FE Quote of the Day

I have seen stars through the moon, the best example was the eclipse on 9/27/2015/ time 9:17:54 central Iowa time I used a tripod and a 100 mm lens. Later I checked the pictures I had uploaded to my computer and found these stars to be seen though the moon upon zooming in. You can say it is dust particles or whatever but I have closely examined them and hmmmm. Also I have tested that the shade of the MOON and it is warmer than direct moonlight??? I am a flat earther geocentric believer.
I have taken pictures from 1 foot above the ground or see level (on a beach in Florida) with massive zoom lens and saw ships and islands 40 to 60 miles out over the ocean and not just the top but the bottom. Let’s face it the ocean has to curve. Use your own brain to look at your surroundings and keep an open mind.
I don’t want to insult anyone but the globe has been slammed down our throats for about 500 years, give or take. Look at a calm lake or pond early in the morning with no wind you can see the reflection of the other side of the water. It is beautiful. N.A.S.A. says we have 4 to 5 different blistering speeds going on with the earth and its travel around the sun as well as our milky way galaxy speed and don’t forget universe speed and another one I’m confused wouldn’t you think these speeds would cause some kind of a ripple or ever some slight vibration on the dead calm water.
Water weighs 8.36 lbs. per gallon cold, can you imagine the weight of all the water in the ocean and GRAVITY?????? holds it in while a bird fly’s over the water and isn’t sucked down. You can rant and rave all you want and would never convince me of a globe earth. God in the bible makes many references to the earth being stationary and in Joshua the sun and moon are commanded to stop or stand still over Gibeon and the valley of Aijalon. for almost 24 hours in Joshua 10:12. Look it up. If you don’t believe in God take a look at the Golden Ratio on your computer. Google (1.168). It will eventually say that the earth was designed by a SEVERE MATHEMATICIAN not pure chance..
Also watch the sun during the day it does not travel on a strait line as some would say. It travels on a curve. Which also makes me wonder how the sun can rise and set well north of 90 degrees east and 270 degrees west in the middle of the summer in the United States Midwest area. I have held a globe and taped a string to Iowa and taped to a light source 60 watt bulb with the help of a friend, holding the globe at the closest angle we both agreed on and the sun looking down the strait string the bulb sun was setting SOUTH of Iowa as should be, try this your self. The sun never comes any further north than the tropic of cancer which is a little south of the tip of Florida. It’s curving on its circuit. Thanks for letting put in my 2 cents worth.
They are telling me I have to leave the computer room and head back to my room and take my medication now… LOL Love you all keep an open minds thanks



Check out my Moon album and notice how you can only see craters where the crescent is, no where else on the surface.

2 thoughts on “FE Quote of the Day

  1. Philippe December 13, 2017 at 11:22 pm Reply

    Check out my Moon album and notice how you can only see craters where the crescent is, no where else on the surface.


  2. Philippe December 13, 2017 at 11:31 pm Reply

    When you think about it, as a designer why would you built a sphere for illumination when only one side is always facing the earth? And a sphere is not the most efficient shape for illuminating, a flat surface like a spotlight is much more efficient. Why waste resources for the other half of the sphere that has no practical purpose except taking space. That would apply to the sun also. So maybe we are looking at a pitted flat piece of glass working as a magnifying glass.


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