Did Not See This One Coming….FE Match Dating Site on FB


except ya gotta be a bible thumper…..and KNOW the Earth is Flat and we’ve all been lied to for 500 years.

**NEW** ( This is a flat earth dating group) Yes we believe the earth is flat.
Rules/code of conduct
1. We believe the God of the bible. The one who created our flat earth. Any disrespect towards the Lord will not be tolerated and will cause you to be removed. 2. Please post a PROFILE/PIC. Simply say hello! This is all we ask. It is not going to kill you lol 🙂 3. You must be 18 years of age or older 4. Be kind and courteous to one another. Always show forth love. 5. Blocking or disrespecting admins/mods will cause you to be banned from the community. 6. Any suggestions, concerns, problems, complaints should be addressed in private and through private message to myself or one of the other admins/mods. 7. No nudity, profanity or vulgarity should be displayed in your posts and especially directed towards another member. 8.Although this group does not support homosexuality, we do not condemn it either. As a community we are to show forth love and welcome all FE. 9. Have Fun!
WELCOME to FLAT EARTH MATCH (International Flat Earth dating and community network)
Hello. My name is John Perri. I am admin and your fellow FE of the revolution. Over the past several months, FE has not only opened my eyes to truth, but has liberated my mind with a new vision and that is this: I believe FE means more than just flat earth. It is a journey, a discovery and a revealing to what has been hidden. It is an epiphany and sudden realization of all truths interconnected through the rabbit hole. FE is the awakening light which we have all seen and followed to escape the bondage and pollution’s of the matrix. Flat earth match is more than just dating. We are a family and growing community of believers uniting together under the banner of truth as we are bonded by the same commonality. We are a safe and fun zone for the like minded to potentially meet the love of your life, to grow in knowledge and to establish and strengthen new friendships. Welcome to FLAT EARTH MATCH:)


3 thoughts on “Did Not See This One Coming….FE Match Dating Site on FB

  1. Charles July 10, 2017 at 7:16 pm Reply

    I had vision of flat earth in my teens the truth has been known for me ten years when I saw it in the bible that opened me up


  2. Vic Button July 11, 2017 at 2:10 pm Reply

    Not sure abouit this one. It seems to be about “selfish love”, which is what helps to divide us.

    I think we need people to love all peoples and build loving communities – getting engaged then married so separating from you family in most cases to lock yourselves away together into a house – an unreal environment to consume till you die, is not my idea of a higher consiousness and slave free flat earth future.


  3. Jina April 17, 2019 at 3:47 pm Reply

    Not true. You can be an atheist. Their thing is you cannot be disrespectful towards others for their beliefs nor towards their God. The man created the group he can decline or accept anyone he chooses,and make rules anyway he chooses. Others have the option to not partake. .


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