Who Runs and Controls All ~ The J-Suits That’s WHO~

The Jesuits

For four hundred years the great Jesuit army that trained me, mentored me, educated me, groomed me.. has been fighting their covert war for absolute control of the world.

A masterful army of spies and assassins they have, in the past, been expelled from every country in Europe. They have arranged nearly every war in the last 300 years. They initiated the US Civil War to transform the United States into a Central Controlled tool of their conquest of the world. They have placed Hitler in power, Stalin in power, Mao in power, Pol Pot in Power and many more inquisitionists throughout the world’s history. They now use the United States to perpetrate inquisitions. As they did in Korea and Vietnam as they are doing again with Iraq.

The goal is simple and glorious, a one world government, a New World Order with the Pope on the throne and the Jesuit General in control of the Pope and the empire of the world. Secret services such as the CIA, the KGB, MI6 are controlled by them. Presidents are elected and Popes and Presidents are killed by them. They are the army of the Vatican in control of the Vatican. They hide behind secret societies which they control and corporations they own like Microsoft, Bank of America, Lockheed and many more.This is dedicated to the glorious achievements of the Jesuit Brotherhood, the Society of Jesus or better known as the Illuminati for all to now know.As previous Jesuit General Tamburini once said “See sir, from this chamber I govern not only Paris but China, not only China but the whole of the world, without anyone knowing how I do it.”The end of the fabricated “Cold War” marked a turning point in the careful fight waged over the last 400 and more years by the Jesuit Brotherhood.

The long awaited New World Order is upon us! Absolute control of the world via the Holy Roman Empire (Isis-Horus-Seb) is no longer a secret necessary to maintain. Let the truth be told that the world belongs to the Black Pope.The Jesuit Brotherhood is now in the phase of consolidation. The ever heretical United States and Canada will soon be the hallow grounds for the inquisition. No less thorough than those of the past under Jesuit servants Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many others. The cleansing will be complete, the protestants will convert or be annihilated. The “Freedoms” will be destroyed as subservience to the Jesuit General is no longer a privilege but a requirement.

The non-believers will be slain for the greater good and greater glory of the Jesuit controlled Vatican empire. Jesuit controlled actors like Bush ,Gore and others serving the Order.Achievements of the Jesuit Order

— Make lending of money on interest a noble occupation.

— Place Jews in positions where fault or blame can be placed in the future.

— Exterminate heretic leaders and key opponents.

— Arrange for puppet leaders like Hitler, Mao, Stalin to extend the inquisition.

— Arrange for the slaughter of the Indigenous infidels.

— Institutionalize the Corporation to compete with the individual.– Establishment of the Central Government for the United States

— Establish the United States Federal Reserve Bank

— Control and facilitate the “Secret Societies” .

— Centralize inner power by controlling the nations Secret Services

— Fabricate conflicts such as the Cold War and Terrorism

— Create artificial events such as 9/11 to manipulate populations

— Control thinking by controlling Educational, History, Media- Maintain a conscript army through economic repression and inquisition.

–Repress technology and understanding, hide Tesla’s – promote the Einstein’s!

–Manage the health of the populous.

Jews and the Jesuits

The Jews have long been a of whipping dog of the Jesuit controlled Vatican. As the killers of Jesus time and again they have been made to suffer and more so as a competitor to Christianity!Among their ranks of any group are always individuals recognizing their true worth as the lap dogs of their Jesuit masters. The use of secret societies facility the identification of suitable individuals. These individuals for example selected Jews often serve the Brotherhood of Jesus quite well.

Of course, they are entirely disposable. Karl Marx, who was mentored trained and educated by 22nd Superior Jesuit General Petr Beckz, Marx was one such lap dog that served the orders purposes. Communism is a form of our own Catholic totalitarian rule. The communist lands have well facilitated the good slaughter of the heretic Christian infidels (the Non-Catholics). In other words the communist / totalitarian worlds facilitate the continuation of the great Catholic Inquisition so necessary to the cultivation of one world Catholicism.

Wars and the JesuitsCountless are the wars arranged for the resurrection of the Jesuit Holy Roman Empire. For Isis for Horus and for seb the trinity. For the greater glory of the Jesuit Vatican and the Jesuit General the Black Pope the true ruler of the world.WWI

– Split heretic protestant Ireland from the rest of Britain. Lead to the further concentration of ownership of the United States and Britain. Begin the inquisitions of Europe anew.WWII

– Finalize the acquisition of Japan. Extermination of the unconvertible heretic gypsy and Jew populations of Europe.

Consolidate the takeover of the United states with post war taxation the the formation of the CIA. Establish Mao for the inquisitions of China and consolidation of power through the triads and the secret services. The Chinese are now owned by the Jesuit order. Religious faith is dead to be reborn as the Jesuit Catholicism in the future. Strengthen the grip of Stalin the Jesuit puppet and the subjugation and control of the Soviet Territories. The Russian people are now owned by the Jesuit Brotherhood.Korea

– Begin the Jesuit Orders more formal use of the United States as an instrument of inquisitions.Vietnam – Eliminated Indigent and heretical Buddhist populations via the United States.

The the purge of the Cambodian indigenous heretics followed with the US population conditioned to want nothing more to do with South East Asia..Bosnia

– Kill protestant and Muslim populations, increase U.N. Presence and authority in the world community.

Gulf War

– Begin the formal cultivation of the “Terrorist” and anti-American image.IRAQ – Kill the heretic populations. Cultivate anti-American attitudes around the world and cultivate an army of Muslims for an invasion of the U.S. and thereby slaughtering a population that might otherwise resistSpanish Civil war – 1936 lead by Cardinal Pedro Segura led the Islamic army in slaughtering unfaithful Roman Catholic men, women and children without mercy.

Mexican Civil war – 1914 – 1945 – Killed 1 million Mexican heretics2nd French Revolution

– 1848Russian Revolution – 1917 – 1922 –

Followed by inquisition / purges of the hereticsThe Mexican “War of Reform” 1858 – 1861

The American “Civil War” 1861 – 1865

The German-Austrian War 1866

The End of the Japanese Shogunate 1868

The Franco-Prussian War 1870 – 1871

The Dreyfus Affair 1895 – 1906

Terrorism and the Jesuits

Oh the power of the fabrications! Like the Cold War, Terrorism is designed to consolidate power while slaughtering heretics while training a new crop of butchers for the next round of the Jesuit inquisitions.

The known abuses in Iraq are only the tip of the iceberg. Many abuses of women and children are well underway. Soldiers are being psychologically brutalized by being told to randomly kill women and children civilians.The goal of course is to further and further infuriate the Moslem youth and further and further promote a negative image of the United States around the world.

Al-Qaida is nothing more than a CIA run operation of the noble Jesuit Brotherhood. Osama Bin Ladin merely a lap dog of the great Jesuit Order doing as instructed.

The involvement of the “Terrorist” in events like 9/11 is only for show, a cover story to motivate the sheep in the United States and Britain. Of course, the individuals who apply to join the ranks of groups like Al-Qaida believe they work for a noble cause with a real enemy.

But the only real enemy of the world is the heretic unfaithful to the holy work of the Jesuit Controlled Black Pope and his Vatican. The Moslem is as much a heretic and will just as much come to be owned and destroyed under the Jesuit ideals.Secret Service and the Jesuits

The brotherhood of Jesus, the Jesuit Society is from inception and by design a covert army of spies and assassins. The Jesuits marvelous success has come in no small part from it’s own organization. The Jesuits have applied this “Need to Know” and “Above Top Secret” hierarchical design to the establishment of security services around the world. The good Jesuit Brothers have gaining inside access either through the fabricated “Religious” pretext or through controlling influences within secret societies.

The Jesuit victory has come in part from it’s high level ownership of the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Mosad, KGB/FSB and many other national security organizations. All these organizations are patterned for their success after the Jesuit order itself!One of the most notable examples was the Jesuit Nazi SS from whose ranks came many of the early CIA members with good skills in torture and mind manipulation. With the solidification of “Need to Know” privacy in the CIA and with the gradual removal of over site authority and accountability the CIA today stands untouchable and in near full control of the United States.

Events such as the JFK assassination and 9/11 demonstrate the agencies facility at perpetrating and managing the backlashes as they occur. In conjunction with the control held over the FBI and the NSA and the Information media future events will continue to occur as planned.

The work of FEMA in prepare underground shelters for the privileged and concentration camps for the heretics is equally commendable.The Secret Services have also managed properties to serve the brotherhood. Such properties include the drug trade and it’s equally profitable drug war. Sex slavery is now a more profitable enterprise than drugs and with it the profits from selective law enforcement. All such activities serve to assist the brotherhood in managing the training and dependency of law enforcement services and training from the national level.

This facilitates putting distance between the Law Enforcement personnel and the “Citizen”.Just as the Jesuits are not subject to the authority of the Vatican neither are the Secret Services subject to the authority of the country in this they are positioned.

With the CIA for example the “Above Top Secret” , “Need to Know” and “Plausible Deniability” rationales put the CIA above and independent of the President and the Congress.Puppets and the Jesuits

The Brotherhood has gained systematic control of the United States over the last 150 years. Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Nixon, Carter, Clinton and the Bushes have all been the orders useful lap dogs. With the wealth of the Federal Reserve,

Stalin was successfully raised to power. The “Communist” purch of the Russian Orthodox was very successful. Hitler was another such pawn who served the order well. Pol Pot, Mao, many others.

The collective death toll of heretics via “Communism or other Jesuit facilitators:

USSR: 20 million deaths

China: 65 million deaths

Vietnam: 1 million deaths

North Korea: 2 million deaths

Cambodia: 2 million deaths

Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths

Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths

Aftrica: 1.7 million deaths

Latin America: 25 million deaths

Mexico: 1 million deaths

Cold War and the Jesuits

The cold war served the order in many wonderful ways. At the end of the 2nd world war China and Russia where only slightly more advanced than they would have been in the 1800’s!

The Russia heretical orthodox had been enduring the brotherhoods inquisition under the lap dog Stalin. China was just beginning the cleansing and reforming inquisition of the Buddhist / Taoist heretics via lap dog Mao. Neither country was capable of opposing the United States. For the purges to go unopposed the people of the United States needed to believe that it could not interfere in the internal politics of these countries without a global nuclear war resulting.

With this pretext and the brotherhoods control of the media (including the new media of television) this was not difficult to do. Providing the nuclear technology to the Soviets was a key initial tactic and at the appropriate time the Chinese where provided the technology as well. This made them viable threats to the public and the established heretical elements in the military but in reality both countries were well under Jesuit control via their Secret Services.The cold war provided additional revenue through the “military / industrial” complex owned by the Jesuit Brotherhood. It was a time of intense misdirection against the infidel protestants.

The Korean war and Vietnam war allowed the the Americans to slaughter the heretic Buddhists and indigenous populations under the guise of “fighting communism”.

The American people where lead to believe they where helping oppose communism. when in reality they where simple slaughtering infidels for the Jesuit order and to it’s great satisfaction!With the establishment of the CIA by the lap dog Truman gradual deepening of control over American was being finalized. The CIA where initially staffed from Nazi SS mind and body inquisitors trained and cultivated during the 3rd Reich by the Jesuit order.

Black is white and white is black is a motto of the high Jesuit Brotherhood.

What the people are told is far from what is really happening.Promotion of equality, animal rights and the environment helped to facilitate an expanded influence of the top down government against the individual states and the heretic population during this period.Social protests against the Vietnam War helped to create the needed split between the population and the government.

It was in this split that the Jesuit servant Nixon could initiate the end of the Gold Standard. Later with Carter the clear independent authority of the CIA could be justified.9/11 and the Jesuits9/11 is one of the Jesuit Brotherhoods latest achievements!

The demolition of the towers was a carefully planned event used for multiple purposes:

1. To solidly establish the fabricated “Terrorist” phase just as the fabricated “Cold War” had been established previously with Korea and Berlin.

2. To further concentrate the central government in the United States via the “Patriot Act” and the Office of Homeland security.

3. Via the Iraq aggressions, turn the world towards the Brotherhood controlled United Nations and strongly cultivate an anti-American / anti-British view.

4. To further dilute the number of US troops in the continental United States by driving them off shore for events like Afghanistan and Iraq.

5. To cultivate and train the heretic Muslim youth as a future military force to be used against the United States.

6. To justify the FEMA construction of concentration camps within the United States for the coming inquisition of the heretic nation.

7. To see the United States as a bully yet vulnerable.

Central Government and the Jesuits Key in early plans for the New World Order of the Jesuit Vatican army was the conquest of the heretic Protestant America.

Essential for this to occur was the great US Civil War. In the post civil war confusion and desperation lay the opportunity for establishing the US Central Government. This was accomplished by the forced introduction of the 14th Amendment. This amendment to the US Constitution reversed the entitlement of the citizen. No longer was an individual a citizen of their state which was in reality an independent country and then a member of the United States.

After the 14th amendment the individual was a member of the United States and living in a state within it. With this change of membership came the means of centralized control. Under the early republic model the “United States” as an organization owned nothing and had no entitlements. It was granted by the states necessary funds, manpower and other resources only upon approval by the states.

The Central Government which came into existence resulted in a powerful facility for central control and extortion necessary to the great goals of the Jesuit order. With the change of authority came a strong and independent Federal military, a higher authority over state activities via the Supreme Court and the establishment of central government “services” used to maximize control and obligation of the states.The Central Government once established pursued it’s role of subjugating the state authority and the population at large.

The Bureau of Land Management and the National Forest Service and Park Service began taking land of the States as a ploy to limit the dispersion of the population.The Central Government was also used to support the patent system. Patents rarely serve the interest o f the inventor.Controlling Population, Education, Media and the Jesuit Order

Success of the Jesuit Masters required great influence in all aspects of the heretics life. The heretic must be managed physically, emotionally and psychologically. Fortunately most human beings are little more than sheep. They need the strong hand of the good Shepard to protect and guide the flock towards the light. The wolves (heretics) are ever at the door and the sheep can in weakness be mislead. The heretics can in some cases be brought to their senses by force and by redirection. It is with these Interests that the great Jesuit Order has labored for so long.Yet another great achievement are the ways being taken to accomplish this.

Control of the individual requires control of the sources of information and the ways in which information is presented to them. Control of education is one such method used by the Jesuit Order. With a high degree of influence in the educational system and the material published for it you gain control of what is taught and what is forbidden. By setting standards for what is “knowledge” you further that control.

This has facilitated directing the academics attention away from the Jesuit perpetration and on irrelevance and fantasy created by the Jesuit Order.

With control of the News Media you further this task. Fabricated Academics when combined with the news media have served the brotherhood remarkably well! No greater example exists than that of the Einstein fabrication. Einstein came about as an effort to take the publics attention from Nikola Tesla and the legitimate practice of science and engineering.

Using Einstein fabricated physics a complete misdirection of scientific training could be achieved. The real science in the advanced forms has been available only to a limited few. Einstein is was one of the orders finest lap dogs and a good example of the use of Masonic Jewish Zionist in service of the great Jesuit cause.A recent example may also help to make this strategy clear.

A school teacher asked her students to find the bad and the good that came out of Nazi Germany. The media where instructed to criticize the teacher under the pretext of her wishing to make light of the slaughter of the Jews. (inquisition :-> ) By attacking her In this way teachers in general are put into fear lest they loose their positions or standing teaching what is not on the official agenda. Fear of acting independently enforce in teachers the need to stick to the books and not to teach or encourage the students to think independently.

What is printed in the text books the Jesuit order naturally controls.The film industry is almost entirely controlled by the Illustrious Jesuit Brotherhood. By the standard ploy and for the heretics consumption the media is presented as being in Jewish control. A number of Jewish Lap Dogs serve this purpose.Slowly the film industry is presenting the good Catholic and the bad heretic. For example the recent film “The Body” portrays a kind and gentle Jesuit priest is attacked by the Jews. Such portraits of the good priest and the good Catholic (Bells of St. Mary’s) are subtle but effective.

The protestant and general heretics are increasingly represented in film as they truly are, the degraded and un-chosen, the trailer trash, the criminal element, the undesirable. Of course any hint of exposure would result in a temporary change of presentation to pacify the heretic mind until the New World Order is fully established.In film, conspiracies are made light of as being simply constructed, easily detected and easily overcome. This continually enforces the idea of conspiracy posing no real threat or being simply a ridiculous idea to being with. Validating and invalidating is an effective tactic.

“If such things as conspiracies exist don’t worry they are harmless and short lived” this is the idea being conveyed.Film has also hinted at the divine plan of the Jesuits. Darth Vader of Star Wars is the Black Pope. Fahrenheit 451, Logan’s Run, 1984, Start Trek the Borg, Sleeper, etc..

Righteous Jesuit Assassinations

Many are those who have dared to stand against the great Jesuit General and the Great Jesuit cause. But, where are they now? What have they achieved except their own ruination and that of their own lands? How can the unworthy heretic think they can oppose the great Jesuit Order and Organization?

The Jesuit brotherhood will destroy the heretics and the indigenous peoples and their wrong beliefs taking from them everything and leaving them stunned, shocked and dismayed. Most heretics will not live past the coming inquisitions nor do they deserve to.

All successful revolutionary activity is started from the top by leadership. Therefore potential leaders must be assassinated as soon as there is the slightest indication of their potential to undermine the Jesuit strategy.Righteous Jesuit Assassinations

Pope Clement XIV – Suppressed the Jesuit order in 1773 and was assassinated.JFK – Dared to resist the authority of the Jesuit General and was assassinated.

Abraham Lincoln – Resisted the Jesuits after the Civil War and was assassinated.Benito Pablo Juarez – Purged Mexico of the Jesuit influence and was assassinated.

Malcolm X – Assassinated for efforts to root out the Masonic influence over the Black Muslims.

Louis T. McFadden – Assassinated for promoting the end of the Federal Reserve.

Che Guevara – Assassinated for resisting the Jesuit subjugation of South America.General Lafayette, 1799 Aide to Washington

Romanism: A Menace to the Nation

“It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe. “George Washington

– Freed the United States from Jesuit control King George III of England. Ended paper money by establishing gold and silver coin which lead the United States out of debt.

Henry Ford – “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

“President John Adams – “Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gypsies can assume, dressed as painters, publishers, writers, and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on Earth and in Hell it is this Society of Loyola’s.

“Some Jesuit Heroes

The order’s illustrious found Ignatius Loyola is documented in the history of the faith. Without this heroes great vision, brilliance and divine calling nothing would have been achieved. The Catholic church would be merely one of the voices representing Jesus rather than the only source of religion speaking to all the peoples of the world for all eternity. This was proven to the Vatican itself after Pope Clement XIV disbanded to Order.

The Vatican itself saw the great decline in the interest of the people and of course the lack of revenues that resulted.

Cardinal Spellman – Facilitated the JFK assasination for the Jesuit Brotherhood.

Joseph P. Kennedy – Facilitated the United States great depression for the Jesuits.

Prescott Bush – Facilitated the funding of Hitler for the Jesuit cause.

Captain Edward J. Smith – Captain of the Titanic and Jesuit Priest.J.

Edgar Hoover – Director of the United States FBI

Colonell House – Jesuit Priest and puppeteer of Woodrow Wilson.

Fidel Castro – Jesuit trained inquisitionist in control of Cuba

General Porfirio Diaz – Reversed the heretical treason of Benito Juarez and restored the great Jesuit repression of Mexico 1876-1911.

In 1914 the 2nd cleansing of Mexico was arranged by the Jesuit General while the world was focused on WWI.

The cleansing lasted 30 years and killed more than a million Mexican heretics.

Emperor Meiji – Ruled Japan for the Jesuit Order seeing to it’s ingraining in the society. The Jesuits had already destroyed the Samurai

James Buchanan – A staunch opponent of the brotherhood until he was poisoned by the Jesuit brothers. 38 of his colleagues died but Buchanan lived long enough to ignite the American Civil war.

President Bill Clinton – Graduate of Jesuit Georgetown University. Among other achievement Clinton took the nuclear launch keys away from naval commanders.

This renders the United States incapable of a sea based retaliatory strike.

Black Pope and the Jesuit Order

Under General Kolvenbach impressive leadership the twin towers of the world trade center where successfully destroyed in the 9/11 fabrication!

The “Terrorist” fabrication has successful momentum. The day of the slaughter of the heretical United States, Canada and Australia is gracefully approaching. The growth of the heretical Moslem armies will facilitate the slaughter of the East Indian Infidels.

The Hindu and Moslem populations will be purged from the earth. The orders control of the despotic Muslim leadership around the world (via the Jesuit controlled Islamic Masonic Order) guarantees an invading army to support the destruction of the North Americans.The nuclear Weapons are planted in the appropriate places to facilitate the destruction of the “Free Speech”, “Free Press”, and “Freedom of Belief” heretical countries.

~Ja Phathyte

15 thoughts on “Who Runs and Controls All ~ The J-Suits That’s WHO~

  1. Jacqui October 3, 2021 at 3:00 am Reply

    Ultimately… God is in control… and soon, very soon… Christ, the Lamb that was slain….will rule!! Hallelujah!! Praise be to God! He reins, He rules the nations!!

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  2. JOYCE October 3, 2021 at 3:42 am Reply

    Even though I walk in the valley of death, I feel no evil! No matter what they through and us God is with us!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  3. verendun October 3, 2021 at 5:33 am Reply

    “This is dedicated to the glorious achievements of the Jesuit Brotherhood, the Society of Jesus or better known as the Illuminati”,
    Actually the Illuminati were started by a non cleric who hated the Jesuits and the Illuminati had anti-Jesuit ethos .

    “As previous Jesuit General Tamburini once said “See sir, from this chamber I govern not only Paris but China, not only China but the whole of the world, without anyone knowing how I do it.”” Given he didn’t even govern Paris let alone China and the vast bulk of the world kicked the Jesuits out for trying to meddle in their internal affairs. Think Japan.


  4. verendun October 3, 2021 at 5:36 am Reply

    “Clinton took the nuclear launch keys away from naval commanders.” Wrong.


  5. bethruffman October 3, 2021 at 2:18 pm Reply

    Great article..thanx for all the research. Time for fall of the Cabal…evil Jesuits included. Re Trump..he is infiltrating them and working for humanity. Deus Vult! Lovejoytrump.com

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    • verendun November 11, 2021 at 10:00 am Reply

      The only person Trump cares about is Trump. He sn;t interested in you or anyone else other than to scam money and power. He has a god complex and is doing more harm to Christianity and the USA than the USSR or anyone ever did.
      What i find interesting is that one sect blames the Jesuits and another is equally convinced it is Zionists,
      Also the claims above about Marx are unfounded.


  6. bethruffman October 3, 2021 at 2:31 pm Reply

    In fairness, authentic Catholicism is a beautiful practice…..its all about personal experience of Jesus, Mary, God the Father Almighty within the temple of the mercy seat of the heart of each human being. Like all religions, fake religious tried to control humanity. Time to know our Creator within in our most intimate personal relationship and that manifest for each person.

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  7. Aplanetruth.info October 3, 2021 at 7:45 pm Reply

    […] minds and hearts, our souls came to fight this great enemy of humanity that lives in the shadows but is known to those who wish to know who is behind it […]

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    • verendun November 11, 2021 at 10:02 am Reply

      “Common Sense and reason tell us the Earth is stationary and not rotating on her axis”: Actually they don’t, and to quote Einstein “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”
      “Since the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Scientific Revolution, around the mid-1500’s, the world has been told, and believed, the Earth to be a globe.” Incorrect, we have known Earth is a spheroid for well over 2,000 years.
      “Von Braun ran NASA’s Saturn rocket program for 25 years.” Sort of, so what?
      “All feeds that came from the Moon on the alleged first Man on the Moon transmission came from one feed at NASA where all TV broadcasters had to copy from.” Incorrect again. They were also received and transmitted from the RAAF Woomera Range Complex and Jodrell Bank, where recordings were also retained.
      “Since the 1960’s, when we entered the “space race” against our alleged arch enemy, Russia,” Wrong again, it was the USSR not Russia.
      “Since the 1800’s, very few have challenged the Heliocentric theory because it is “settled science”. Very disingenuous to say the least. It was and is observed reality. The FE cult was started by Rowbotham based entirely on biblical literalism. He is the one who dreamt up the ice wall, yes dreamt up as he had never set foot outside the UK let alone visited Antarctica.
      “We feel no motion of an Earth traveling at 1,000 mph”. Correct, because we do not feel motion, we only feel changes in motion.
      So, just in your intro. there are a few things totally erroneous. Not a good start was it.


    • verendun November 11, 2021 at 10:14 am Reply

      Nice distortion of facts. If Japan, which had kicked the Jesuits out, had nkt bombed Pearl Harbour the USA would nit have entered WWII.
      By 1920 the USA and Europe realised the USSR was no real threat and normal relations were resumed.
      If it had not been for the USSR Hitler and the Nazis would have conquered Europe.
      Who knows what that would have meant with a Japanese Empire in East and South Asia, a Soviet Empire in the rest of Asia and a Nazi Europe.


  8. Susan Royal October 3, 2021 at 11:17 pm Reply

    Thanks for this info Jim.it really helps solidify where we are right now. A question for you: given what you know, if it were you living in Australia right now and you had the opportunity to go to Mexico,would you take it up? What concerns me is that with the planned starvation etc of the peoples, will Mexico bear the brunt as well and therefore would I be best living in the hills in OZ. I am getting as many peoples input on this as possible as I am not on the ground in that part of the world. Thanks again for you all your really good info/research. Kindly, Susan

    Virus-free. http://www.avg.com

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  9. Barb October 13, 2021 at 12:05 am Reply

    Did you not have information and pics of the Paradise fire? I cannot locate. Was it a blog?


  10. […] Who Runs and Controls All ~ The J-Suits That’s WHO~October 3, 2021 […]

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  11. steph dowker November 27, 2021 at 2:46 am Reply

    LMAO😂 WHO is hiding behind this account. Oh how I love the internet. Honey, I am not sure if ypu have read the Bible but your team loses. Your jesuit black pope army ain’t stepping foot on our lands. We have been preparing for this Holy war just as long as you sick perverts. Ultimately my Father is in control and I promise you He knows every last plan your fallen god has planned. If you think the Holy Army Father has over here in America not only wearing the mighty armor of God, we have soooooo many guns. So you guys can bring it. Mess around and find out it will not end pretty for you. You chose the wrong side my friend. The devil is a liar. He is a loser too. You can still repent and seek Jesus. Turn from your wicked ways. Idc what satan tells you. He only cares that you lose your throne in the Kingdom. Tell satan God’s Children DO NOT fear him. He is boring and predictable. He can take his covid poison shot shot and shove it up his bum. Good day! Prayers and Blessings!🙏✝️


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