Free Biomag Healing 101 Book Now Available

HI All Born2Healers ~

Free Biomag Healing 101 Book

I am so excited to announce my 5th book release on how we can all learn to heal the world. (see attachment)

I can send you book(s) at a discount if you wish, rather than pay Amazon, that includes a pair of magnets so you can get started self-healing right away just email me your request. Email me @

There is no book like this in the world today that covers the vast subtle energy remedies that are achieved using magnets and change of lifestyle. From the Ancient Chinese (Chi) to Egypt (Ka) to Vedic (Prana) have used magnets to heal, yet the Western Med -i-Sin has no word for subtle energy healing that can be done at a distance and remotely. How about “duh” ?

You can view the dozens of testimonials on my website for concrete proof and first person testimonials as well as in Appendix III in the book.

This book is for YOU. When/if you learn this most amazing healing protocol you can begin immediately getting results once you learn to muscle test.

 “The Bible” I call it is necessary for healing session work. To get the “Bible” order here: Thank you Dr. Garcia, Dr. Goiz, and Dr. Randolph Stone
This book is meant to be a “Scriptures” in more of a “how to apply and get results” intention which I lay out for all in the first two appendices in the book. I also rewrite current and past HIS story about magnetic healing and the burying of it by Rockefeller men in 1910….And now it rises once more, and this book will, hopefully, give you the proper guidance and knowledge to get effective and consistent results, both in person and remotely at a distance.

Biomag 101 Color

Biomag 101 BW

2 thoughts on “Free Biomag Healing 101 Book Now Available

  1. triamo September 16, 2021 at 5:37 pm Reply

    > Free Biomag Healing 101 Book <
    Link adress states as of 9/16/2021
    "The requested preview has been deleted, or doesn't exist.
    Please try again to convert PDF to HTML."


  2. mannygross September 22, 2021 at 5:10 pm Reply

    Very difficult and impossible up until now to easily find your free Biomag healer101


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