Sneak Peak ~ Introduction ~ California Statehood by Genocide


(Governor Gruesome graduated from Santa Clara Jesuit school and his father, a SF judge, was under the power and control of Oil tycoon, Gordon Getty)

July 2019 SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today issued an apology through executive order on behalf of California to California Native American Peoples for the many instances of violence, mistreatment and neglect inflicted upon California Native Americans throughout the state’s history. The Governor also announced the creation of a Truth and Healing Council to provide an avenue for California Native Americans to clarify the record – and provide their historical perspective – on the troubled relationship between tribes and the state.    This is the first time a state has taken dual action to correct the historical record and acknowledge wrongdoing through executive order mandate and a tribally-led, consultation-informed council. 

It’s called a genocide. That’s what it was. A genocide. There’s no other way to describe it and that’s the way it needs to be described in the history books,” Newsom said. “And so I’m here to say the following: I’m sorry on behalf of the state of California.”

Twenty months ago, California was inhabited by a sparse population – a pastoral people – deriving their main sustenance from their flocks and herds, and a scanty cultivation of the soil; their trade and business limited, and their principal exports consisting of hides and tallow. Within that short period has been made the discovery of the rich, extensive, and exhaustless gold mines of California; and how great have already been its effects! The trade and business of the country have been revolutionized and reversed – the population increased beyond all expectation – commerce extended – our ports filled with shipping from every nation and clime – our commercial cities have sprung up as if by enchantment – our beautiful bays and placid streams now navigated by the power of the energetic, intrepid, and sensible people of California have formed a Constitution for our new State

 ~ 1st State of the CA Union Speech ~ Governor Peter Burnett

The first governor of California, Peter Burnett, as one of his first acts as the very first Governor of California in 1851 openly called for “the extermination of the Indian tribes”, and in reference to the relentless attacks and violence against California’s Native Mexican Californio brown skinned people.

That a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races until the Indian race becomes extinct must be expected. While we cannot anticipate this result but with painful regret, the inevitable destiny of the race is beyond the power or wisdom of man to avert.”

Peter Hardeman Burnett, the first elected governor of California (1849-1851) and one of the founders of Sacramento, was a former slaveholder from Tennessee with a burning passion to create a whites-only American West.  In 1843, Burnett led a wagon train to Oregon. He was elected to the legislature where he took the lead in passing law that excluded all Native Brown Native Americans from the state! The law allowed whites to keep slaves for three years, after which they would be freed and required to leave the state. Any native Mexican Californio person who refused to leave would be whipped, earning it the nickname of “Peter Hardeman Burnett’s Lash Law.” It was rescinded, though other brown skinned exclusionary laws were later passed.

   In 1848, Burnett followed tales of gold to California where he befriended John Sutter Jr. and helped him found Sacramento. Burnett helped fuel the enslavement and genocide of California’s indigenous people. He signed the perversely-named “Act for the Government and Protection of Indians”. This law enabled whites to force Native people from their lands into indentured servitude or be killed or be put on Euro White Americano’s designated reservations.

   The Act for the Government and Protection of Indians on April 22, 1850 passed by the legislature of California, it allowed settlers to continue to the Californio practice of capturing and using Native people as forced workers. It also provided the basis for the enslavement and trafficking in Native American Native labor, particularly that of young women and children, which was carried on as a legal business enterprise. Raids on villages were made to supply the demand, the young women and children were carried off to be sold, the men and remaining people often being killed. This practice did much to destroy Native tribes during the California Gold Rush.

     Governor Burnett later became a California Supreme Court Justice and was sitting on the bench that ordered that fugitive slave Archy Lee be returned to his enslaver — in violation of California’s constitution. While Burnett’s vision of an exclusively white West was extreme, it fit within broader white supremacist policies of the time. Freemason, William B. Almond, was an organizer and was first Master of San Jose Lodge No 10 having earlier organized and presided as Master of Sparta Lodge No. 46 in Sparta, Buchanan County, Missouri and was also a friend of Governor Peter Hardeman Burnett. Though I can find no evidence of Mr. Burnett being a member of the Freemasons, it is public knowledge that at least 19 governors have belonged to the secret brotherhood of freemasons as were many of the members of the California gold rush of 1849, as you will read about further in this book.

   While Burnett was governor, U.S. government sponsored and assigned militia troops slaughtered Native Californians. Over 162 massacres of California natives in just over two decades are listed and chronicled in this book.

   Just one example was the “Bloody Island Massacre” in Lake County in Northern California of the Pomo natives. The Pomo were known as one the most peaceful tribes of over 76 tribes that existed before the Great Extermination took place. The Pomo were forced to live in small rancherias set aside by the federal government. For most of the 20th century, the Pomo, reduced in number, survived on such tiny reservations in poverty. Shool textbooks on California history do not mention anything about these massacres that allowed the Euro White Americano’s to take over all of Alta California ‘by any means’. A number of Pomo, primarily members living in the Big Valley area of Northern California had been enslaved, interned, and severely abused by settlers like Andrew Kelsey (namesake of Kelsey Creek and Kelseyville, California) and Charles Stone. Kelsey and Stone purchased cattle running free in Big Valley from Salvador Vallejo in 1847.

   They captured and impressed local Pomo to work as vaqueros (cowboys). They also forced them to build them a permanent shelter with promises for rations that were not kept. Because they made a residence there, their treatment of the Pomo was more brutal. The people were eventually confined to a village surrounded by a stockade and were not allowed weapons or fishing implements. Families starved on the meager rations they provided, only four cups of wheat a day for a family. When one young man asked for more wheat for his sick mother, Stone killed him. In the fall of 1849, Kelsey forced 50 Pomo men to work as laborers on a second gold-seeking expedition to the Placer gold fields. Kelsey became ill with malaria and sold the rations to other miners. The Pomo starved, and only one or two men returned alive. Stone and Kelsey regularly forced the Pomo parents to bring their daughters to them to be sexually abused. If they refused, they were whipped mercilessly. A number of them died from that abuse. Both men indentured and abused the Pomo women. The starving Pomo became so desperate that they were forced to raid the invaders livestock for food to eat. 

   His-story tells of the natives being ‘savages’ and ‘scalpers’, ye the opposite was true. The California government actually bounties for each native brown skinned killed and with proof of scalp would get several hundred dollars in payment PLUS get the lands of those natives lands for their own! This is one of the big reasons so many came and made the treacherous journey as the “new settlers” of California.

“I think it is very telling that Burnett links ‘Indians’ to stealing livestock,” says the center’s librarian, and member of the Winnebago Nation, Michael McLaughlin, “which did happen because their usual means of subsistence were overrun by gold-seekers, and because federal government rations to the Indians seldom reached them.”

In a letter to President Zachary Taylor, Presbyterian preacher Sylvester Woodbridge Jr. detailed the Native people’s plight:

    ‘The Indians in the Sierra Nevada are driven in large numbers from their usual haunts, and are consequently deprived of their customary food- acorns, and hence are exposed to starvation…they are often killed, because when urged by hunger, they have attempted to seize the horses or cattle of American emigrants’.

   Now the his-story goes that Freemason, John Marshall “discovered” gold in January of 1848 at Sutter’s Mill in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. Sutters Mill was located also at Sutters Fort. The site of the fort was established in 1839 and originally called New Helvetia (New Switzerland) by its builder John Sutter, though construction of the fort proper wouldn’t begin until 1841.

The fort was the first non-Mexican-Californio community in the California Central Valley. The fort is famous for its association with the Donner Party, the California Gold Rush, and the formation of the city of Sacramento, surrounding the fort, all aided and abetted by Freemasons.

Holy Roman Empire born John Augutus Sutter had to go to the capital at Monterey to obtain permission from the governor, Juan Bautista Alvarado, to ‘settle’ in the territory. Alvarado saw Sutter’s plan of establishing a colony in Central Valley as useful in “buttressing the frontier which he was trying to maintain against the Russians, Americans and British colonizers. Sutter persuaded Governor Alvarado to grant him 48,400 acres of land for the sake of curtailing American encroachment on the Mexican territory of California. Sutter was given the right to represent in the Establishment of New Helvetia all the laws of the country, to function as political authority and dispenser of justice, in order to prevent the robberies committed by interlopers from the United States, to stop the hunting and trading by companies from the Columbia (river).” The governor stipulated however that for Sutter to qualify for land ownership, he had to reside in the territory for a year and become a Mexican citizen, which he did to assuage the governor on August 29, 1840. However, shortly after his land tract was granted and his fort was erected, Sutter quickly reneged on his agreement to discourage European trespass. On the contrary, Sutter aided the migration of whites to California.

I gave passports to those entering the country… and this (Bautista) did not like it… I encouraged immigration, while they discouraged it. I sympathized with the (white) Americans while they hated them.”

   In order to elevate his social standing, Sutter impersonated a Swiss guard officer who had been displaced by the French Revolution and identified himself accordingly as ‘Captain Sutter of the Swiss Guard’. When the settlement was completed in 1841, on June 18, he received title to 48,827 acres (197.60 km2) on the Sacramento River. The site is now part of the California state capital of Sacramento. In order to build his fort and develop a large ranching/farming network in the area, Sutter needed Native brown skin labor. They were subjected to varying degrees of coercion and slavery. Sutter believed that Native Americans had to be kept “strictly under fear” in order to serve white landowners. Housing and working conditions at the fort were very poor, and have been described as “enslavement”, with uncooperative Indians being “whipped, jailed, and executed.”

    Sutter’s Native American “employees” slept on bare floors in locked rooms without sanitation and ate from troughs made from hollowed tree trunks. Housing conditions for workers living in nearby villages and rancherías was described as being more favorable. Freemason Pierson Barton Reading, Sutter’s fort manager, wrote in a letter to a relative that “the Indians of California make as obedient and humble slaves as the Negro in the South”. If Indians refused to work for him, Sutter responded with violence. Observers accused him of using “kidnapping, food privation, and slavery” in order to force Indians to work for him, and generally stated that Sutter held the Indians under inhumane conditions.  Theodor Cordua, a German immigrant who leased land from Sutter, wrote:

    “When Sutter established himself in 1839 in the Sacramento Valley, new misfortune came upon these peaceful natives of the country. Their services were demanded immediately. Those who did not want to work were considered as enemies. With other tribes the field was taken against the hostile Indian. Declaration of war was not made. The villages were attacked usually before daybreak when everybody was still asleep. Neither old nor young was spared by the enemy, and often the Sacramento River was colored red by the blood of the innocent Indians, for these villages usually were situated at the banks of the rivers. During a campaign one section of the attackers fell upon the village by way of land. All the Indians of the attacked village naturally fled to find protection on the other bank of the river. But there they were awaited by the other half of the enemy and thus the unhappy people were shot and killed with rifles from both sides of the river. Seldom an Indian escaped such an attack, and those who were not murdered were captured. All children from six to fifteen years of age were usually taken by the greedy white people. The village was burned down and the few Indians who had escaped with their lives were left to their fate.”

   Heinrich Lienhard, a Swiss immigrant that served as Sutter’s majordomo, wrote of the treatment of the enslaved once captured: “As the room had neither beds nor straw, the inmates were forced to sleep on the bare floor. When I opened the door for them in the morning, the odor that greeted me was overwhelming, for no sanitary arrangements had been provided. What these rooms were like after ten days or two weeks can be imagined, and the fact that nocturnal confinement was not agreeable to the Indians was obvious. Large numbers deserted during the daytime or remained outside the fort when the gates were locked.”

   Lienhard also claimed that Sutter was known to rape his Indian captives, even girls as young as 12 years old. Despite the procurement of fertile agriculture, Sutter fed his Native American work force in pig troughs, where they would eat gruel with their hands in the sun on their knees. Numerous visitors to Sutter’s Fort noted the shock of this sight in their diaries, alongside their discontent for his kidnapping of Indian children who were sold into bondage to repay Sutter’s debts or given as gifts. American explorer and mountain man James Clyman reported in 1846 that:

The Capt. [Sutter] keeps 600 to 800 Indians in a complete state of Slavery and as I had the mortification of seeing them dine I may give a short description. 10 or 15 Troughs 3 or 4 feet long were brought out of the cook room and seated in the Broiling sun. All the Labourers grate [sic] and small ran to the troughs like so many pigs and fed themselves with their hands as long as the troughs contained even a moisture.”

   Dr. Waseurtz af Sandels, a Swedish explorer who visited California in 1842-1843, also wrote about Sutter’s brutal treatment of Indian slaves in 1842:

  “I could not reconcile my feelings to see these fellows being driven, as it were, around some narrow troughs of hollow tree trunks, out of which, crouched on their haunches, they fed more like beasts than human beings, using their hands in hurried manner to convey to their mouths the thin porage [sic] which was served to them. Soon they filed off to the fields after having, I fancy, half satisfied their physical wants.”

   These concerns were even shared by Juan Bautista Alvarado, then Governor of Alta California, who deplored Sutter’s ill-treatment of indigenous Californians in 1845:

The public can see how inhuman were the operations of Sutter who had no scruples about depriving Indian mothers of their children. Sutter has sent these little Indian children as gifts to people who live far from the place of their birth, without demanding of them any promises that in their homes the Indians should be treated with kindness.”

    Despite his promises to the Mexican government, Sutter was hospitable to Euro White American pillagers entering the region and provided an impetus for many of them to settle there. The hundreds of thousands of acres which these men took from the Native Americans had been critical sources of food and resources. As the Euro White Americano settlers took over the lands over two million head of livestock were said to be killed by shooting wild game in enormous numbers, and replacing the native grasses and wilderness with wheat fields. Available food for native people in the region greatly diminished to starve out the indigenous brown skins.

  In August 1846, an article in The Californian declared that in respect to California Indians, “The only effectual means of stopping inroads upon the property of the country, will be to attack them in their villages.” When the natives tried to defend themselves, on February 28, 1847, Sutter ordered the Kern and Sutter massacres in retaliation. Much of Sutter’s labor practices were illegal under Mexican law. However, in April 22, 1850, following the annexation of California by the United States, the California state legislature passed the “Act for the Government and Protection of Indians,” legalizing the kidnapping and forced servitude of Indians by White settlers.

   An 1851 legislative measure not only gave settlers the right to organize lynch mobs to kill native people but allowed them to submit their expenses to the government. By 1852 the state had authorized over a million dollars for the bounty of such claims or $35 milloin in todays dollars.

In 1856, a San Francisco Bulletin editorial stated:

 “Extermination is the quickest and cheapest remedy, and effectually prevents all other difficulties when an outbreak [of Indian violence] occurs.”] In 1860 the legislature passed a law expanding the age and condition of Indians available for forced slavery. A Sacramento Daily Union article of the time accused high-pressure lobbyists interested in profiting off enslaved Indians of pushing the law through, gave examples of how wealthy individuals had abused the law to acquire Indian slaves from the reservations, and stated, The Act authorizes as complete a system of slavery, without any of the checks and wholesome restraints of slavery, as ever was devised.”

   The Native American activist and former Sonoma State University Professor Ed Castillo was asked by The State of California’s Native American Heritage Commission to write the state’s official history of the genocide; he wrote that “well-armed death squads combined with the widespread random killing of Indians by individual miners resulted in the death of 100,000 Indians in 1848 and 1849 alone. Remember that the mass immigration gold rush was allegedly just announced and it would take over a ½ year just for the news to get to the East Coast and longer to Europe. As you will read further, the California Gold Rush (CGR) was promoted to hide the massacres and genocides to remove the native Mexican Californio’s.

   The California Act for the Government and Protection of Indians was enacted in 1850 (amended 1860, repealed 1863). This law provided for “apprenticing” or indenturing Native Mexican Californio children to the Euro-Whites Americano’s, as well as punish “vagrant” brown skins by “hiring” them out to the highest bidder at a public auction if the Indian could not provide sufficient bond or bail. The law allowed Native Americans to be sold into indentured servitude for minor offenses and separated children from their families. Euro White occupiers took 24,000 to 27,000 California Native Americans as forced laborers, including 4,000 to 7,000 children.

     Not only bounties were offered to rid the natives and remove them from their lands they occupied all the way back to the Ancient Ones, the Euro-White’s brough their favorite way to eliminate large populations using blankets infected with small pox and vaccinations. Yes, vaccinations were invented by Jesuit, Dr. Edward Jenner in the 18th century. Small Pox and other epidemics “broke out” as soon as EuroWhite Americano’s arrived—1800-1801, 1824, 1836, 1853, and 1863.  Small-pox laced blankets and vaccinations were given to the natives along with bringing malaria and cholera virus’ The Mexican Californio’s, who had no resistance to the EuroWhite American’s diseases and shots, died off en masse. The native brown skins were giving people and offered whatever they had to the invading army of Euro-White Americano’s. In return, the EWA gave them toxic blankets.

   The spreading of small pox throughout Mexico, up through San Diego through Los Angeles all the way up the Pacific Northwest in the 1800’s decimated the Ancient One’s native tribes further, up through the 1910’s. The induced plagues and death by inoculation were fully sponsored, and funded in todo, by the USA Inc. government. 

   It is said that smallpox outbreak of 1828 was introduced by a fur trading ship that docked in San Francisco. Seven years later, smallpox appeared in Sitka, Alaska, the capital of Russian America. Yes, Russia and Euro-White America were corporate partners back then! How they formed such an alliance back in the mid 1800’s when communication was only by horse overland or ship, is unknown.

  What followed fits a pattern that has been noted since Roman times – epidemics begin in ports of entry and spread from there. Within a year, it had reached hundreds of miles north over much of modern-day Alaska and south into British territory around Puget Sound. Smallpox was said to soon arrive by Russian ship at Fort Ross. By then, California missions had been disbanded by the Mexican government. General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a native Mexi-Cali native turned traitor to his people, had taken possession of the Sonoma mission property (now the Sonoma Mission Inn) and established a military presence there representing US interests. In late 1837, before the virus was detected, he sent a cavalry unit led by corporal Ignacio Miramontes and accompanied by Indian auxiliaries, to Fort Ross to bring back supplies for the troops to  Sonoma and passed the disease on to his people there.

   By the time he returned, his army were already showing symptoms. The likely manmade disease was already spreading rapidly and people perished “by the hundreds.” From there, smallpox cut a wide swath through the North Bay to Clear Lake and beyond. It was a terrifying time – hoping for a cure, many natives entered their sweathouses and then plunged into cold water. But it was no use. Whole villages were struck down without a single survivor.

    For years after, the bones of thousands were left unburied and bleached the hills of Sonoma and Napa counties. Chief Solano, Vallejo’s friend, estimated that his tribe, which had numbered in many thousands, was reduced to just 200 survivors. The death toll may have exceeded 90%, on par with other places in the Americas.

   The plannedemic in the North Bay continued into 1839. The population of Native Californio’s were reduced by 90% from the mid 1849 to 1852 alone! From more than 300,000 down to 24,000 Californio’s in a series of some 162 recorded massacres in California along with induced disease and forced slavery to the survivors. Their death squad militias were formed by the US army with Freemason sanctioned hit men, like Kit Carson and Buffalo Bill who joined the US California militia.

   The Mormon’s formed their own militia sponsored by Freemason Brigham Young representing the Church of Latter-Day Saints and were in California by 1845. Additionally, as you will read further, the Mormons were already bringing back gold to Salt Lake City in 1847 and even had a mint in operation by 1849, which means the story of gold being ‘discovered’ in 1848 by John Marshal proves that his-story narrative of the official story of the CGR is a BIG LIE.

   Those not killed were put on US government designated reservations sometimes hundreds of miles from their family tribal lands that they kept in fecundity and abundance in harmony with Nature and their legends, cultures, history of their peoples and ways buried along with the original Ancient Americans.

3nd column. Native brown skins population in 1845 said to be 150,00 and just three years later, was down to 24,000, a ‘reduction’ of 84% of the population.

   Recording the numbers of California Indian people killed is not a mere academic exercise. As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, the death of a single person is a profound loss. Recording how many California Indians were killed between 1846 and 1873 is, in part, an attempt to understand the magnitude of the rupture and profound pain caused by their loss: each murder severed personal, familial, and tribal links. When multiplied by thousands during a short period, the impact was nothing less than devastating to the native tribes, their cultures and their ways of life.

     The first transcontinental railroads also had Buffalo bounty hunting to kill off the food and supplies of the brown people. In the mid-19th century, it was estimated that 30 million to 60 million buffalo roamed the plains. In massive and majestic herds, they rumbled by the hundreds of thousands, creating the sound that earned them the nickname “Thunder of the Plains.” The bison’s lifespan of 25 years, rapid reproduction and resiliency in their environment enabled the species to flourish, as Native Americans were careful not to overhunt. They respected the Flora and Fauna and knew all life was sacred.

    Freemasons, like William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, were hired by the Kansas Pacific Railroad to lead the hunts to kill as many bison as possible to take the food supplies away from the natives and feed thousands of rail laborers for years.

Brother “Buffalo Bill” Cody became a Scottish Rite Mason on April 4, 1894, in the Valley of New York City (Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction). Bro. Cody was dedicated to his fraternal duties and adhered to the principles of friendship, morality, and brotherly love”.  ~ Freemason Quarterly

 The US government also sponsored sport killing from trains, once the transcontinental railroad was built and finished in 1869. Trains shipped bison caucuses back east for machine belts, tongues as a delicacy, and bones as fertilizer. In mid-century, trappers who had depleted the beaver populations of the Midwest began trading in buffalo robes and tongues; an estimated 200,000 buffalo were killed annually. The natives had to be ‘cleared’ off their lands as the USA Inc. government had promised the railroad companies miles of land of the natives for every mile of track laid.

   The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad accelerated the decimation of the species. Massive hunting parties began to arrive in the West by train, with thousands of men packing .50 caliber rifles, and leaving a trail of buffalo carnage in their wake. Unlike the Native Americans who killed for food, clothing and shelter, the hunters from the East killed mostly for sport. Native Americans looked on with horror as landscapes and prairies were littered with rotting buffalo carcasses. The railroads began to advertise excursions for “hunting by rail,” where trains encountered massive herds alongside or crossing the tracks. Hundreds of men aboard the trains climbed to the roofs and took aim, or fired from their windows, leaving countless 1,500-pound animals where they died. US General Philip Sheridan, once said that the “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead” endorsed the hunting of the bison. Of buffalo hunters he said: “These men have done more in the last two years, and will do more in the next year, to settle the vexed Indian question, than the entire regular army has done in the last forty years.” Harper’s Weekly described these hunting excursions:

Nearly every railroad train which leaves or arrives at Fort Hays on the Kansas Pacific Railroad has its race with these herds of buffalo; and a most interesting and exciting scene is the result. The train is “slowed” to a rate of speed about equal to that of the herd; the passengers get out fire-arms which are provided for the defense of the train against the Indians, and open from the windows and platforms of the cars a fire that resembles a brisk skirmish.

Frequently a young bull will turn at bay for a moment. His exhibition of courage is generally his death-warrant, for the whole fire of the train is turned upon him, either killing him or some member of the herd in his immediate vicinity.

  The devastation of the buffalo population signaled the end of ways of the native brown skins. By the end of the 19th century, only 300 buffalo were left in the wild. Congress finally took action, outlawing the killing of any birds or animals in Yellowstone National Park, where the only surviving buffalo herd could be protected.   They blanketed the continent from coast to coast, from Central America to the Arctic. There were tens of millions of people here, speaking over 300 languages. Many of them lived in beautiful cities, among the largest and most advanced in the world.  Of course ,Wikipedia downplays the number of over 160 massacres in Alta California alone! Still they list many of the massacres that few are even aware of.

This book hopes to resurrect the memories and bring to light the mass genocide conducted by the Euro White Americano’s on the native brown skinned peace and freedom loving Californio’s. This is only a partial list, keep in mind!

These massacres were only a fragment of the killings of native copperheads across One America. From the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his Catholic and Jesuit missionaries to follow, over 3 million natives in what is now South and Central America occurred up to the 1800’s until the “Jesuit reduction” was completed, and Spanish installed as the One language of all. Yet in what is now the United States of the formerly One America, over 500 Nations of brown skins existed in tribes and clans with their own customs and cultures and their own lands. This is what made rounding up and killing them so easy in that they all were independent of one another.

As actor Kevin Costner is quoted for 500 Nations documentary in 1995:

In the coming hours, 500 Nations looks back on those ancient cultures, how they lived, and how many survived…. What you’re about to see is what happened. It’s not all that happened, and it’s not always pleasant. We can’t change that. We can’t turn back the clock. But we can open our eyes and give the first nations of this land the recognition and respect they deserve: their rightful place in the history of the world.”

If there is and Justice in this world and not “Just Us”, the ancestors of the Euro White Americano’s would join Governor Gavin Newsome, in not just apologizing over 150 years after the Great Massacres and throw some money at the native brown skins, but give the lands back to the Original Ancient Ones in retribution for the crimes against humanity.

   We all could also learn from our ancient ancestors where no land was ‘owned’ and local tribes flourished in small groups in their own common unity of communities. Nature was respected and revered not held for profiteering where waters are bottled and sold, ancient Redwoods cut and sold as board feet and natives sold into slavery. California was founded on the mass slaughter of the peace-loving natives who welcomed the invaders with open arms. They were not warriors and lived with the utmost respect and love of the fecundity that Mother Earth and Father sky provided them. 

   Native American scholar Gerald Vizenor has argued in the early 21st century for universities to be authorized to assemble tribunals to investigate these events. He notes that United States federal law contains no statute of limitations on war crimes and crimes against humanity, including genocide. He says:

    Genocide tribunals would provide venues of judicial reason and equity that reveal continental ethnic cleansing, mass murder, torture, and religious persecution, past and present, and would justly expose, in the context of legal competition for evidence, the inciters, falsifiers, and deniers of genocide and state crimes against Native American Indians. Genocide tribunals would surely enhance the moot court programs in law schools and provide more serious consideration of human rights and international criminal cases by substantive testimony, motivated historical depositions, documentary evidence, contentious narratives, and ethical accountability.

Georgia Guidestones call for a 94% reduction of the world population

My hope is that this documentation will help all understand the karma that exists today where the One People of the world are under the ownership and control of the New World Order of White men, which is the Old World Order that has said there stated wishes are to vaccinate 7 billion people with bioweapons. The Georgia Guidestones, outside Atlanta (Atlantis) HQ in Elbert County and was erected by a consortium led by a R.C. Christian erected in 1979. The Guidestones have ten ‘commandments’ set in the finest granite in the USA Inc. Their commandments are etched by craftsmen in 8 different languages with the capstone in 4 ancient languages of Cuneiform, Sanskrit, Ancient Hebrew and Hieroglyphics. The first ‘commandment’ states to “keep humanity at 500 million people, over a 90% of the world’s population! The world population is said to be about 7.5 billion people. You do the math.

Jamie Lee

November 11. 2021

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    You need psychiatric help.


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    It’s sick.. and I’m Native and European.. My brother and I received an incurable disease from a vaccine at a native health clinic. The genocide has not stopped, just gotten more silent.


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