts to Blame

            The Coming Hunger Games

            NANO NANO Pfoods

             Future of Seeds? The Global Seed Vault

Ch 8 The Depopulation Agenda Was Set In Stone

The Controllers Ten Commandments; Georgia Guidestones

            A One World Dicktatorship

            Depopulation Through Eugenics; Planned Parenthood

            The Age of No Reason

            Eugenicists Gates Sr., Rockefeller and Sanger

Ch 9 Chemtrails ~ Crop Dusting and We Are the Bugs

The Hopi’s Knew

            Bye Bye Blue Sky ~ Terminology

            Real Air Sickness ~ Aerosolized Illness

            Get Your College Degree in Geoengineering!

For-Profit Weather Modification Corporations

Geo Engineering Vaxxines and Mind Control Spraying

Drone Delivery Systems

Ch 10 DEW’d ~  Paradise Lost & The Grand Design

Torched at Home and In Cars

237 mph, travelling 80 football fields per minute

The Devil you say?

Laser Surgery

Never Before Seen Say the Experts


Ch 11 Mandela Mind Control

They Call It TV Programming For a Reason

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Total 24/7/365 Surveillance

Spymaster Central Google

USA INC. Torture R US(a)

Decades of Proof

False Memory Syndrome & The Mandela Effect

John F. Kennedy Assassination 4 or 6?

Ch 12 Rock n’ Roll Psyops

The Tavistock Institute Wrote the Beatles Music

Grateful LSD for the Dead

Birthing of the Hippie Generation

Chapter 13 We Never Went to the Moon

It Was A TV Show

Vatican’s LUCIFER Telescope.

Oops! We Destroyed ALL the Moon Landing Tapes

The Law of Ridiculous Numbers

Gravity Is A Lie; Exist; It’s Buoyancy & Density

Size Matters

Gravity Is A Lie; Exist; It’s Buoyancy & Density

Ch 14 It’s Flat and That’s That

All the Ancients Were Wrong?

Life Under the Dome

Fixed Stars On An Orbiting Planet

Kings Dethroned

Global Plane Route Misdirections

Let’s Do the Math

Ch 15 Free Energy for All But Not for You

Free Energy Tesla Tower

Harvesting Lightning for Stored Energy

Harvesting Magnetricity Through Copper Domes

Free Power For All Is Here Now

Free Energy 1800’s The Compressed Air Car

Commercial Aircraft Fly On Compressed Air and Helium

Maglev Trains Underground; Wash DC to LA in Under an Hour

Carbon Dating Fails
Dinosaurs Never Existed

Ch 16 Nukes Never Existed

Fukushima Fake Out


What Happened to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)?

Life After Death Nagasaki -Fukushima

Where’s the Fallout?

CIA Lookout Mountain Fake Filming Moon Landings & Atomic Bombs

Ch 17 False Flags R US(a)

Step by Step by Step…Works Everytime

Fake “Victims” = Crisis Actors  

The Titanic Did Not Sink

Pearl Harbor False Flag to Get US Into WW II

The Vietnam War False Flag

Sandy Hook False Flag; The School Was Not Even Open

Muammar Gaddafi; Too Much “For the People” So He had to Go

Ch 18 Tartary; The Greatest Civilization To Be Erased From History

A One World

The Universal Language of Tartary

His-Story is a Lied Agreed Upon

US State Capitol Buildings All of the Same Moorish Design Built by Horse n’ Buggy?

Horse and Buggy Days New York City in 1880

Children 4 Sale; Foundling Trains

Ch 19 Endless Wars Never Ending

USA Genocide & Atrocities

And What About the 40 Million Russian/Tartarians Genocided?

Operation Hellstorm; The Dresden Holocaust

Human Rights? Forgetttaboutit

Endless War on the Brown Skins; Atrocities in Vietnam

Ch 20 Endless War on the Brown Skins

No Such Thing as a “Black” Man

How the West Was “Won”, So We’re Sold

Etymology of Burying the Brown Skins

The Cultural Assimilation of Native Americans

The Slave Trade out of One America

America is the Old World. Jerusalem was originally in Mexico City

Ch 21 Problem/Reaction Solution

Yale’s Skull & Bones 322

Kali Yuga Cycles; Vast Periods of Our Souls Lifetimes

True Bloods Unite to Save What It Means to Be Human

Primary Water ~ Free Abundant Water Everywhere

Biomagnetism ~ The Greatest Healing Protocol In the World

BiomagAGriculture ~ Super Grow *More*Stronger*Faster*

What Do You Want? Not What You Don’t Want

Modern Day Activists Extraordinaire

Epilogue   The Net of the World Wide Web

Appendix I    Secret Societies and Their Secret MembersAppendix II      Geoengineering Patents

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  1. CN.Media May 3, 2022 at 1:56 am Reply

    Chapter 22 The Real Faces of the Bible
    Chapter 23 13:20 timeship Earth


  2. CN.Media May 3, 2022 at 2:04 am Reply

    Chapter 22 the real faces of Egypt
    Chapter 23 Earth Day legacy
    And please change the title to a hopeful message.
    Truthers saying everything is a lie is ironic/?
    Otherwise, brilliant 👏 God Bless you


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