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Thank you for all information, apt. I can’t believe how i swallowed everything with ease through ‘education systems’. The level of confidence i had i globe earth theory was so high that to me anyone who questioned it was basically the same as if someone questioned the boiling point of water. I also came accross FES, mainly because i accidentally learned about it on the internet, and when i saw ‘arguments’ they offer, i was turned tight away, as it was it’s intended purpose, which was unknown to me at that time.

The thought of earth being something other than sphere never again crossed my mind. It was only after stumbling upon eric dubay’s channel in the second half of 2016 that i tried giving it one last go. And thank God i did. The amount of information i was exposed to left me in great state of melancholy. For days i didn’t know what to think. How does this make sense? How is it possible that humanity for 500 years was oblivious to it’s home’s true nature? How could someone/something keep this almost impossible illusion alive for such a long period of time? And why most of the people react with such agression and codesendence when someone even so much as mentions ‘flat earth’ to them?

Jesuits were the answer to all of them. Not only to matters regarding shape of earth, but politics, economy, culture and society itself. That was all thanks to your videos and other material you supplied. Now i am more sure than ever that, until people wake up and finally start realizing that the deceptive world they live and support is not made for them, but for powers that be, nothing will ever change. The people will continue surviving and blaming each other for their misserable lives, while elite sits back, living a truly relaxed and care free life, enjoying benefits we provide and expecting us to be thankful in return.

Peace brother.

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  1. Philippe January 5, 2018 at 3:46 am Reply

    Ever since I researched FE about a year ago it’s like a light bulb just brightened my intellect instantaneously. Everything just makes more sense now and I am able to debunk every aspect of the heliocentric model by just using simple logic and common sense with observable and measurable evidence.


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